Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Night Bobby

2 National Titles
12 Conference Titles in 19 years
388 wins (2nd all time in Division 1 wins as a football coach)
37 D-1 seasons with a winning record (tied for first all time)
41 overal seasons with a winning record
Member of the College Football Hall of Fame
21 bowl wins (second all time)
32 consecutive seasons with a winning record (33 if they win this year's bowl game)
28 consecutive seasons in a bowl game
14 straight seasons with 10+ wins finishing in top 5

Bobby Bowden was a big driver in changing how college football was played.  When he came to Florida State, the triple option was king in College football.  His wide open attacks and gunslinger ways opened the door to the high-flying attacks that we see today.

His defenses were one of the first to really focus on speed above bulk.  He coached some of the best pass rushers and cornerbacks to ever play college football.  This speed based attack quickly proved itself superior to the slower defenses of the past. 

It is nearly impossible to look across the landscape of college football today without seeing the affects of the generation of coaches that started with Bobby. 


You earned every bit of your retirement.  Enjoy your grandkids.