Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another T.O. headline?

Ok, so I have to admit, it takes a slow news day to get me started talking about T.O. .

And you know it's a slow news day for sports when ESPN has Men's slow pitch softball showing in real time.  I love softball as much as the next guy, maybe more than most.  That said, there aren't that many people who are going to tune in to watch it.

So, now that I have established that it's a slow news day for sports, back to T.O. and the Rams.

The Rams needs another stud at receiver to give Sam Bradford weapons and take the heat off of Donnie Avery while they wait to see if Mardy Gilyard or any of their other young receivers is going to develop.  T.O. is coming off of a down year, but if there is a receiver who conditions himself well enough to recover, this is the one.  He is a fiend in the gym and is a monster of a matchup problem.  But, was the mess in Buffalo the reason he didn't produce, or has he lost half a step?

I say, that it this is a perfect situation.  If he shows up and works, he will start opposite Avery, because there is nobody else.  He will give Sam Bradford a second veteran wide receiver that he can depend on as he develops.

So, T.O. would get his targets like he is always crying about, the Rams would get the weapon that they need and close up a big hole on their offense.  The question is, can T.O. deal with the losing that is going to come with playing for a developing team?  The Rams made some nice moves the past couple years but there is no doubt that they are deep in a rebuilding process in St. Louis.  His move to the Bills before last year makes me think that starting is more important to him than chasing a title, so if that is indeed the case, then T.O. will be earning a living in the midwest, and Sammie B. the 50 million dollar man is going to be flashing that mega-watt smile all over the gateway city.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21st

- I could be wrong.  It is entirely possible, I vaguely remember it happening once, but I could have sworn that the Heisman was given to the best player who played college football the year before.  I am pretty damned sure that a couple years back, that was Reggie Bush.  You want to argue that Vince Young was better, we can talk about that at length.  It's Reggie's award.  His gifts that he took don't change the player that he was.  The only conversation that this should drive is whether the rules around what college players can do and earn need to be relaxed.  You leave these boys enough free time to earn some spending money, or open up the rules so that they can leave after their freshman year like in basketball and some of these rules won't experience as many violations.

- Favre, will you please just act like a ball player.  Make a decision and play, or make a decision an dcoach.  Otherwise, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

- I do beleive that Roy Oswalt imagines himself a RiverBoat Gambler.  If I was the Phillies, I do beleive that I would pay the man.  Don't forget that Petitte just went down, the Yankees will be shopping soon.  Get it done, or they will.

- As a Florida State fan, I have to say this.  DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN.  Come on son, when you go in the first round, you get the hell out of college.  Please, think it over, there's still time.  Go crawling back for your millions of dollars................Please?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th

- Jamarcus Russell is fast approaching Ryan Leaf status.  Seriously? Codeine?  Jamarcus, if you are going to get busted for drugs, at least get something better than cough syrup.  Moron

- Just a side note on a website.  A simple misunderstanding between a private security guard, alleged celebrity, and the police.  who cares, well except one thing.  I got this link off msn's sports site.  EATING IS NOT A SPORT.  I have an uncle to says that sports news is one of the biggest time sucks which is ruining our country, and with crap like being called a sport, I am starting to beleive him.  Well, almost.

-Votto got screwed. I feel for the teams who have to face him in the second half if he doesn't get voted in as the last player.  That in mind, I kind of hope he doesn't. 

- Good for you Junior.  But seriously? downplaying the win after 2 years?  Just go ahead and holler like the redneck country boy you are.  We already don't care about NASCAR, we won't judge you for it.

- And the lord said, Thou shalt not play defense in MSG.  This is going to be better than sunday.  Fireworks everywhere.  Come on Melo, help me out.  Please, Please, Please, go play with him.