Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th

- Jamarcus Russell is fast approaching Ryan Leaf status.  Seriously? Codeine?  Jamarcus, if you are going to get busted for drugs, at least get something better than cough syrup.  Moron

- Just a side note on a website.  A simple misunderstanding between a private security guard, alleged celebrity, and the police.  who cares, well except one thing.  I got this link off msn's sports site.  EATING IS NOT A SPORT.  I have an uncle to says that sports news is one of the biggest time sucks which is ruining our country, and with crap like being called a sport, I am starting to beleive him.  Well, almost.

-Votto got screwed. I feel for the teams who have to face him in the second half if he doesn't get voted in as the last player.  That in mind, I kind of hope he doesn't. 

- Good for you Junior.  But seriously? downplaying the win after 2 years?  Just go ahead and holler like the redneck country boy you are.  We already don't care about NASCAR, we won't judge you for it.

- And the lord said, Thou shalt not play defense in MSG.  This is going to be better than sunday.  Fireworks everywhere.  Come on Melo, help me out.  Please, Please, Please, go play with him.   
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