Monday, September 13, 2010

No-one wants Pat White?

I came across this link and I just had to comment.  How is this possible?  We are talking about a guy with enough speed to play any skill position at the NFL level.  He has proven over and over that he has enough arm and accuracy to make the throws required of a quarterback at the highest level. 

He has proven that he can be a team player, practicing at wide receiver and gladly playing as a "wildcat" quarterback.

The only remaining question is whether he has the bulk to survive as a starter at Quarterback.  Well, I have to admit that is a reasonable question, and I can see why Chad Henne is such an intriguing prospect for the Dolphins. 

So, with Henne, and Ronnie Brown to play QB and wildcat, I can see why the Fins would not keep his contract around.  That's fine.  So, let's move on to the best fits for Pat White.  He is such a dynamic talent, that I just can't believe that no one around the league would have a use for him.

I am going to keep this list short, but let me know what you think.

1. Rams

The Rams need talent, period.  You have to like the little bit that we have seen out of Sam Bradford so far.  He is a leader and has real talent, but right now he is really short on talent to distribute the ball to.  Pat White is one thing, above all else.  He is explosive.  I think it is pretty safe to compare his talent to DeSean Jackson's.  That said, he is trained as a quarterback, and it would cause a nice wrinkle to put him in the slot and add reverse motion to the Ram's offense.  With his speed, he would also be a very real home-run threat every time he touched the ball.

2. Raiders

The Raiders are in a slightly better place in regards to Receivers, but they could stand to take a risk with the kind of upside that White puts forward.  They offense is rather easy to defend at this point, scheme wise, but they just don't have the type of unique talents that allow for the wrinkles that will keep defenses honest.  This is also a team that has been built to run the ball, and those kinds of teams are always welcome fits for the "Wildcat" which White is best suited for.

3. Cardinals

The Cardinals could offer him a chance to fight for the #2 quarterback spot and run the kind of wide open scheme that could allow him to shine.  With Anquan Boldin leaving, there may be some reps at Wide Receiver available as well.

4. Lions

It looks like Stafford will be out for awhile, and Shaun Hill has yet to show that he can be the answer at this level.  You may ask, "Why should the Lions be interested in a running-style quarterback?".  Just think about the effect of a play-action off of a belly-option look with Pat White and Jahvid Best.  Both of those guys can hit home runs with top-end speed, and if you can keep the safeties honest enough to get Calvin Johnson single coverage, this offense might have a chance.

5. Bears

The Bears need wide receivers, and Mike Martz is one of the most creative offensive minds that this league has seen in years.  Pat White is the kind of athlete that he has made into stars, even if he is working primarily at the wrong position at this point.

As you can see, I do not agree with the idea that only Pro-Style quarterbacks can succeed in the NFL.  Everyone is allowed their opinion, but I just don't see how the entire NFL can bypass a talent like Pat White.
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