Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye Tony G.

Tony Gonzalez is a class act.

He came to Kansas City as an athlete who wasn't quite good enough to go pro in his chosen sport. You know what he found out? He had chosen the wrong sport. His basketball skills translated fantastically to football. His body control and hands, developed in the post, have made him a likely Hall of Fame tight end.

The problem is, now he will have to decide which jersey is going to wear to his induction. Easy Cheif's fans, is a joke. After 13 years in Kansas City he is a chief for life, whether he likes it or not....Just kidding, his has been a ongoing love affair with the fans in Kansas City. He is a good player, a good teammate, and a good citizen. Atlanta is lucky to have him.

They are lucky, not just because he is just a great guy, but because his talent and leadership will be just what Atlanta needs. Their offense is stacked with young talent with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Michael Turner. These young stars powered a drastic turn around last year, leading the Falcons to the playoffs. What they don't have is experience. Tony will help them do it the right way. Good for them, a great move that should excite their fans to no end.

One question. You trade a future HOF'r for a single second round pick?!!!!. Tony is worth more than that, at least a late round pick to go with it. Second point, you trade him for a second round pick next year?!!!!! No way. Good for the chiefs for giving him the chance to chase a title while they rebuild, but they wasted a chance. Mr. Pioli had better be ready to pull one out of a hat on saturday or this trade may be the start of a dark cloud over his young career.

If you are going to rebuild, rebuild now. Get your picks this year, or get a known commodity.

Let's hope they are as much smarter as everyone else as they are supposed to be. That in mind, just one parting shot.

These guys are from the Belichek school right? How's that working out across the league? Mangini=fired from NY
Crennel=fired from Cleveland and replaced by....Mangina?!!!
Fat guy at Notre Dame=should be fired.

Here's hoping they train personnel guys better than they do coaches.
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