Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2016 Halfway Point Rookie Evaluations - First Round


4. COWBOYS: Ezekiel Elliot

This young man is flat out killing it.  Anyone paying attention had to know that he had a shot for a big year, running behind that best O-Line in the league.  A little luck to keep him healthy and that home run speed, and bank, you have the league's leading rusher....from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Zeke.

13. DOLPHINS: Laremy Tunsil

Well, Laremy has not been able to crack the starting lineup....at tackle.

However, putting this beast beside Branden Albert on the left side has been a ridiculous combination, and I believe it is the biggest difference between an mediocre offense and a their vicious rushing attack led by the emergence of Jay Ajayi.

I will be surprised if Tunsil doesn't migrate to the outside at some point, but he might be All-Pro level at guard.


2. EAGLES: Carson Wentz

Carson has cooled off after a start that had the football world tittering with excitement, but there is no question who the leader of the Eagles offense is.  This young man has their trust, and the talent.  He is learning some rookie lessons, but he is the man in Philly and justified their move up to get him.

He projects to flirt with 4000 years passing and should have comfortably more TD's than INT's.  Oh, and the Eagles have a winning record.  The Eagles need to get him some more weapons.  They need to get some players who can make more explosive plays to make life easier on Wentz.

That said, outside of 2 mediocre game against the Giants and Vikings, he has completed over 70% of his passes with 8 TDs against 1 INT.