Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bring on the Yankees (Go Twins)

The playoffs matchups are set.  Here are the playoff teams and their team salaries, with the 1 and 4 seeds in the AL highlighted.

1. New York Yankees      $201,449,289
4. Boston Red Sox            $122,696,000
6. Los Angeles Angels       $113,709,000
7. Philadelphia Phillies        $113,004,048
9. Los Angeles Dodgers     $100,458,101
13. St. Louis Cardinals       $88,528,411
18. Colorado Rockies        $75,201,000
24. Minnesota Twins          $65,299,267

I am terribly biased, having been a twins fan since I saw my first Major League game at the age of 7, but let me just say that the Twins are everything that is right with Major League Baseball.  They draft quality players who are quality people and teach them to play the game.

They make trades that strengthen that farm system while their players still have value and use the players they develop to surround their superstars.  Every year they lose or let players go and they reload with the players following them up.  They have built themselves for a certain style of play and get players that fit it.  They pitch, play defense, and keep the pressure on the other team's defense.  They bunt and run, and have a trio of big hitters in the middle of the lineup.  It works, hell, it works damn near every year.

They are the prototype for success in a small market, the white hat, David with his sling.

So, as the playoffs begin, I say, screw Goliath, the Yankees are overpaid pricks anyway.
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