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2010 Pre-Combine NFL Mock Draft - Round 1

2010 Pre-Combine NFL Mock Draft

Here we go, first guess. The combine is started, but the results aren’t in, so I am going to toss
this in under the wire.

Round 1

Pick 1

The Rams have little but needs, so looking at any one position to fill would be a mistake. The best approach when you are this bad is too look at your areas of strength and take the best player that fits into one of the other positions. The list of strengths for the Rams is damn short. Suh is the best player available in this draft. Putting him in the middle of their D-Line with Chris Long and Leonard Little on the edges give them an area of their team which can be a strength.

Pick 2

Quite a few of the teams have McCoy and Suh rated near even. I don’t know about that after the display that Suh put on late in the season. There is no questioning McCoy’s talent and consistent production though.

As for the pick being right for the Lions, They have some players in the back 7 of their defense, but they have to get better production out of their line if they want to have a solid defense. Putting McCoy beside Sammie Hill gives them a solid pair of young tackles that will free up their talented linebacking corp to make more plays. It wouldn’t be wrong for them to take a premier offensive tackle, but I just don’t think that any of them can make the immediate impact that McCoy can.

Pick 3

The Bucs are old, Berry is the best player available. He has the talent to be the kind of playmaker to make an average defense look very solid. Putting him at the back of this defense give
the Bucs one of the more talented defensive backfields in the NFC. Now, about those lines.

Pick 4

There are 2 big problems with the Redskins, IMO. Daniel Snyder’s meddling and a damn old offensive line. Snyder says that he is going to stay out of Shanahan’s way, but the line is still aging quickly. Shanny likes athletic offensive lines and we know that he can make an offense work with Clinton Portis in the backfield. Okung is a premier talent at Offensive Tackle.

Pick 5

The Chiefs gave their fans hope at the end of last season by dumping Larry Johnson so that Jamal
Charles could run wild from their spread formations and getting some turnovers from their young defense. They were approaching legitimacy, but they have 2 serious areas of weakness. Wide Receiver and Offensive Line. They need a legitimate threat at wideout to pair with Dwayne Bowe down the road. They should be able to find linemen later in the draft to shore up the O-Line.

Dez Bryant is the class of this year’s receiver class. Noone in college football could cover him and few in the NFL will be able to.

Pick 6

The Seahawks have been procrastinating drafting Walter Jones’ replacement for several years, but time is up. It is going to kill Pete Carroll to draft a linemen in his first draft, but he is smart enough to recognize that the success of this team is going to depend on keeping Hasselbeck healthy and finding a running attack. Anthony Davis was the anchor of a very effective Offensive Line at Rutgers. He is a monster in the running game and he faced up against some of the better pass rushers in the country in the Big East.

Pick 7

The Browns need to put an end to their QB controversy. Sam Bradford has the talent to be a franchise QB and the pressure in Cleveland won’t be much higher than it was in Norman. If they can keep him healthy, he can be the man. Draft him, ditch whichever of your vets you can get a better price for.

Pick 8

All the Raiders need to do to win games is to put a QB on the field who can throw a catchable
ball. They have those guys and aren’t going to invest more money in the position with the money that they have invested in Jamarcus. Al loves speed though, and the idea of a pair of lockdown corners should have him drolling. Joe Haden is the highest rated coming out and he can fly. He could be the last piece to a truly dominant defense.

Pick 9

The Bills made the mistake of not replacing their left tackle and they paid for it all season. Some people are screaming for them to pick up a new quarterback, and that is not a bad idea. However, if you can’t protect him it doesn’t matter. The need on the offensive line became even more dire with the news of Brad Butler’s retirement. They now need to find starters at both Left and Right tackle. Bruce Campbell is a beast at tackle and has the potential to be a big piece of a successful
offensive line.

Pick 10

The Broncos were much better than expected last year and are just looking for small
improvements. This pick may change if they can’t resign Brandon Marshall. If he leaves, they will need to work to pick up either Dez Bryant or a premier FA wideout. As they sit now, they need to
get more quality depth for their 3-4. They hid some issues with a strong pass rush and a good secondary, but whenever they weren’t playing from ahead, their defense got exposed. McClain was the heartbeat of Crimson Tide’s defense and should transition very well to Inside Linebacker in the Broncos scheme.

Pick 11

The Jags made 2 very good picks to give them new starting tackles last year so they may look
elsewhere. I think that, with one more pick along the line this year, they can build a moster offensive line for MJD to run behind. Bottom line is, their QB is not great, and MJD will kill if you get him to the second level. Both of these require a premium offensive line. Bulaga played a couple of spots at Iowa and is a roadgrader who will either transition well to Guard or put Eben Britton

Pick 12

Parcells and his boys are building something in Miami. Their secondary is primed, their offense is
young and dynamic. They have 2 area of need. They need 1 more dynamic threat at receiver, preferably a tall one who can be a redzone threat. They need depth in the front 7. Their line is not what they need it to be and their outside linebackers are aging quickly. Terrance Cody is the best NoseTackle prospect in a draft full of good tackles. He will eat space, keeping the linebackers clean to make plays. They will need to make some moves for outside linebackers in this draft though.

Pick 13

The Niners are improving quick on the west coast, but they don’t have a long term answer at
quarterback. Clausen is a cool head and has the talent. Clausen to Crabtree could be the kind of connection that they haven’t seen in the Bay area in a lot of years.

Pick 14

After getting a new cornerstone tackle, Seattle needs weapons. They have a lot of players who are solid and can move the chains. What they don’t have is that player who can turn a first down into a home run. Noone in this draft does that like Spiller. Look for them to spot him at back, and flex him to the slot. Even in the NFL, not many linebackers or safeties are going to be successful running with Spiller in a pattern.

Pick 15

The Giants free safety position was exposed when their pass rush was lessened due to injuries
last year. Mays may not be the best safety to come out this year, but he is one of the best that we have seen in the last several years. He is big, rangy, and will make receivers regret their trips to the meadowlands.

Pick 16

Singletary loves defense and his line is the weakspot of a strong niner unit. Price may fit better as a defensive end rather than a Nose Tackle in singletary’s preferred 3-4 alignment, but he has great quickness for a man his size. He has the size and athletic ability to play all 3 positions on that line.

Pick 17

The Titans draft good players at the top of their drafts. They don’t worry about need as they believe they can always find a place for a good player. Williams has been the Anchor of a group that has sent several highly rated players into the league the past few years. He played both tackle spots and guard while at Oklahoma and can do the same for Tennessee. He should be an immediate upgrade for at least one of their positions.

Pick 18

The latest version of the Steel curtain is aging quickly. They are solid but will lose players steadily over the next few years. Derrick Morgain is the highly rated 3-4 end in this draft and has the size and ability to be a perfect fit in the Steelers scheme.

Pick 19

The Falcons defense needs to step up. They made some moves to shore up the defensive line, but it remains to be seen how effective those will be due to Peria Jerry’s injury last year. However with their lack of talent in secondary, that has to be their focus. Earl Thomas is unique in that he
has shown that he can excel at both Safety and Cornerback.

Pick 20

The Texans are so close to being a really good team. They can legitimately draft the best player rather than draft for need at this point. Mike Iupati is the best guard in this draft by a good distance. He is as strong as a bull and athletic enough to pull with authority and drive through
to the second level.

Pick 21

The Bengals surprised the world last year, but they will not be a surprise this year. Dan Williams gives them a DT with star potential to plug in the middle of their defense to keep their strong young linebacker corp clean and running.

Pick 22

Kindle is just the kind of player that the Patriots love. He can play multiple positions, has exhibited leadership ability, and is used to winning. Pairing him with Mayo will be a nightmare for the rest of the AFC East. This pick becomes even better with the expected departure of Adalius Thomas.

Pick 23

The Packers defense is still in the middle of its transition to the 3-4. B.J. Raji was a big piece of what they needed to make that move, and Carlos Dunlap will be the second big draft pick on that
line. He is a wonderfully/horribly disruptive pass rusher with the size to play the position in the 3-4.

Pick 24

The Eagles defensive scheme is predicated on pressure. Trent Cole is the best pass rusher that they have along the D-Line in Philly, but he needs a running mate. This JUCO transfer made George Selvie an also-ran, which is pretty much all anyone should need to hear about his pass rushing ability. If the Eagles can get pressure with their front 4, it will make their blitz
packages that much more effective.

Pick 25

The Ravens needs receivers badly. Arrelious Benn is a prospect that never got the chance to shine. He has a great frame and strength, with good speed and reportedly does very well with the ball in the air. Additionally, he has shown that he can block his position well, which will be welcome in the Ravens offense.

Pick 26

The Cardinals are good team that is going to be sitting, waiting to see if Leinart is going to pan out now that he is the only option. Don’t be surprised if they don’t go looking for a veteran backup just in case. One way to make life easier for him is to get a good pass-catching tight end. Gresham
is a better receiver than most of the wideouts. It will be interesting to see how he is after recovering from his injuries, but he hands will still work and even with a decline in athleticism he would be a top-rated athlete at his position.

Pick 27

The Cowboys line is getting old. They need to start bringing in replacements for there long time big men. Brown has been overlooked a bit after a disappointing season in Los Angeles. He is a very athletic tackle with great feet after moving from tight end to tackle. He is a very good tackle who is still learning to play the position. He should have a chance to sit and learn putting him in good position to succeed when they need him to.

Pick 28

The Chargers are a team in flux. LT is out, Merriman is on his way out pretty soon. There is an
awful lot of talent left in San Diego though. They need middle linebackers right now and the athletic ability to move around in the positions. Brandon Spikes was the leader of a great Florida
defense. He has the head to call the defense and the speed and hitting to play all 4 positions if needed. Plugging him in will give the Chargers one of the top units in the league with flexility going forward.

Pick 29

Rex Ryan is going to build a monster of a defense. Warren gives them a 3rd quality corner and a future running partner for Revis. They want to force you to run the ball. Warren was very productive in a difficult situation the last few years in Ann Arbor and may have the talent to give the Jets what they are looking for.

Pick 30

Antoine Winfield has been doing this awhile. The Vikings are loaded and preparing to replace an aging corner is the biggest problem we can find. Well, outside of quarterback situation. Neither of the top QB prospects will be available at this point however, so look for the Vikings to pick up one of the best athletes in the draft. Patrick Robinson is a lockdown talent at corner. Very few can run like he does.

Pick 31

The Colts love speed on defense and Jerry Hughes is a perfect fit for their scheme. He is a disruptive force on defense with great athleticism having moved over from running back. He projects very well to linebacker and has already proven that he can play with his hand on the ground on the outside.

Pick 32

The Saints are strong across the board obviously, having won the whole ball of wax this season. That said, their offense is the relative strength of their team. Sean Weatherspoon has the speed to play in their scheme, but is better against the run than some of their current players.

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