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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Final TRS College Football Rankings

Well, the 2013-14 College football season is in the books, and what a year it was.

I won't dwell on the outstanding bowl season we got to enjoy this year, since I will be posing regarding those games, and my thoughts on the results soon.

Here is the final standings for this season.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

TRS College Football rankings after week 14

Sorry about the disappearing act, life got in the way for a few weeks.

Anyway, during my absence, we saw College Football turn itself upside down, and boy was it fun.  Auburn performed round 2 of their Cinderella act with their second miracle win of the season.  I guess having Alabama fall out of the national title picture isn't that huge a change, but everyone was working under the assumption that they were a shoo-in and everyone else was playing for second place that Auburn's was a return felt round the country.

So, a very real question for you College footballs out there; Can we have a national title game without a representative from the SEC?  As odd as it sounds, it is tough to argue with the Buckeyes and the Noles squaring off, assuming they can hold court this week. 

Bama's D just isn't want we are used to.

Auburn is incredibly lucky to be in the position that they are.

Missouri is very good, but I don't know that anyone believe that they are better than either of the top 2 team in the BCS. 

Then again, what do we care about those 'other' rankings?

Friday, November 15, 2013

TRS College Football Rankings after week 11

We get excited every year when get a couple months in and we have a handful of unbeaten teams. 

What is going to happen when all these teams are unbeaten at the end of the year?  Who is going to get the short end of the stick?  What we forget is that there are still conference games and conference championship games to play.

Outside of Florida State, who really has one game on paper that would appear to present and chance of a challenge, the other top teams still have some meat left on their schedule.

Speaking of meat on the schedule, Stanford beefy front lines once again proved to be the kryptonite for Oregon's lightning attack, leaving the Ducks BCS dreams again in shambles.

Alabama passed their rivalry game test against LSU with flying colors, pulling away after a tight first half, giving them a solid resume win which the nation was starting to clamor for.

Right now, the Noles and Tide look to be squared off, if they can hold on through their conference schedules.  Everyone else is hoping for a slip up by the top 2.

Friday, November 1, 2013

TRS Rankings after Week 9

No great surprises at the top this week as the BCS picture took its first step towards sorting itself out. 

I say at the top though, because there are always those fun surprises like this.  This was a huge win for what looks to be an up-and-coming programs in the Big Ten.  They are gathering talent, and are as good as they have been in a decade.  Toss in that they are a fairly young team, and we might have a spoiler on the way....maybe.

Missouri's schedule finally caught up to them as South Carolina stole one out from under the Tigers in the western Columbia of the SEC.  Maty Mauk didn't play quite as well as he did in his first start, but there is no reason to doubt the talent.  Missouri is for real, they just aren't real experienced in the role of the favorite.

The Pac-12 was interesting with Oregon staking a claim at the top, and Oregon State giving Stanford a bit of a scare.  The Beavers have come along way since losing to Eastern Washington

Let's see where that puts us this week.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brazilian soccer violence continues just months ahead of 2014 World Cup

Soccer violence continues to rear its ugly head in Brazil with the World Cup being just eight months away. The latest incident took place over the October 19 weekend when a game in the country’s second division had to be called off in the second half due to fans throwing explosives and rocks onto the pitch. To make matters even more puzzling, the fans were also pelting their own players as they weren’t happy with their performance.

The game took place at Curuzu Stadium in the city of Belem in northern Brazil on October 18. The home club Paysandu allowed a goal in the 75th minute to fall behind 2-0 in the match to visiting team Avai. All hell then broke loose and the referee abandoned the game for safety reasons while police officers tried to restore order. Police detained a number of fans from the home team, but reported that no serious injuries were suffered.

Just a week earlier, fans destroyed close to 100 seats at Arena Castelao, one of the World Cup stadiums, and police officers had to quell violence at two other venues. Two weeks ago, a pair of games were delayed due to overcrowding and fighting in the stands. In the latest incident in Belem, Paysandu supporters started to throw rocks at reserve players from Avai right after the team scored their second goal.

The players then ran onto the field to escape the trouble and to dodge items that were being hurled at them. This was when the referee decided to ask the police for help. The police managed to calm things down slightly and the referee attempted to continue with the game. However, things got out of hand a couple of minutes later when fans behind one of the nets started to throw explosive devices, oranges, and rocks.