Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oregon is the new Miami

The Oregon Duck football has surged onto the scene the past few years.

They are loaded with talent like they have never had before, and it is becoming increasingly obvious why.  It becomes a whole lot easier to stockpile talent, when you have no regard for the character of the players you are bringing onto campus.

These are not kids getting free loaner cars, or free clothes, or even cheating on exams.

These are legitimate criminals.  They should not be getting the benefit of a SCHOLARship.  They have been given a gift, but that gift comes with strings. 

If you cannot control yourself enough to act according to the rule of law, you should get a one way ticket home.

I wonder if they are going to strip wins from Oregon for the games these criminals played in....Oh, that's right.   They get to play in even more of them.

Good Job NCAA....Hey Masoli...the message here, in case you missed it, is that you are fine, as long as you don't hang out with Deion.
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