Friday, September 25, 2009

College Football Top 25 (Week 3) 1-5

1. Florida Gators

Last Week: Beat Tennessee 23-13

Notes: Florida got the Vols best shot and survived.  Many think this should have been worse, but this is a rivalry game and the young Vols showed a little taste of what Lane Kiffin thinks he is building.  A good, solid win for the boys from Gainesville.

2. Texas Longhorns

Last Week: Beat Texas Tech 24-14

Notes: This was a huge game for the Horns and their fans.  Tech ruined their chances at the National title last year, and they got their revenge this year.  It was a solid, but not dominating win.  I think that says more about how Tech reloaded than it does about the Horns.  Texas is solid all around and looks like they might have found a lead back.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

Last Week: Beat North Texas 53-7

Notes: The story is the same on Bama.  Their defense is strong and it looks like their offense has reloaded, but the whooping North Texas doesn't prove anything.  A good team, but it remains to be seen if they are really a top 5.  If so, the SEC title game could be fun this year, again.

4. Penn State Nittany Lions

Last Week: Beat Southeaster La. 52-6

Notes: *See Alabama.*  Penn State is a good team with some veteran leadership, but it remains to be seen if they are this good.  Frankly, both of these teams are here by default.  Blowing out SE La. means nothing.

5. Mississippi Rebels

 Last Week: doesn't matter because they just lost to a mediocre South Carolina team

Notes: Is there a doctor in the house?  Does anyone know the Heimlich.  National TV, top 5 ranking, CHOKE, GAG, COUGH......DEAD.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

College Football Top 25 (Week 3) 6-10

6. California Golden Bears

Last Week: Beat Minnesota 35-21

Notes: The Bears survived a tough scare on the road from a Minnesota Gopher team who refused to quite.  When it came down to crunch time though, Jahvid Best and the Bear O-line stood and refused to give.  Best might just live up to his name at this rate. 

7. Boise State Broncos

Last Week: Beat Fresno State 51-34

Notes: Boise just passed a huge test.  Fresno's record does not reflect it, but this is a very good football team.  If they had a stronger threat at the QB position, they may be 3-0 and chasing a BCS bid.  As it is, they gave the Broncos the chance to prove, once again, that they are not a tricky, scheme team anymore.  They are as good as nearly anyone in the country athletically and have one of the top coaching staffs around to take advantage.  This team is for real folks, and will be for awhile.

8. LSU Tigers

Last Week: Beat Lousiana Lafayette 31-3

Notes: The story hasn't changed for the Bayou Bengals.  Suffocating defense, offense does what it needs to.  They haven't been pushed yet, so we don't really know what they are yet.  Then again, Washington beat USC and LSU had them on their backs the whole game so maybe.....just maybe they can scare the Gators.....nah.

9. Miami Hurricanes

Last Week: Beat Ga. Tech 33-17

Notes: Miami's athletes just outclassed the Yellowjackets.  It was obviously early that they were faster, and obvious late they were deeper and better conditioned.  The Canes are good again, there is no doubt, but the schedule is not easing up.  Va. Tech is likely a showdown for the ACC title and OU follows that.  Scary thing is, the Canes could easily take them both.

10. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week: Beat Tulsa 45-0

Notes: OU looked like OU again as they dominated the Golden Hurricane.  They got a team record 6 td's from their young QB, giving them hope that he can keep the house standing while they weather the storm of Bradford's injury.  They have a week to heal up and prepare for Miami on the road, and they better make the most of that time.  Their defense needs to be ready and their O-Line had better get ready too because they are going to need a balanced offense to beat the Canes.  That game might just be a fun one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

College Football Top 25 (Week 3) 11-15

 11. Texas Christian Horned Frogs

Last Week: Beat Texas State 56-21

Notes: TCU gets another team to test their vaunted this weekend as they line up against Clemson.  Clemson has some weapons, but a freshman QB against the TCU pass rush is not a good thing for Clemson.  The one thing that might give TCU some trouble is that they have to go to Death Valley for the game.  That said, expect TCU to get this one and keep rolling.

12. Cincinnati Bearcats

Last Week: Beat Oregon St. 28-18

Notes: The Oregon State win was nice win with the Bearcats playing from ahead for the majority of the game.  The real test comes with their game against Fresno.  The Bulldogs are as athletic as they come on defense and Ryan Matthews is as explosive as any Running Back in the country.  Coming off 2 close losses, they are going to fired up.  It's a horrid trap game for the Bearcats.

13. Florida State Seminoles

Last Week: Beat BYU 54-28

Notes: The Seminoles showed a taste of what we used to see.  A fast, dynamic defense with an opportunistic offense.  They took a top 10 team to the woodshed and really put a lot of weight to that opening week heavyweight fight between the Noles and Canes.  They have work to do, but they are on the way back.

14. USC Trojans

Last Week: Lost to Washington 10-13

Notes: USC is still what they were when they beat Ohio State.  They will be when Barkley is back, or maybe even if Mustain starts.  Corp is a talented kid, but he wasn't ready.  Kudos to the Huskies and coach Sark.  He has them rolling, but expect the Trojans to come down hard on the next few teams. 

15. Ohio State Buckeyes

Last Week: Beat Toledo 38-0

Notes: The USC loss was a tough loss, but the Buckeyes didn't lose any pride.  They played tough, and hung strong.  And then, they came back and crushed the poor Toledo squad who was in their sights.  The Illini are up next to start the Big 10 season for the Buckeyes.  They will only get better from here as their young players gain experience.  They are going to have fun chasing down the Nittany Lions.

Monday, September 21, 2009

College Football Top 25 (Week 3) 16-20

16. Houston Cougars

Last Week: Bye

Notes: Houston brings a big time offensive attack when they come to town.  Texas Tech is up next and the Red Raiders had better be ready for this game.  Houston will be ready and they are licking their chops at the chance for another win against a Big 12 south team. 

17. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week: Beat Rice 41-24

Notes: The Pokes were ready this week, and Rice is not the team that Houston is.  It showed on the field.  That said, outside of restoring some confidence, it didn't do much for OSU.  They should cruise through the next 2 weeks too, then the fun begins.  If they can avoid letdowns from here on, they can still make some noise.

18. Virginia Tech Hokies

Last Week: Beat Nebraska 16-15

Notes: I know the old saying, " A win is a win", and they beat Nebraska.  That said, they were not the best team on the field, and they did not deserve to win.  Nebraska's young defense had a blown coverage at the wrong time and Tyrod Taylor actually hit a few passes to steal one from the Huskers.  They NEED to find an offense, or you will see losses start to sprout on their record.  But on the bright side, they don't have to play the Noles this year.  That should save one loss.  If they want to prove they are a contender in the ACC, they better win in Miami this week.  Good luck boys.

19. Brigham Young Cougars

Last Week: Lost to Florida State 28-54

Notes: BYU got exposed at home.  They cannot run like teams like the Noles can.  They are a good team, and they may not lose the rest of the way out, but they are not a top 10 team. 

20. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Last Week: Lost to Virginia Tech 15-16

Notes: Nebraska is rebuilding team, but they are getting there again.  They should have beat Va. Tech and with more experience, they will win those games.  Their front 4 is one of the top units in the country.  They are going to be in a dogfight for the Big 12 north title this year though.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

NFL Rookie of the Year Predictions for each conference

AFC: Mark Sanchez: Sanchez is a born leader, and the Jets are winners with him at QB.  After 2 weeks, they are the lead dog in the AFC East, and his confidence is sky high.  His talent is right there with it.

NFC: Percy Harvin: Percy is quickly becoming Brett Favre's favorite target.  He has top end speed and is making NFL defenders look silly in the open field.  Look for a big year out of this kid.

College Football Top 25 (Week 3) 21-25

21. Georgia Bulldogs

Last Week: Beat Arkansas 52-41

Notes: The concerns all year have been that the Georgia offense didn't have a leader.  They had not shown any explosiveness or aggressiveness.  Well, Joe Cox just went toe to toe in an SEC shootout on the road, and came out with a win.  It remains to be seen if Cox has the talent to be a premier SEC QB, but he does have the guts.  They aren't going to light the world on fire, but this should be another solid year from the Dawgs.

22. Kansas Jayhawks

Last Week: Beat Duke 44-16

Notes: The Jayhawks look like they are going to keep their run going.  Their young defense is stepping up and their offense is loaded.  As long as Reesing and Briscoe stay on the field, the Jayhawks are going to be a test for any defense they face.  I'm not even sure they wouldn't be just fine with Meier at Quarterback if Reesing went out, but I am sure that the Kansas faithful don't want to find out.

23. North Carolina Tar Heels

Last Week: Beat East Carolina 31-17

Notes: The defense was solid again, but this week the offense showed up.  That is to say, they found a couple of receivers who could catch the ball.  They are freshman, but they have talent, and they held onto the ball  If Erik Highsmith's performance was a sign of things to come, the Tar Heels offense might be able to keep up with the rest of their squad. 

24. Michigan Wolverines

Last Week: Beat Eastern Michigan 45-17

Notes: Michigan is showing signs of life, glimmers that the plan is going to work.  Their freshman leader had a tough outing, but the other freshman leader stepped up.  That is not a system that you want to take deep in a BCS conference schedule, but it is a much better problem than they had last year.  Within 2 years, Michigan will be the old Michigan again.

25. Missouri

Last Week: Beat Furman 52-12

Notes: Missouri beat Furman like they should have beat Furman, but it doesn't reallly say much for their status as a team.  The Shine has come off their out of conference game against Nevada, but it will keep their defense sharp.  Nebraska is looming.  Missouri needs to be ready to launch from that game into their Big 12 schedule.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CFB Top 25 After week 1 (16-25)


16. TCU Horned Frogs: TCU could easily step in as a legitimate contender in any of the BCS conferences. Their offense is going to be balanced, with a veteran quarterback and talent on the outside. They need to find a premier back but managed a decent rushing attack with a committee approach last season. Their defense is not just the best in the Mountain West, but it could be one of the best in the country. They have a big time pass rusher in Jerry Hughes to lead their defense, and it will again be the power on this team. They have been one of best of the BCS busters in recent years and want to take the next step. With that in mind, they have set themselves up with a tough schedule. If they can run through a schedule that includes Virginia, Clemson, Air Force, BYU, and Utah, they will be playing football in a January bowl. That said, don't expect them to make that run. They will be a 1 or 2 loss team at the end of year.

17. Utah Utes: The Utes were one of the best teams in the country last year. Good enough that after their convincing bowl win over Alabama, there were whispers about realigning the BCS to include a birth for their conference. Then they lost several players to the draft, at least 2 of which be everyday players for NFL teams. They didn't look as good as one would hope in their first game, but they did win convincingly. They do have a strong defense and a lead running back, but their success this season will hinge on the improvement of Terrance Cain. San Jose State will bring a solid defense, and if they can get a full 4 quarters out of Cain, it will be a good sign with Oregon and Louisville next on the slate.

18. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Notre Dame has been loading up on recruiting the past few years and it is starting to show. The offense has really shown flashes of explosion in the passing game with Armando Allen leading the rushing attack. They are pass heavy, but Allen is a home run threat that defense have to respect. They play an aggressive defense and have the athletes to play it. They shut down a very good Nevada offense in week one and will attack all year long. If they can avoid giving the big plays that their attacking style leaves open, Notre Dame will be back in the kind of bowl game they used to be accustomed to. Recognizing that they will show vast improvement this year, does not mean that they will be anywhere near the title chase. Their remaining calendar includes Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, an improving Washington team, USC, Boston College, and UConn. I expect them to win 4 of those, setting them up for a 9 win season.

19. North Carolina Tar Heels: North Carolina's vaunted passing attack lost 2 receivers to the NFL draft. It really showed in the first week as T.J. Yates completed less than half of his passes against the Citadel after the receivers had 6 drops. They did display a strong rushing attack and their defense is back with their defensive backfield showing some flashes that will they will be happy to have later in the year. If they can find a go-to receiver, the Tar Heels will continue their rise up the ranks in College Football.

20. Miami Hurricanes: Miami's defense was exposed a bit against Florida State, but there is no denying the speed and talent that they put on the field. They are a young team, and you can expect those young players to cut down on the mistakes as the season goes on. That, combined with the return of their starting DE's will mean a difference defense by the end of the season. The offense is pass-heavy and lies heavy on Jacory Harris' right shoulder getting the ball deep to a flock of burners. If they can't keep him on his feet, this season will be a disappointment. If they can, the ACC is theirs to win after winning their biggest rivalry game of the year. 10 wins season for the Canes?

21. Florida State Seminoles: Florida State suffered a disappointing loss to start the year, but there is little separation between them and the rival Canes. Florida State's offense moved and scored at will as Jimbo Fisher's offense really starts to take hold and show results. They have a talented offense led by the passing and running of Christian Ponder behind a young, talented Offensive Line. Their front 7 on defense was fast and strong behind Dekoda Watson, and their found their #2 corner in Greg Reid who caught and caused and interception as well as showing great athleticism in the return game. The 2 major issues that the the Miami game left to answer are the play of their young safeties and the bricks that Jarmon Fortson has taped to his hands. Expect the young safeties to cut down on their mistakes as the season goes protecting the Nole defense from the deep balls that Miami victimized them with. I don't know how they are going to teach Fortson to catch the ball. They will likely have to make more use of their tight ends in the red zone. That said, looking at their schedule, they should win 9 games. They are getting back to the FSU of old, but the gators are still going to be a problem at the end of year.

22. Georgia Bulldogs: Georgia is talented, and well coached, but they may not have the premier athletes that they have brought to bare in the past. Cox will be a solid college QB and A.J. Green is a nice outside threat, but they need someone to step up and lead the offense. Those 2 are the most likely and if both would be the best answer. It will be interesting to see how losing Sturdivant for the season again will affect the offense. Their defense was solid against OSU and should be so the rest of the year, but they have to recover from the disappointment of losing their first game quickly. This may only end up being a 7 win season for the Dawgs if something doesn't change in a hurry.

23. Cincinnati BearCats: Cincinnati went to New Jersey and pummeled the Scarlet Knights. There were questions about how they would replace the leaders that they lost from last year, 12 players making NFL rosters. Expect that first game to be indicative of what you are going to see from them this year. Their offense was expected to be explosive with Senior Tony Pike orchestrating it and if their defense is any semblance of what they showed against Rutgers, they will win the Big East again. They should win 9 games with a solid chance at 1 or 2 more.

24. Kansas Jayhawks:
Kansas is going to score a lot of points. They have the perfect quarterback for their version of the Spread in Todd Reesing, a premier Wide Receiver on the outside in Dezmon Briscoe, and a surprisingly fast little running back in Jake Sharpe. They have been winning shootouts for the last 2 years, and can definitely continue to do that what they have in the cupboard. Their defense has not been tested yet, so this week's game against the UTEP's gun slinging offense this week will be interesting as a test. KU will have a lot of time to get ready for the murderer's row they have at the end of the year with Nebraska, Texas, and Missouri to end up. They will be in the hunt for the Big 12 north title, but Missouri and Nebraska will have something to say about it.

25. Missouri Tigers: The Tigers have to replace a bevy of NFL talent on offense, and if their first game against Illinois is any indication, they did just fine. The Mizzou offense with Blaine Gabbert looks much different than prior versions, but no less explosive. Danario Alexander looked great in his first game back from injury. He is not Jeremy Maclin, but he is an excellent receiver who provides difficulties for opposing defense in his own right. The defense also lost a handful of players in the early rounds, but you wouldn't have known it watching them against the Illini. They were aided by the injury to Arrelious Benn which hampered the Illinois passing attack. That said, Illinois is a running team, and Missouri shut them down. It was a real test and Missoui passed at the top of the class. Expect this Missouri team to be in the 10 win range and in the thick of the fight in the Big 12 North. Back to back games against Oklahoma State and Texas in October will likely be the difference in another solid season and a great season. Winning one of those would be great, winning both would shake the power balance for the league, and maybe the country.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CFB Top 25 After week 1 (6-15)

1 - 5

6. Ohio State Buckeyes: This is the year that Ohio State finds out if it really is a football factory. They are starting over at cornerback, Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Running back, and Defensive end after losing multiple players at each of those positions to the NFL over the past 2 years. Of course, they are rebuilding around the premier QB talent in the country and they are rebuilding with players from a perennially top-rated recruiting system. Expect more rough times and close wins out of them like the game against the midshipmen, but expect them to be approaching Juggernaut status by the end of the year as those players game experience. USC will be a tough pill for them this week, but expect them to go into a showdown with Penn State with no more than 1 loss. If they can win that one, they should be Big 10 champs again, but the last month will not be fun with the Nittany Lions, Hawkeyes, and Wolverines down the stretch.

7. California Bears: Last year, the Bears team was missing it's vaunted passing attack due to injuries. They built themselves into a dynamic team leaning on a veteran defense and an explosive rushing attack. Those veterans are gone off the defense, especially at linebacker. This is Jahvid Best's team to lead, and it will go as far as he can lead. There is talent up and down the lineup, and they will challenge the Trojans out best. Oh, and expect that passing attack to be it's old self again. They are going to blow out scoreboards on the left coast. Not sure you believe me, just ask Maryland. Circle Saturday, October 3rd when the Trojans come to town. 2 of the best teams and best running backs in the nation will be on the field.

8. LSU Tigers: Once again, LSU is loaded with talent, but enter the season with questions at QB. Well, Jordan Jefferson showed exactly what the Tiger faithful were hoping for. He was athletic and efficient, and looks to have found a good bit of chemistry with Terrance Toliver. The running game was not explosive and the defense gave up a lot of yards and points to a Washington team that is rebuilding. They are not polished, but they will improve as the year goes and Les Miles will turn them into the kind of LSU team that we expect to see coming out the Bayou.

9. Brigham Young Cougars: BYU is an understated team that opened the season with a BIG statement win. OU may not be what they have been in recent years, but a road win against them is huge for a BYU squad that has put together a nice out of conference schedule. They still have the Seminoles on the slate before they get to a League Schedule that has both TCU and Utah upcoming. If they run the table, they will be in the conversation, but they are going to need Max Hall to be perfect for that to happen. They are riding high now, but expect them to lose at least 1 of their 3 premier remaining games and land in a solid bowl....again.

10. Boise State Broncos:
Boise State as reached a point where it is not a tremendous upset for them to beat anyone in the country. They have been good enough, long enough, that they have recruited to match the BCS schools. Combine that with a tremendous coaching staff and a great home environment to play and they are a nightmare to play. There are some questions that we likely won't see answered until their bowl game, but for now we will have to be satisfied with a beating of Oregon that was not as close as the score.

11. Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners should be good, not great, this year. They are going to have to focus their attack on the run game while their new skill positions figure it out. That was true before Bradford went down for the 1st month, and is critical now. It will make for an easier transition for their young O-Line and will protect their freshman QB, while allowing them to reinforce the advantage that they will get from their strong, veteran defense. They are not the power of the South, but once Bradford is back, they could very easily be a spoiler and hit their stride in time to whoop a mid-range bowl opponent. That said, expect 2 more losses at minimum with Miami, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Texas all left on the board. The Miami game is glaring right now because Bradford is not expected to be back in time to play the Canes, and this will be a revenge game for Miami after their demolishing at the hands of Oklahoma in 2007.

12. Penn State Nittany Lions: The Nittany Lions bring their traditionally strong, smart defense led by stars at linebacker and cornerback. Their offense is led by Daryll Clark, but has some holes to fill. They lost 3 4-year starters at WR, and an all-american center from their offensive line. Clark will put points on the board, but some pundits expect the rebuilding offense to struggle against premier defenses and offenses with top-end speed at skill positions. That said, their record is set up for them to cruise till late October. If the performance they showed in week 1 is reality, expect them to show well in the Big 10.

13. Georgia Tech Yellowjackets:
Georgia Tech is a perfect example of what happens when you put a unique system to work at a school that can recruit big time players. They don't have premier athletes, but they are explosive at running back. They have been winning since their new system hit campus and if their defense can hold up, they will be a tough out in the ACC. Their first test comes to town this week with C.J. Spiller and the Clemson Tigers. If you are a fan of explosive rushing attacks, this is a game for you.

14. Virginia Tech Hokies: Va. Tech brings to bear what they always do. They are deep and talented on defense and Special Teams. They have a good collection of Running Backs as well and are excited about what Tyrod Taylor can do. That is all good stuff, but Taylor has gotten knocked around since he got behind center for the Hokies and he needs a Wide Receiver to step up. If they can keep him healthy and he can find some chemistry with his receivers, they will be tough. They better figure it out in a hurry though because it Nebraska in 2 weeks and Miami in 3. A one dimension offense isn't going to work any better against those 2 defenses than it did against Bama. The Hokies are here for now, and they are talented, but they need to get their defense some help. Oh, one bright spot for Tyrod, he doesn't have to play the Seminoles this year.

15. Mississippi Rebels:
Ole Miss is more highly regarded than they have been since Eli was on campus. Jevan Snead is not Eli, but he is a talent and a leader, and they should be solid on the defensive side of the ball. They have a lot of work to do on the offensive side of the ball after losing Mike Wallace and Michael Oher, their best WR and star Offensive Tackle. Snead was running for his life against Memphis who does not bring forward a terribly frightening defense. If Ole Miss does not get their pass blocking issues sorted, out, they will drop like a stone when they hit the SEC portion of their schedule.


CFB Top 25 After week 1 (1-5)

1. Florida Gators: Returns most of a championship team including the Patron Saint of College Football. Mr. Tebow. Until someone shows otherwise, these guys are on the fast track to the BCS championship game.

2. Texas Longhorns:A big part of the country thought that the Horns should have been in the Championship game last year against the Gators. They return a strong nucleus including their leader Colt McCoy. They did lose their leader on defense in Brian Orakpo and made it through their hellacious schedule last season without a lead back. Sergio Kindle has taken over the leadership reigns on the defense and they feel good about the playmakers they have stepping in on the DL, but it remains to be seen if they can replace the production in the pass rush portion. The biggest question comes in the running game as they are as of yet unsettled at Running Back. All that negative aside, this team is a machine. They will make plays on offense, defense, and special teams.

3. USC Trojans: USC is loaded on both lines, in the defensive secondary, at running back, and on the sidelines. They do have questions though. They are replacing 3 NFL caliber linebackers and an NFL starter at QB. The linebackers were replaced by veterans, but the QB has been replaced by a true freshman QB. But..... Oh yeah, that freshman QB was all-world in high school and is as polished a QB as has come into college in several years. If they can make it through the first few games while Barkley gets used to leading this team of stars, you should expect USC to make a real run at the BCS. They have one real advantage compared to the other teams at the top of the standings: the Pac-10 does not present the murderer's row that the SEC and Big 12 present.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide: Alabama blasted onto the screen last year with a balanced, consistent offense and a devastating defense. Their defense returns nearly intact while their offense puts the pieces back together after losing their leaders at Left Tackle, Quarterback, and Running Back. It is difficult to say which of these players (John Parker Wilson, Andre Smith, and Glenn Coffee) will be missed the most. All 3 were veterans and standout performers. Smith was the most dominant and dynamic, but the other 2 were the steadying influences on a young team that vastly outperformed expectations. Well, those expectations have changed this year. As for the question regarding the players replacing those offensive leaders, their passed their first test with flying colors as Bama beat a good Virginia Tech team in a solid fashion.

5. Oklahoma State Cowboys: The Cowboys return a loaded offense and an athletic, though inconsistent defense. It remains to be seen if that defense can improve in their consistency over last year, but they looked fast and physical against a good Georgia Bulldog Team. The question that glares to those who saw the game is, where did all the mental lapses come from. If you can't focus for a game as big, and with as much lead in as this game had, are the Cowboys going to be able to focus game to game as the season goes. They have a history of letdowns and the expectation is that there will be at least one. But, it hasn't happened yet, so the Pokes are getting the credit that they have earned this year. Big talent, big win, high ranking. Look for them to tune things up until their October 17th game with Missouri. If they don't have it figured out by then, it is going to be a long second half with Texas, OU and a couple of other possible bowl teams lurking.

6 - 15

A few thoughts following the FSU-Miami Game

1. Congratulations to Miami for breaking their losing streak to the Noles.

2. Jacory Harris and Christian Ponder are both better than advertised.

3. Both of these teams will be looking much more like the Noles and Canes are expected to by the end of the season. FSU's secondary showed their youth and will learn in a hurry in live game situations and Miami will get their starting DE's back and putting a pass rush to go with the rest of a solid, athletic young defense, will make them a power on that side of the ball.

4. The Jimbo Fisher system is going to work at FSU. There have been serious questions in Tallahassee about whether or not bringing him in and blowing up the offense was the right move, but their last two games (going back to last season's bowl game), the offense has been dynamic and explosive against 2 very good defensive teams. Jimbo's history gives us no reason to expect anything else as he continues to get his players in the system.

5. That game was not over yet.

6. Neither is this rivalry.