Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blake to the Clippers

First, I have to say one thing. Blake, I am so sorry. No college basketball player skips their senior year hoping to get the chance to play for the Clippers.

Second, the NBA draft lottery screwed the pooch on this one. After how well the Lebron draft worked out with him landing with his hometown team, leading to a revitalization of a struggling franchise, they should have rigged this one too. Blake should be heading to play with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green in Oklahoma City. How would that be for a nucleus looking forward huh. Well, OKC, I am sorry, but you will have to settle for the third best player. In this case, that could very well mean Hasheem Thabeet. His offensive game is still developing, but he would instantly be a force on the defensive side of the ball, which is something the Thunder have been lacking.

Back to Blake though, let's look at what this will mean for the Clippers, just for fun. Well, let's look at what this would mean if the Clippers were not the Clipper, e.g. dysfunctional.

There is there projected rotation

Baron Davis PG
Eric Gordon SG
Al Thornton SF
Blake Griffin PF
Marcus Camby C

Bench Contributors
DeAndre Jordan C
Zach Randolph PF/C
Ricky Davis SF/SG
Mardy Collins SG/SF
Fred Jones PG/SG

Now, on paper, this looks like it should be a decent, very athletic team. 4 legitimate scorers with a with a solid defensive front line starting. The Bench includes a young center with tremendous athletic potential, 2 veteran scorers at the forward positions and a couple of decent guards.

Griffin should pair with Camby to give them a great front line with Jordan transitioning into Camby's spot in a few years. With those 2 in place, they will be in a position that they should win the rebounding battle nearly every night out. You combine them with Gordon and Thornton as young stars, and you have one of the best nuclei in the league that should explode on the league over the next few years.

So, the question is, how are the clippers going to screw this up? Oh, that's right.

1. They don't have anyone to distribute the ball.
Answer: Trade/release Baron Davis. He is a great scoring point guard, but they are about to be loaded with scorers. This draft is loaded with point guards, and they might be able to get one in the second round. Be better if they can trade Davis for a young veteran point, but I just don't see why a team would trade a quality point for him considering his contract. They will likely still need his scoring this year since Gordon is still developing, but they need to make a move now so they will be prepared going forward.

2. In a few years, they are going to have to pay these guys.
They should clean out some of the high priced vets this year, trade them to teams who need a boost at the trading deadline for quality role players who they can sign to affordable extensions.
Trust me, after Griffin moves him to the bench, Randolph is going to ask out anyway, take him and trade him for a couple of quality young players who play a little defense and steal you a bucket here and there and they will be better for it. Will also clear up money to keep Gordon, Thornton, and Griffin.

Problem, that shit just ain't gonna happen. Sorry Blake, but look on the bright side, you are going to get paid to play your favorite game. Trying not to bump your head on the backboard again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some people get to have it all

Greg Paulus is just a blessed man.

If you haven't heard about what he is doing, here is a summary. He was the Gatorade National Player of the year in football as a senior, as well as a top rated point guard.

He spurned football to get a free education at Duke as their starting point guard for 3 of his 4 years. He finished his eligiblity at Duke and has one year remaining in another sport as he never redshirted. So, now he is going to get half of his Master's degree paid for at one of the top Communications graduation programs in the country at Syracuse.

Most likely that Paulus will not be a professional athlete. He may light the world on fire as a QB at Syracuse and get some tryouts. However, just for the sake of argument, let's say he is a decent QB who enjoys a year playing football and gets that master's degree.

He will be in his early 20's, with a nationally known name and sterling reputation, a degree from Duke, and a Master's degree from a top rated communications graduate school. He is going to be living off the fat of the land for the rest of his days.

This young man made some choices that lovers of athletics have questioned over the years, but it would appear that he had a method to his madness.

I hate the Blue Devils, but they don't recruit dummies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just when you think you have a grip on the world and what people are going to do.

Mark Cuban offers to resolve a dispute with Kenyon Martin's mother by offering to let the family watch game 6 from his owner's box.

Now damnit Cuban, you are the stereotype for egomaniacal owners. Don't go acting like a human.

I am so confused.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupid being Stupid

Manny Ramirez is an idiot.

If he is guilty, he is stupid for not thinking he would get caught.

If he is innocent, he is stupid and lazy for not taking the time to make sure that his medication wasn't going to cause him to fail.

Should stupid people really make millions of dollars.

I propose that baseball add a rule. If a player fails a test, the ream owning his contract has the right to trade said player to an independent league where they will be force to play for league minimum for one year.

Let Manny go play for the Wichita Wingnuts for a year. Bet that'll clean him up. Hell, send Barry too, been awhile since he played in southeast Kansas.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The dichotomy of the Detroit Lions

I am confused by the front office of the Detroit Lions.

One one hand, you have a team that has managed to sign 7 starters. 7, in one offseason. Admittedly, it is not as hard to find players who can start for lions as it would be for, well....every other team in the league. However, most of those players were starting for other teams, and a couple of them were lead players who likely would have gotten Pro-Bowl consideration on those teams. For example, the trade for Julian Peterson was a masterstroke. Even if he does not work out as gloriously as they are hoping, this has the appearance of a smart move to bolster an area of weakness. Just the kind of shot in the arm that the lions need to be looking for. That signing, combined with the signing of Grady Jackson and Larry Foote gives them a solid front 7 which should be able to pressure the passer and hopefully stand up against the run much better than their past teams defensive front 7's have.

On the other hand, you have a team which failed miserably at the draft, reaching for prospects instead of looking to players who are ready made. Their draft life should have revolved around high producing players from Bowl Teams. You can argue their first round if you like, so I will leave it alone, even though I take serious issue with it. 0-16, and you take a TE in the 1st round. I don't care who the tight end is, or what he becomes, I don't like it. Not in draft stock full of stud offensive linemen. I digress, once you get past the first 3 picks, it fell apart. There is some potential, but way too many project picks. Follett and Williams were nice picks who will see time early, but I think this is a situation where the Lions tried to be smarter than the rest of the league. When you are this bad, safe is good.

Here is are some examples of the players still available when whey took the following players.

DeAndre Levy OLB: Antoine Caldwell or any of the plethora of remaining linemen. I don't even care which side of the ball.

Sammie Lee Hill DT: Well, at least he is a lineman. But with the investment they are putting into Stafford, this would have been a great time to pick up a guy like Jamon Meredith who is good enough to play now, and could be a star down the road.

Aaron Brown RB: You don't take a risk on an athlete at running back who has had the kind of off the field issues that this guy has had when James Davis is still on the board. I like the pick for a change of pace back who can produce in the return game. I don't understand rolling the dice on a knucklehead when you are rebuilding.

Lydon Murtha OT: Ricky-Jean Francois. Assuming that Meredith had been picked up earlier, Francois was a better player than Hill in College and has more potential. He dropped due to some inconsistency, but he can really take over a game.

Dan Gronkowski TE: Another TE? Ok, so they are going to run the ball I guess, and throw to the TE. I get it, we all get it, but seriously, another TE? A blocking TE? There were so many better players out there, for example Ian Campbell is a tweener who can play DE or OLB and would have given your defense flexibility and growth potential with Sims and Follett already on board for the long term.

But hey, on the bright side. wait....nope, that's all I got.

Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Post Draft Analysis

Grade: B+

I love the picks that San Francisco Made. If I was them, I would have looked to pick up a second wide receiver, but I can think of worse pairs than Isaac Bruce and Michael Crabtree, and I can't think of a much better tutor for Crabtree. I expect every one of these picks to make the team and enter the rotation at their position immediately. I really like the chance on Francois in the seventh round. He took over in the some big games, and if Singletary can get that level of effort more often out of him, they will have a real weapon on the front line of their defense.

1(10) Michael Crabtree-WR
3(74) Glen Coffee-RB
5(146) Scott Mckillop-MLB
5(171) Nate Davis-QB
6(184) Bear Pascoe-TE Former QB
9(219) Curtis Taylor-S
7(244) Ricky-Jean Francois-DT


You have to include Cutler, and with him the bears draft is amazingly solid for having no other first day picks. They made some very nice picks to solidify their defense. Expect Gilbert to get some playing time as a rookie. Melton is more raw, but he has the potential to cause some damage in the NFC North before he is done. They made some need picks at WR and Iglesias should be a sure handed option as a rookie with the later two more likely to be projects. Both Kinder and Knox are intriguing athletes, if one of them pans out this will be a successful draft overall.

1. Traded for Jay Cutler-QB
3(68) Jarron Gilbert-DE
3(99) Juaquin Iglesias-WR
4(105) Henry Melton-DE Former RB
4(119) D.J. Moore-CB
5(140) Johnny Knox-WR
5(154) Marcus Freeman-OLB
6(190) Al Afalava-S
7(246) Lance Louis-G
7(251) Derek Kinder-WR

Grade: A

You have to love the first 5 picks of this draft for the Bengals. Everyone of them will fight for a starting position as a rookie and should be a quality player in the league. Johnson has some question marks, but even if he is a little inconsistent, he brings more talent than any DE currently on their front line. The second half of the draft has some interesting potential, with the name jumping out being Bernard Scott. This kid can really fly and if he can stay on the field, he will be a serious threat. Even with the questions, I have to grade them high for the top half of their draft.

1(6) Andre Smith-OT
2(38) Rey Maualaga-MLB
3(70) Michael Johnson-DE
3(98) Chase Coffman-TE
4(106) Jonathan Luigs-C
5(142) Kevin Huber-P
6(179) Morgan Trent-CB
6(209) Bernard Scott-RB
7(215) Taufui Vakapuna-RB
7(249) Clinton Mcdonald-DT
7(252) Freddie Brown-WR

Grade: C

The first round went very well for the Bills. After that, there were a lot of questionable picks by the Bills. They have a couple of projects who will have to start on special teams, and Shawn Nelson has a chance to add to a offense that has the potential to be very dynamic. One glaring issue. They needed a tackle after trading Jason Peters, and unless Levitre is better than he is expected to be, they didn't get one. Maybe a veteran will get released following spring minicamps that can fill in for a year.

1(11) Aaron Maybin-DE
1(28) Eric Wood-C Can play up and down the line
2(42) Jairus Byrd-CB
2(51) Andrew Levitre-OL
4(121) Shawn Nelson-TE
5(147) Nic Harris-S
6(183) Cary Harris-CB
7(220) Ellis Lankster-DB


They made a couple of nice picks. I like Moreno and Ayers right now. I like McBath, Bruton, and Brandstater down the line I cannot beleive that they did not take more players for the front 7 of their defense for the transition to the Broncos new 3-4. It is going to be a rough year on defense, but they do have talent at linebacker.

1(12) Knowshon Moreno-RB
1(18) Robert Ayers-DE
2(48) Darcel McBath-FS
2(64) Richard Quinn-TE
4(114) David Bruton-S
4(132) Seth Olsen-OT
5(141) Kenny McKinley-WR
6(174) Tom Brandstater-QB
7(225) Blake Schlueter-C

Grade: B

The Browns gained picks and gained players in the draft, which is exactly what they needed to do. Alex Mack will start for them immediately, at Guard if not Center. Robiskie was one of the most pro-ready receivers in the draft, and Massaquoi is not fair behind. There are some questions regarding how high their ceilings are, but they have decent speed, good hands, and they are tough. They picked up a couple of projects on the edge, one of whom is going to have to play right away. I LOVE James Davis in the 6th round. He will be a weapon returning kicks right away and will be a great change of pace down for Jamal Lewis. It's not a world beater draft, but they will be a better team because of it.

1(21) Alex Mack-C
2(36) Brian Robiskie-WR
2(50) Mohamed Massaquoi-WR
2(52) David Vekuine-OLB
4(104) Kaluka Maiava-OLB
6(177) Don Carey-CB
6(191) Coye Francies-CB
6(195) James Davis-RB

Grade: C+

Not a great draft, but it could prove me wrong down the line. I really like Freeman, IF they let him learn. The rest of the draft is projects. A few of which may see the field a little bit this year. Miller and Moore are both potential players on the DL.

1(17) Josh Freeman-QB
3(81) Roy Miller-DT
4(117) Kyle Moore-DE
5(155) Xavier Fulton-OT
7(217) E.J. Biggers-CB
7(233) Sammie Stroughter-WR

Grade: B
The Cardinals made some very nice picks, partially due to come good luck. Beanie Wells will be a feature back in the desert. He is huge, and runs and cuts as well as nearly any other back in the draft. Oh, and he can catch the ball. Brown will need to move to Outside Linebacker, but having a speed rushing OLB who can play with a hand on the ground will work on 3rd down. Johnson is a player, and Wells running behind monstrous Herman Johnson is a pretty picture for down the road. There are couple of projects tossed in there who get to learn on a good team. Yeah, it is going to take some getting used, talking about the Cardinals like that.

1(31) Chris 'Beanie' Wells-RB
2(63) Cody Brown-OLB/DE
3(95) Rashad Johnson-S
4(131) Gregory Toler-CB
5(167) Herman Johnson-G
6(204) Will Davis-DE
7(240) LaRod Stephens-Howland-RB
7(254) Trevor Canfield-G

Grade: C-
I think the Chargers reached on some need picks. If those picks work out, this will be a good draft, but seriously, am I the only one who didn't know that Canadians had college footballl? The reach on Byrd at the end was more than a gift to a bad luck case. If this kid comes back, he will be like having another 1st round pick.

1(16) Larry English-OLB/DE
3(78) Louis Vasquez-G
4(113) Vaughn Martin-DT
4(133) Tyronne Green-G
4(134) Gartrell Johnson-RB
5(148) Brandon Hughes-CB
6(189) Kevin Ellison-S
7(224) Demetrius Byrd-WR

Grade: D+
Two defensive lineman who will be in the rotation to start, a corner who will be on the field early. This is the draft that will show if Pioli really is a wunderkind, because right now, he has us all confused.

1(3) Tysen Jackson-DE
3(67) Alex Magee-DT/DE
4(102) Donald Washington-CB
5(139) Colin Brown-OT
6(175) Quinten Lawrence-WR
7(212) Javarris Williams-RB
7(237) Jake O'Connell-TE
7(256) Ryan Succup-K

Grade: B
A very small number of draft picks. The Colts did make a couple of nice picks for their defense and got a value pick in the first round like they do every year. Austin Collie will be a good fit for their offense. All in all, I can't complain about any of the picks. They draft well, and I think they improved at several positions, including their glaring need at DT.

1(27) Donald Brown-RB
2(56) File Moala-DT
3(92) Jerraud Powers-CB
4(127) Austin Collie-WR
4(136) Terrance Taylor-DT
6(201) Curtis Painter-QB
7(236) Jamie Thomas-G

Grade: C-
The cowboys had a lot of picks this year, but none of them are terribly exciting. This was a draft to add depth to a good team, and it could have done that. If Hamlin or Hodge can become a solid SS, the draft will give what they needed. Also, Mickens was a genius pick, he was an All-American candidate and I expect him to show us why. Outside of those, there are a lot of projects and one trick ponies.

3(69) Jason Williams-OLB
3(75) Robert Brewster-OT
4(101) Stephen McGee-QB
4(110) Victor Butler-OLB
4(120) Brandon Williams-DE
5(143) Deangelo Smith-CB
5(166) Michael Hamlin-S
5(172) David Buehler-K
6(197) Stephen Hodge-OLB
6(208) John Phillips-TE
7(227) Mike Mickens-CB
7(229) Manuel Johnson-WR

Grade: A-

This is a great draft for the Fins. Davis and Smith will start at corner and have the potential to be a dynamic pair of shut down corners. That is something that the dolphins haven't had in a while. Mind you, they won't have it this year, but Davis may be ready to go in a hurry. Smith will likely be more of a nickel or dime guy this year. I was praying that the Fins would take Pat White, it is just too perfect for what they do. They took flyers on a couple of wideouts, but both have potential. A lot of people called Turner a reach, but his heighth will give a red zone threat that noone else has been able to provide. Chris Clemons could be their safety down the line. He is a big time athlete, but needs some coaching. All in all, this is a good draft for the Fins.

1(25) Vontae Davis-CB
2(44) Patrick White-QB/WR
2(61) Sean Smith-CB
3(87) Patrick Turner-WR
4(108) Brian Hartline-WR
5(161) Johnathan Nalbone-TE
5(165) Chris Clemons-S
6(181) Andrew Gardner-OT
7(214) J.D. Folsom-OLB

Grade: A

Maclin and McCoy are perfect for what the Eagles do. If Ingram can come back healthy, that offense just became devistating. Later in the draft was less exciting, but McAfee is looking like a need with Aker losing leg strength as he goes. Macho will play immediately on special teams and maybe in a nickel or dime, but he will not be a premier corner. Good thing is, they don't need him to. All in all, it comes down to, they needed a tight end, they needed a wide receiver to pair with Jackson, and they needed a battery mate for Westbrook. They got them all. This is exactly what they needed to do, and they hit one out to dead center this year. Oh, and they got Jason Peters.

1 Traded for Jason Peters-OT

1(19) Jeremy Maclin-WR
2(53) LeSean McCoy-RB
5(153) Cornelius Ingram-TE
5(157) Victor Harris-CB
5(159) Fenuki Tupou-OT
6(194) Brandon Gibson-WR
7(213) Paul Fanaika-G
7(222) Pat McAfee-K
7(230) Moise Fokou-LB

Grade: B+

The Falcons came into the draft needing quality depth on their DL and help in the secondary. Oh, and an Outside Linebacker. They got an all-SEC defensive tackle, the player of the year in Division 1AA at DE, and the best FS in the draft. It will have to be seen if Adkins can give them the linebacker that they need. They need one of their CB projects to work out. Middleton in more likely to make it as a safety, and Owens is a little smaller than one would like. All in all a good draft that met most of their needs. Their DL just went from a weakness to a strength. That should help hide the inexperience that will be roaming around the back of their defense.

1(24) Peria Jerry-DT
2(55) William Moore-FS
3(90) Chris Owens-CB
4(125) Lawrence Sidbury-DE
5(138) William Middleton-CB
5(156) Garrett Reynolds-OT
6(176) Spencer Adkins-LB
7(210) Vance Walker-DT

Grade: A

The Giants have succeeded again in the draft. They didn't have glaring needs, no matter how much the prognosticators liked to pick them apart looking for one. Nicks, Sintim, Beatty, Barden, Brown, and Bomar are all players I expect to see around the league for a long time. BTW, being an Eagles fan, it pisses me off to see the Giants do smart things.

1(29) Hakeem Nicks-WR
2(45) Clint Sintim-OLB
2(60) William Beatty-OT
3(85) Ramses Barden-WR
3(100) Travis Beckum-TE
4(129) Andre Brown-RB
5(151) Rhett Bomar-QB
6(200) Deandre Wright-CB
7(238) Stoney Woodson-CB

Grade: A

The Jags love to run the ball first and foremost. They just drafted their starting tackles for the next generation of the franchise. They got 2 of the most productive receivers in the country late in the draft and a nice power back for a change of pace to platoon with MJD. Oh, and Tiquan Underwood is not going to easily drop out of the competition for the wideout spots. Their defensive picks were reaches, but they are good athletes and could work out.

1(8) Eugene Monroe-OT
2(39) Eben Britton-OT
3(72) Terrance Knighton-DT
3(73) Derek Cox-CB
4(107) Mike Thomas-WR
5(144) Jarett Dillard-WR
6(180) Zach Miller-QB good athlete, may play some wildcat QB or move to TE

7(250) Rashad Jennings-RB
7(253) Tiquan Underwood-WR

Grade: D+

This is just about the smallest draft class I have ever seen. Sanchez may start this year, Green will start when Thomas Jones is done, and Slauson will give depth up and down the line. The problem is, if Sanchez is not a franchise Quarterback in the short term, this draft was wasted. I wonder where Leon Johnson fits in now, he is a dynamic weaspon at running back who has proven himself over and over for the Jets. Green was an odd pick to me with their need at Wide Receiver.

1(5) Mark Sanchez-QB
3(65) Shonn Green-RB
6(193) Matthew Slauson-OL

Grade: C

Wow did they screw this up. Even if they wanted Stafford to build around, there is no way they should have left this draft without a premier Left Tackle. Pettigrew is a nice player, and he will be a weapon for both the passing and rushing attacks in this offense, but he was not the right pick for the Lions. The rest of the players will get a chance, a few may start, but overall this is very dissapointing for a team who had the picks that they had.

1(1) Matthew Stafford-QB
1(20) Brandon Pettigrew-TE
2(33) Louis Delmas-S
3(76) Deandre Levy-OLB
3(82) Derrick Williams-WR
4(115) Sammie Lee Hill-DT
6(192) Aaron Brown-RB
7(228) Lydon Murtha-OT
7(235) Zach Follett-MLB
7(255) Dan Gronkowski-TE


Grade: B+

The Packers needed players to facilitate their switch the 3-4 and they needed a prospect at Offensive Tackle. They got the best 3-4 DT and a Linebacker who can play all 4 spots in that defense and prospects at both Tackle spots. Jamon Meredith has the chance to be special and Lang will be a solid right tackle.

1(9) B.J. Raji-DT
1(26) Clay Matthews-OLB
4(109) T.J. Lang-OT
5(145) Quinn Johnson-FB
5(162) Jamon Meredith-OT
6(182) Jarius Wynn-DE
6(187) Brandon Underwood-CB
7(218) Brad Jones-LB

Grade: B-

I hate the trade they made to get Everette Brown, but he was a first round talent which gives them depth at a position that they value highly. Goodson gives them more depth at running back and a weapon as a returner, Fiametta and Robinson are perfect for the power game that the Panthers are committed to and thrive on. Myers and Irvin are projects.

2(43) Everette Brown-DE
2(59) Sherrod Martin-CB
3(93) Corey Irvin-DT
4(111) Mike Goodson-RB
4(128) Tony Fiametta-FB
5(163) Duke Robinson-G
6(202) Brandon Myers-TE

Grade: B

Brace fits their defense perfectly, Butler, Tate, and McKenzie were steals. They took flyers on a lot of projects. Not a great draft, but they should get a couple of players and they get some credit for the picks that they got for next year's draft
which is expected to be stronger.

2(34) Patrick Chung-S
2(40) Ron Brace-DT
2(41) Darius Butler-CB
2(58) Sebastian Vollmer-OT
3(83) Brandon Tate-WR
3(97) Tyrone McKenzie-OLB
4(123) Richard Ohrnberger-G
5(170) George Bussey-OT
6(198) Jacob Ingram-OL Why on earth did they draft a long snapper? Seriously, that's all he does.

6(207) Myron Pryor-OL
7(232) Julian Edelman-WR
7(234) Darryl Richard-DT

Grade: C-

Well yeah. I will admit that I like the potential of Jamarcus throwing deep to Heyward-Bay and Murphy, but they could have traded down and gotten more picks. Mitchell may be a heck of player down the line, and safety was a need area, but they could have gotten him cheaper too. The players are not bad, but the management of the draft was brutal. And in a draft that was deep in tackles, a team that needs a right tackle to solidify a good OL, didn't pick one up. You toss Jamon Meredith or Beatty in for Mitchell or Shaughnessy and this draft looks a lot better. No matter how much they are going to overpay for Heyward-Bay. And just to get it on the record, I seriously think people are underestimating how scary he is with the ball in his hands. All the same, what the hell were they thinking those first two rounds. For those of you in the Black Hole, you better pray that Javon Walker plays like Javon Walker, because there is no way that either of those guys is a #1 this year.

1(7) Darius Heyward-Bay-WR
2(47) Michael Mitchell-S
3(71) Matt Shaughnessy-DE
4(124) Louis Murphy-WR
4(126) Slade Norris-OLB
6(199) Stryker Sulak-DE
9(216) Captain Munnerlyn-CB

Grade: B+

The Rams had a lot of needs and this draft manages to address those with quality players. Expect the first 4 players to start right away. Null as a QB project was interesting as they likely could have brought him in as a FA. I also have to question the Ogbannaya pick. He is a good athlete and a team player, but the one place they didn't need help was running back. A WR project would have made more sense, or just about any other position, but he will help on special teams. The Rams would have been best suited by trading down and adding one or two more quality picks, but a starting LT, OLB, CB, and DT is a good draft.

1(2) Jason Smith-OT
2(35) James Laurinitis-LB
3(66) Bradley Fletcher-CB
4(103) Dorell Scott-DT
5(160) Brooks Foster-WR
6(196) Keith Null-QB
7(211) Chris Ogbannaya-RB

Grade: B+

Getting Michael Oher was a steal, so was Peerman in the 7th. Very nice ways to start and finish the draft, but that is not surprising from Ozzie. Right now this is a decent draft, but if Webb can stay out of trouble and develop like he should, this will be a very good draft. No big reaches, all the players should hit.

1(23) Michael Oher-OT
2(57) Paul Kruger-DE
3(88) Ladarius Webb-CB
5(137) Jason Phillips-MLB
5(149) Davon Drew-TE
6(185) Cedric Peerman-RB

Grade: C

Orakpo falling to them was beautiful, outside of that they took a lot of risks. Every one of these players could make it, but none of them are sure bets. All the same, you have to call the offseason a success when you are putting Orakpo beside Albert Haynesworth turning DL from a weakness to a strength.

1(13) Brian Orakpo-DE
3(80)Kevin Barnes-CB
5(158) Cody Glenn-OLB
6(186) Robert Henson-MLB
7(221) Eddie Williams-TE
7(243) Marko Mitchell-WR

Grade: C

Apparently Wake Forest is popular in the south. Noone will fault them for drafting studs off that defense though. Neither is quite ready to be premier players, but both of them should see the field for the Saints sooner rather than later. Oh, and the Malcolm Jenkins pick was genius. Good for Saints for resisting adding to their offense again. But, they needed more players out of this draft if they really wanted to turn that defense around.

1(14) Malcolm Jenkins-CB
4(116) Chip Vaughn-S
4(118) Stanley Arnoux-MLB
5(164) Thomas Morstead-P

Grade: A

Well, let's see. Curry will start immediately giving the Seahawks arguable the best linebacker corp in the NFL. Smith will step in to play Nickel, and may get some snaps at corner. Max Unger is instantly the best center in the Northwest since Shawn Kemp was on Coke. Deon Butler will step in for Engram, giving them a potentially potent 3rd receiver. Mike Teel is their future QB, and fits their scheme. Courtney Green is a first round talent at Saftey who had a rough senior year but can really play. Yeah, they did good.

1(4) Aaron Curry-LB
2(37) Alphonso Smith-CB
2(49) Max Unger-C
3(91) Deon Butler-WR
6(178) Mike Teel-QB
7(245) Courtney Greene-S
7(247) Nick Reed-DE
7(248) Cameron Morrah-TE

Grade: D

It's hard to question the Steelers with their history, but I really am not excited about anyone in their draft class. Ziggy was 2nd, maybe 3rd round. Shipley was a great pickup in the 7th.

1(32) Evander Wood-DT
3(79) Kraig Urbik-G
3(84) Mike Wallace-WR
3(96) Keenan Lewis-CB
5(168) Joe Burnett-CB
5(169) Frank Summers-RB
6(205) Ra'shon Harris-DT
7(226) A.Q. Shipley-C
7(241) David Johnson-TE

Grade: B

Another draft that didn't have sexy picks, but for a team that wanted to focus on their defense, again, this was a nice draft. Barwin and Cushing can both play 4 positions on their defense. If you count Barwin, they draft 3 quality TE's which was an area of weakness on the offense, and they could a couple of athletes to develop in the secondary. I really don't like their secondary picks for short term success, but the picks they made to improve their front 7, and therefore pass rush, will help the secondary as a unit. James Casey will be dangerous in the passing game with the safeties having to respect their wideouts deep.

1(15) Brian Cushing-OLB/DE
2(46) Connor Barwin-DE/OLB/TE Think Vrabel but more athletic

3(77) Antoine Caldwell-C
4(112) Glover Quin-S
4(122) Anthony Hill-TE
5(152) James Casey-TE
6(188) Brice McCain-CB
7(223) Troy Nolan-S

Grade: B-

They really didn't get a 1st round type of guy. Britt has the measurables and was scary good the second half of the year, but the first half......well.....not so much. He was a solid 2nd or 3rd however, and there was a big group of solid players who should stick. Marks will play in the league, at least as a situational pass rusher. He could use more size, but is a good athlete who can dominate at times. Cook is instantly one of the best athletes at TE in the league and will give Kerry a solid underneath target. Mouton is a Fisher kind of player and McGrath, Kropog, and Ringer should all stick as well. Not a great draft, but it does give them depth at a lot of positions. They had one glaring need, people who can catch the ball. They reached on a couple, but they can both run, and Nelson will help. Another team that it is hard to question after their history.

1(30) Kenny Britt-WR
2(62) Sen'Derrick Marks-DT
3(89) Jared Cook-TE
3(94) Ryan Mouton-CB
4(130) Gerald McGrath-MLB
4(135) Troy Kropog-OT
5(173) Javon Ringer-RB
6(203) Jason McCourty-CB
6(206) Dominique Edison-WR
7(239) Ryan Durand-G
7(242) Nicholas Schommer-S

Grade: B+

This was a small draft, but I love the players they got, at least for what they do on the field. Harvin is a weapon like few teams in the league have, Mount Loadholt finishes off a monster OL, though I was suprised they didn't get a Center after losing their starter in the offseason. Asher Allen can play and fits their scheme extremely well. Jasper Brinkley was a flyer, but it was a flyer on a player will All-American talent and a bad attitude. Bad as in he is going to try to break anyone wearing the wrong jersey in half, which is just such a beautiful thing in a linebacker. For the number of picks they have, they did well, as long as Harvin and Sanford can stay on the field

1(22) Percy Harvin-WR/RB
2(54) Phil Loadholt-OT
3(86) Asher Allen-CB
5(150) Jasper Brinkley-MLB
7(231) Jamarca Sanford-S