Friday, February 19, 2010

NBA Trade Deadline Thoughts

1. Tracy McGrady needs to pull his head out of his ass.  He is a vastly talented individual whose ego wrote too big a check.  He presented himself as a savior and couldn't come through in Houston.  That is not the case now.  All he has to do is prove that he can still score the ball the last few months of the season.

2. The Cavs are officially a team now.  Antawn Jamison is an all-star caliber player, right now.  The Cavs now have their 3 studs, and Shaq is not one of them.  That's kind of serious for the rest of the East.

3. The trade the Celtics just made had better be for salary cap reasons because they just got worse.  Giddens and Walker both had the chance to be very good starters in the NBA.  Nate Robinson, as talented as he is, will never be more than a bench scorer.

4. I love love love, the moves that the Knicks made.  They upgraded themselves at every position except Center, where they had already made their moves over the past year.  They got explosive athletes, which is the key to their system, perhaps more than any other in the league.  Annnnnnd, they freed up 9 million in salary cap space.  Just think if T-Mac gets fired up and plays like himself.  this offense is perfect for him. 

5. The Suns will never get a fair trade for Amare.  Good for them for holding onto him.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Drew Brees for the Hall of Fame?

A lot of questions have been answered with the Saints winning the Super Bowl last night. 

One has been created.

Now that he has won the big game, is Drew Brees going to be an Hall of Fame candidate?

Here are his career numbers

64.8% completion rate
30,646 yards
202 TD's
110 Int's

Nice numbers, especially for only having completed 9 season.  The ratios get even better when you look at his numbers since he came to play for Sean Payton in New Orleans.  But, since he is bound to slow down as he ages, missing some games, and losing some ability, we will use his over all numbers to average out the rest.

Let's assume he plays till he is 36.  that will give him 5 more years.

47672 yards
314 TD's
171 Int's

As Impressive as those numbers look on paper, I think he is going to need more than 5 years.  With the stats that are being put up by QB's I don't see anyone been a lock with less than 55,000 yards and/or 350 TD's.

He is a great players, and could do it easy in the Saints offense if he can stay healthy, but another decade is going to be a challenge for a guy who has already had shoulder surgery.

Either way, congrats Drew.

The "Aints" are DEAD.