Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft v1 - Round 2

RAMS: Jimmy Clausen QB

The Rams may very well take a QB at the top of the draft, but I don't think that the QB's out there are sure enough bets that they should fly off the shelves.  If they can get a great lineman and still get Clausen here, they should absolutely do it.  Clausen is as ready a QB for the NFL, and has the mobility to have a chance to survive St. Louis' rickedy Line, as they are going find.

LIONS: Jahvid Best RB

If only he had not played superman, Jahvid Best may possibly have a Heisman trophy right now and would likely be a top 10 pick.  He is that talented.  He has better size than Spiller and runs a sub 4.5.  If he stays healthy, this is a Pro Bowl level of talent.

BUCCANEERS: Arrelious Benn WR

Arrelious Been was one of the most heralded Wide Receiver recruits coming into college in several years.  Unfortunately, for him, he went to play for the Illini with Juice Williams.  There are no questions about his ability.  He has good size, strength, and hands.  But.....we haven't seen him do it yet.  Is that due to him, or due to playing with a poor passing QB in a poor passing Offense.  He has the potential to become a #1 type....we'll see

CHIEFS: Aaron Hernandez TE

Drafting Aaron Hernandez as a Tight End is kind of hedged bet.  He has the size and speed to be an outside receiver.  He is likely best described as an H-Back and is good enough with the ball in his hands, that he was highly involved with the Gator's spread-option attack.  6'2" 250 lbs and a 40 yard dash in the 4.5 second range.  A great pick for offensive flexiblity for the Chiefs.

REDSKINS: Everson Griffin DE

The Skins are building a vicious defense as they move to a 3-4, but need edge players.  Griffin is a nice bookend to Sergio Kindle.  Griffin may be a DE to Kindle's OLB, but they can both rush the passer in a big way.

BROWNS: Damian Williams WR

Due to a decent amount of depth at wideout in this draft, the Brown get a chance to draft a #1 kind of talent in the second round.  Williams is not as explosive as some, but he has been the go to guy for USC for the last couple years.  That might just be more pressure than he will feel in know, fans used to winning and all that.  We all know Holmgren is going to want to see the ball tossed about a bit, so another wideout is needed.  Williams would be a great get.

RAIDERS: Ciron Black OT

Getting Jamarcus is old LT back would be a nice move for the raiders.  Black is a monster tackle, who would be a huge addition for their budding rushing offense.  Unfortunately, it won't make Russell a more accurate passer.  He could still make one heck of a fullback though.  Oh  yes, about Black.  He is a monster tackle who is a bit rough.  However, he could plug in as a run blocking Right Tackle right now and their O-Line would be more complete than it is now.


Jones was hidden on a bad team, but he is a real talent at DT.  The Seahawks need strength in the middle of their line to take better advantage of their talent LB corp.  Jones is a run-stuffer and can get a push up the middle.  Another solid DT in a deep draft for DT's.

BILLS: Colt McCoy QB

Colt McCoy is the winningest QB in Texas history.  He is a winner and an athlete.  People question his arm strength, but with him at QB, the long ball was a staple of the texas offense.  He is an underrated athlete and as good an athlete as you are going to see at QB.  He is a steal for the Bills.

BUCCANEERS: Daryl Washingon LB

Washington was very productive and consistent at ILB during his time at TCU.  He has good speed and was the heart of one of the top defenses in the country.  A nice young player for the Bucs.

DOLPHINS: Jaren Odrick DE/DT
Odrick is just the kind of horse that Parcells likes to have at the front of his 3-4.  His blend size, athletic ability, and raw strength make him a viable option at all 3 D-Line positions.

PATRIOTS: Brandon Graham DE/OLB
Graham is a bit of a tweener in the 3-4 between D-End and OLB.  He is a good athlete and a steady, heady performer.  Belichek will make him a star.

BRONCOS: Chad Jones S

The Broncos have a strong defense, but they are aging at the back of their secondary and Chad Jones is the kind of flexible, talented player to let them prep for the retirement of their safeties.  He has the speed and size to fill in at either position.  A HUGE hitter.

GIANTS: Marvin Austin DT/DE

Marvin Austin is a vastly talented D-Lineman.  He has the size to play DT, but the athletic ability to play D-End.  If the Giants can keep this young man motivated, he has pro-bowl potential.


McKnight was a bit watered down due to the quality depth in the USC backfield.  The upside to that his that he has a lot of tread left on the tires.  He is a very good all around back with a big of speed to get outside.  A quality player for depth in New England.

PANTHERS: Jarrett Brown QB

Jarrett Brown really exploded onto the scene with Pat White in the NFL.  He is a smart quarterback with big-time physical tools.  The Panthers are thin at QB, and he has the potential to be a difference maker if they can let him develop for a year or two.  He is another QB who will have to get used to being under center.

49ERS: Reshad Jones FS

Reshad Jones is one of the best safeties in Georgia Bulldog history.  He and Rennie Curran were the do-it-all guys for the Dawg defense.  He is a sure tackler, with good size and speed.  With the pressure that Coach Mike likes to bring, a top-flight free safety is key.

CHIEFS: Dezmon Briscoe WR

Dezmon Briscoe was the one weapon that the Jayhawks had that noone could take away with superior talent.  He is a tall, fast receiver that is alwasy open because he is great in the air.  A hometown hero playing in nearby lawrence, he will be a legit deep threat from day one, complimenting the veteran wideouts that the Chiefs have.  Could develop to a great running mate for Dwayne Bowe.

TEXANS: Ryan Matthews RB

The Texans have talent at RB, but noone has stepped up and claimed that starting role.  Matthews is a big-time back, who showed better-then-expected long speed.  He is a one-cut type of back, which is perfect for the zone blocking schemed that Houston uses.

STEELERS: Rob Gronkowski TE

With a healthy season, Gronkowski would have been in the running for the top TE in the nation.  He is a great all-around player at the position.  The Steelers use their tight ends heavily in their offense, and if Gronkowski can come back healthy, this will be a huge pick.

EAGLES: Toby Gerhart RB

The past few years, the Eagles have wilted in short yardage situations.  Gerhart is the best big back to come out of college ball in several years.  He catches and blocks well enough to play early, and on early downs.  Should be a great change of pace for the smaller, quicker, shady McCoy.

PACKERS: Warren Donovan

Warren Donovan is a big, press corner.  That fits the Packers personality perfectly.  They have a quality pair of corners, but they are aging.  Getting Donovan in, gives them depth in case of injury, and eliminates one concern down the road.

RAVENS: Dorin Dickerson TE

Dorin Dickerson is a rediculous athlete at TE.   He is faster than most Wide Receivers, and is athletic enough that he has worked at multiple positions at Pitt.  The downside to that is that he has not spent as much time at TE as the other TE's in this draft.  A bit upside pick, and would tie in great with the new Wideouts that Baltimore has gotten by giving them a threat up the seam.

CARDINALS: Kerry Meier TE/H-Back

Meier was supposed to be the QB of the future when he came to KU.  Instead he battled Dezmon Briscoe for the all-time catches record in Lawrence.  He does not have great speed, but he uses his body very well, runs great routes, and has stellar hands.  He can flex out, and block a little.  A great teammate.  Should be a great underneath weapons for the Cardinals

COWBOYS: Morgan Burnett S

The Cowboys needs new starters at both safety spots.  Burnett is a top 5 at both positions, and should allow them to pick the one they feel worse about and plug him in.


In a lot of years, Price would be a first round pick.  With the DT's this year, he barely makes it into the second around.  He is a big motor guy who can get pressure from the DT spot.  Has been consistently productive for UCLA in spite of regular double teams.

COWBOYS: Danario Alexander WR

Alexander was starting in front of Jeremy Maclin early in his career.  The injury bug has visited him a few times, unfortunately.  If he stays healthy, he is a first round talent.  The Cowboys can afford the risk for the chance of a home run.  If healthy, is at least a #2 wide receiver with good speed.

CHARGERS: Micah Johnson LB

Micah Johnson is a beast at LB and the Chargers are aging.  A big backer with good speed and a mean streak.

JETS; Brandon Lafell WR

Initially, LaFell was being considered as a very high draft pick.  He ran slower than expected at the combine, which has him still on the board at this point.  He is a big target who catches the ball well.  Very reminiscent of the other LSU wideouts to come out the past few years. 

VIKINGS: Javier Arenas CB/KR

Arenas is a small corner who can really run.  Will initially be a weapon in the return game, with appearances in nickel and dime situations.  A perfect cover-2 kind of corner

COLTS: Nathaniel Allen FS

Allen is another quality safety in this draft full of them.  He has great range and good size, and will give the colts a quality DB for depth due to recent injury history.

SAINTS: Rennie Curran OLB

The Saints need speed on the edge of their defense.  Curran is as fast as any linebacker in this draft, and as fast as most of the running backs.  He fights off blockers better than would be expected at his size and can really go sideline to sideline.
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