Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Evals


Davis, Anthony
Iupati, Mike
Mays, Taylor
Bowman, Navorro
Dixon, Anthony
Byham, Nate
Williams, Kyle
Adams, Phillip

Well, the Niners have been without an offensive personality for a few years now. Well….folks…..they have one now. Davis and Iupati put some finishing touches on a monstrous, young, offensive line. Anthony Dixon gives them a second power back to spell Frank Gore. Taylor Mays and Navorro Bowman will both be fighting for playing time as rookies, and are going to be big time enforcers for Mike Singletary's defense down the road. The Niners think Ted Ginn will be their #2 WR to pair with Michael Crabtree, so the only real question is......Can Phillip Adams play corner in the NFL? He is a good athlete, but he does not have great speed. It could be that Mike was thinking 2 starting safeties with Mays moving to strong. Either way, this was a great draft from a team who was very much in flux going into the draft.



Wright, Major
Wootton, Corey
Moore, Joshua
Lefevour, Dan
Webb, J'Marcus

The Bears have holes all over, but were hampered with a small number of picks. I am not impressed with what they did with the picks they had. Major Wright was a nice pick at a need position, but Wooton at DE after the Peppers signing and drafting Melton last year does not make sesne to me. Josh Moore has good ball skills, but is never going to be a top-flight corner in the league. I love Dan Lefevour, but QB is one of the few spots that they should not be looking for help at. The one thing that can redeem this draft is if J'Marcus Webb is a short term project at Tackle. he has the size and strength, if they can plug him in at RT sooner rather than later, this will be a passable draft. It is important to remember that Chester Taylor and Julius Peppers were included in their offseason aquisitions. They might not suck this year, if they can get someone to take a little pressure off of Cutler and Peppers and Urlacher can play like themselves 3 years ago.



Gresham, Jermaine
Dunlap, Carlos
Shipley, Jordan
Ghee, Brandon
Atkins, Geno
Muckelroy, Roddrick
Hudson, Otis
Briscoe, Dezmon
Stephens, Reggie

The Bengals front office is going their best imitation of the Ravens the past few years. Go get talented leaders from successful programs and put them on the field together. Let's see, TE who was the best receiver at OU, DE who was the best player on Florida's vaunted defense, WR who was the go-to guy for the national runner up Longhorns, CB who was a defensive leader during the revitalization of the Wake Forest program, DT who was a multiple year starter at Georgia, an OLB who was a leader on the Longhorn defense, and a WR who helped turn the Kansas Jayhawks into a relavent football program. Are you serious? All in one draft? Watching drafts like this makes me wonder how in the hell some of the GM's out there have a job. A GREAT draft, for the second year in a row



Spiller, CJ
Troup, Torell
Carrington, Alex
Easley, Marcus
Wang, Ed
Moats, Arthur
Batten, Danny
Brown, Levi
Calloway, Kyle

I admit, I was really confused when I saw them take CJ Spiller, and I am a huge CJ Spiller fan. QB would have made sense, and OT would have made even more sense. They needed a tackle who can start right now at one of the spots. They better pray that Ed Wang is that kind of a guy. For him it will be RT if it is anything, but the guys they have on hand proved they couldn't do it last year. I don't think that has changed. One dark horse in that contest is Jamon Meredith. They did make some moves for depth on the D-Line, but none of them are terribly impressive talents. Just not a good draft, needs too much to go right for it to work.



Thomas, Demaryius
Tebow, Tim
Beadles, Zane
Walton, J.D.
Decker, Eric
Cox, Perrish
Olsen, Eric
Thompson, Syd'quan
Kirlew, Jammie

I really don't know how Demaryius Thomas is the first receiver in this draft. I think they reached on their first 4 picks. They did a good job later in the draft. Don't be surprised if Thomas is not the best receiver in their draft class. Eric Decker is big and athletic and has great hands. This looks like a draft for depth, but frankly, the Broncos needed a draft for starters.



Haden, Joe
Ward, T.J.
Hardesty, Montario
McCoy, Colt
Lauvao, Shawn
Asante, Larry
Mitchell, Carlton
Geathers, Clifton

I love what Mike Holmgren is doing in Cleveland. They needed players all over the field, so what did they do? Well, in the draft they got a QB, RB, CB, G, SS, and DE who will likely step directly into the 2 deep. This is after adding a starting CB, OLB, QB, OT, TE, and FB through other means. They have improved themselves short term while making strides for the future. In 3 months. Why is this so damn hard? PS, don't overlook their draft of Lauvao. They reached a bit to get him according to my board, but they think he was the last piece of a dominant O-Line.



McCoy, Gerald
Price, Brian
Benn, Arrelious
Lewis, Myron
Williams, Mike
Bowden, Brent
Grimm, Cody
Watson, Dekoda

Yeah, about that crappy run defense that tampa had. Yeah, that's over. Gerald McCoy was in the running for best player in the draft, and Brian Price was the player of the year in the Pac-10. Yeah, as a DT. The Bucs needed a lot, and there was no way to get it all, but I like what they did. 4 projected starters in 1 draft plus 3 more who will go immediately to the 2-deep. That speaks largely to what they had on hand, but it is still better than they likely hoped for. They now have the potential for an explosive offense down the road, with some pieces of a very nice defense. Not playoff time quite yet, but a nice draft.



Williams, Dan
Washington, Daryl
Roberts, Andre
Schofield, O'Brien
Skelton, John
Jorrick, Calvin
Dray, Jim

The Cardinals are committed to the 3-4 scheme and that is predicated on the Nosetackle. Dan Williams is the piece they didn't have and putting him between Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell looks awful good on paper. He is penciled in as the starter, day 1. Washington and Schofield (if healthy), have the potential to be long term starters at OLB. They are both big time athletes from winning programs. Roberts is not Anquan Boldin, but he is a polished prospect who should produce early. Look for him to work in the slot early. A solid draft that should really solidify their defense.



Mathews, Ryan
Butler, Donald
Stuckey, Darrell
Thomas, Cam
Crompton, Jonathan
Epps, Dedrick

Ryan Mathews is a big-time back. The rest of the draft was for depth. The Thomas pick gives them some much needed depth up front on defense. The Chargers were loaded, they are still loaded, and they added a weapon. Not a great draft, but solid.



Berry, Eric
McCluster, Dexter
Arenas, Javier
Asamoah, Jon
Moeaki, Tony
Lewis, Kendrick
Sheffield, Cameron

Eric Berry at FS and Javier Arenas at Nickel finish off a fine young secondary in Kansas City. They don't have a true lock down corner, but Carr, Flowers, and Arenas have the potential to be as good a trio as you will see. Unlike some of the pundits, I really like the McCluster pick. He will be a dynamic sub for Jamaal Charles out of the spread that they like in KC and gives them a big play threat in the slot. They need a player like that to pair with their bigger receivers. I would have liked to have seen a Right Tackle, but the Asamoah pick prepares them for Brian Waters departure and putting him beside Branden Albert makes for a promising left side. Not a great draft, but I really like the players they got with their first 4 picks.



Hughes, Jerry
Angerer, Pat
Thomas, Kevin
mcclendon, jacques
Eldridge, Brody
Mathews, Ricardo
Conner, Kavell
Fisher, Ray

As those of you who have been reading know, I love the Jerry Hughes pick for the Colts. It made too much sense to not see coming. He is exactly their kind of DE, and will give them depth and an exit strategy when either Mathis or Freeney is done. Angerer is tough against the run and very smart. Most of their other picks were projects and depth picks. That makes sense for a team who was just in the Super Bowl though. They know what they're doing, but this class feels lacking.



Bryant, Dez
Lee, Sean
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi
Young, Sam
Wall, Jamar
Lissemore, Sean

As an Eagles fan, I am very upset about the Cowboys drafting Dez Bryant. He was, by far, the best wide receiver I saw playing college football last year. IMO, his suspension was more about the ego of the NCAA than it was anything he did. I was glad to see them not get one of the premier Tackles or Safeties however. Those were their need areas, but as is his wont, Jerry Jones had a case ADOS. You know....Attention Deficit OOOOOOOH SHINY. Sean Lee is a nice get at ILB and they have a couple of nice projects. A top-heavy, average draft.



Odrick, Jared
Misi, Koa
Jerry, John
Edds, A.J.
Carroll, Nolan
Jones, Reshad
McCoy, Chris

Well folks, if there is one thing that Bill Parcells knows how to do, it is draft football players. Jared Odrick is a monster with experience playing in a 3-4 scheme. Misi was a reach, but can really come off the edge. John Jerry is a mean, smash mouth Guard who might be able to transition to Right Tackle with some coaching. Reshad Jones at pick #163 is an absolute steal. I had him graded at mid-second round. He did it all for the Dawgs, and is one more piece of what is quick becoming a rediculous secondary.



Graham, Brandon
Allen, Nathaniel
Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel
Lindley, Trevard
Clayton, Keenan
Kafka, Mike
Harbor, Clay
Sapp, Ricky
Cooper, Riley
Scott, Charles
Chaney, Jamar
Owens, Jeff
Coleman, Kurt

Well, the Eagles confuse me more years than not. So, here we go. I love Brandon Graham, but I hate the trade up. I like Nate Allen, and a ball hawk secondary is really key behind the Eagles' blitzing front. I don't know who Te'o is. Trevard Lindley is a potential steal, and his physical style will fit perfectly with what the Eagles do. Clayton is solid and athletic, Kafka is an athletic, spread QB. Neither of them will help much within the next 2 years. Ricky Sapp is a steal. He is a rare athlete, but may need to transition to OLB from DE. Riley Cooper is what the Eagles don't have WR right now, and Charles Scott is Mike Bell after the lease on Mike Bell is up. A lot of players, and it does fill out the depth chart, but I am having problems getting very excited.



Weatherspoon, Sean
Peters, Corey
Johnson, Mike
Hawley, Joe
Franks, Dominique
Meier, Kerry
Schillinger, Shann

Weatherspoon finishes off a very talented LB corp. Peters is good for depth at DT in what is suddenly a very solid DL rotation. Mike Johnson will likely be in the running to start at RT. Franks will be fighting for the nickel spot as a rookie. I am very interested to see what they do with Kerry Meier. If they can put a few pounds on him, I think he would be a great pass-catching TE. Otherwise, he is likely best used an H-Back option. A solid draft for the Falcons, full of high-character guys.



Pierre-Paul, Jason
Joseph, Linval
Jones, Chad
Dillard, Phillip
Petrus, Mitch
Tracy, Adrian
Dodge, Matt

REALLY???? Another DE. I don't even care if you are going to trade Osi. Why another? That said, Pierre-Paul can really bring it. The Giants loaded up on linemen on both sides. It's not exciting, but it is tough to argue with.



Alualu, Tyson
Smith, D'Anthony
Hart, Larry
Lane, Austen
Deji Karim
McGee, Scotty

Wow, this is a really, really bad draft. They didn't need another DE, but they reached to get one. Smith might just make a nice running mate for last year's draft steal Terrance Knighton. But wow, just a waste.



Wilson, Kyle
Ducasse, Vladimir
McKnight, Joe
Conner, John

The Jets do not waste time with extra players. Wilson is their likely nickel, giving them the best trio in the league. Ducasse will start at guard with Faneca leaving, and may be their future RT. McKnight gives them quality depth at RB, and Conner is a crushing Fullback. Not a lot of extra, but you toss in their other off-season moves, and the Jets are doing what they do.



Suh, Ndamukong
Best, Jahvid
Spievey, Amari
Fox, Jason
Young, Willie

Well, let's see. Suh will start, Best will start if he is healthy, Spievy should be the nickel as worst, Fox is their LT of the future, and Willie Young should make the DE rotation. Nicely done. Soon, the Lions will not suck.



Bulaga, Bryan
Neal, Mike
Burnett, Morgan
Quarless, Andrew
Newhouse, Marshall
Starks, James
Wilson, C.J.

Bulaga is just what they needed and is a great talent. Tackle depth and likely RT starter long term. Can also play guard as needed. Neal was a disruptive 4-3 DT and should fit the 3-4 scheme, but was a reach. Burnett can play all over the the Defensive Backfield and is a big hitter. Quarless is a stud at TE who was downgraded due to some off-field issues. Quality players, but noone who really rings the bell as exciting. Solid draft.



Clausen, Jimmy
LaFell, Brandon
Edwards, Armanti
Norwood, Eric
Hardy, Greg
Gettis, David
Pugh, Jordan
Pike, Tony
Stanford, RJ
Lorig, Erik

The Panthers were in one of the worst spots for this draft. They definitely made the most of it though. Claussen was a great get at their spot in the 2nd round and Lafeel could be his go-to guy. Edwards is a talent and will be scary for defenses to game plan against. Norwood is a better talent than he drafted, and was a leader on a solid South Carolina defense. Greg Hardy is a gamble, but if he hits, it is a jackpot. Last year, he would have been a first round pick easy. Some injuries slowed him, but if he can get back they won't miss Peppers for long. Pike is an interesting pick. Make a person wonder if Mr. Moore will be gone soon.



McCourty, Devin
Gronkowski, Rob
Cunningham, Jermaine
Spikes, Brandon
Price, Taylor
Hernandez, Aaron
Meski, Zoltan
Larsen, Ted
Welch, Thomas
Deaderick, Brandon
Robinson, Zac

Bill can coach, and Bill can draft. McCourty is an athletic corner who showed well in workouts, Gronkowski is a prototype TE, Hernandez was my top rated TE overall and can really work in space. They picked up 2 more Gators for the other side of the ball and Brandon Spikes is going to have something to prove. The rest are some of the regular Patriot projects, especially along the line, but expect them to pan out like normal. Zac Robinson at the end is a nice gamble. People outside the Big 12 don't know him, but the kid is a real talent. It will be a big adjustment to an NFL scheme, but the Patriots are closer to the spread he is used to than most. By the time they need him, he could be ready. Another solid draft.



McClain, Rolando
Houston, Lamarr
Veldheer, Jared
Campbell, Bruce
Ford, Jacoby
McFadden, Walter
Goethel, Travis
Ware, Jeremy

Oddly, I love this draft class. McClain fills out their linebacking corp for what looks like a 3- 4 transition. Houston can play DE and DT, which fills out the DL either way. Veldheer and Campbell are both projects at tackle, but they are both great athletes for O-Linemen. If one of them can play tackle within 3 years, this draft is a success. Ford can run, but also catches the ball, which might put DHB in danger. McFadden is a solid athlete at corner and coming out the SEC, he can play. Ware is a project, but hey, he can run. A very nice, smart draft by Crazy Uncle Al.



Bradford, Sam
Saffold, Rodger
Murphy, Jerome
Gilyard, Mardy
Hoomanawanui, Michael
Davis, Hall
Onobun, Fendi
Sims, Eugene
Johnson, Marquis
Selvie, George
Hull, Josh

Well, let's see. Bradford will start, Saffold should start, Murphy should start, Gilyard will start, Selvie should start. Yeah, not bad. Not enough but not bad. If the Rams are smart, Saffold is at tackle, Barron is at guard and they run run run. Let Bradford get his feet under him.



Kindle, Sergio
Cody, Terrence
Dickson, Ed
Pitta, Dennis
Reed, David
Jones, Art
Harewood, Ramon

The Ravens are the best on draft day, and Ozzie is a genius. Here is the potential front 3. Ngata, Mount Cody, and Trevor Pryce. Combined 19'2", 986 lbs. Yeah, that should keep your linebackers clean. Oh, and Sergio Kindle was the top rated linebacker on my board. Putting him opposite Suggs is pretty close to wrong.  That's wrong as in evil, you know like Michael Jackson's "Bad".   Toss in Art Jones for even more D-Line depth and you are good. The one suprise was that they didn't pick up a corner.



Williams, Trent
Riley, Perry
Morris, Dennis
Austin, Terrence
Cook, Erik
Capers, Selvish

The Tackle picks were great. Capers played in a zone blocking scheme and Williams is a stud. Both of them can pass block. The rest of the picks….meh



Robinson, Patrick
Brown, Charles
Graham, Jimmy
Woods, Al
Tennant, Matt
Canfield, Sean

I love the first 2. Quality players from big time programs who will play early. Tennant projects a successful center and Canfield will have the best arm at QB on the staff. I am intrigued by the potential with Robinson and Jenkins at Corner.



Okung, Russell
Thomas, Earl
Tate, Golden
Thurmond, Walter
Wilson, E.J.
Chancellor, Kam
McCoy, Anthony
Davis, Dexter
Jameson, Konz

Pete Carroll owned draft day. Starting LT check. Starting S check. Weapon at WR, check. Starting SS, check. Starting TE, check…….oh, and new running back corp via trade. Check. Well done sir, now don't screw it up.



Pouncey, Maurkice
Worilds, Jason
Sanders, Emmanuel
Gibson, Thaddeus
Scott, Chris
Butler, Crezdon
Sylvester, Stevenson
Dwyer, Jonathan
Brown, Antonio
Worthington, Doug

Pouncey was much needed in the middle of the O-Line. Sanders is better than advertised coming out of June Jones' system as SMU. The rest feel an awful lot like projects and reaches to me, which is not normal for the Steelers.



Jackson, Kareem
Tate, Ben
Mitchell, Earl
Sharpton, Darryl
Graham, Garrett
McManis, Sherrick
Smith, Shelley
Holliday, Trindon
Dickerson, Dorin

They reached for Jackson, but he can play, especially in press coverage. Tate is not quite as good as thinks he is, but he can play too. Dickerson late, was a steal and adding him to the passing attack they have is huge. They were way too dependent on their outside receivers and were crippled whenever Andre Johnson wasn't on the field. It will also be interesting to see how they use Trindon Holliday.



Morgan, Derrick
Williams, Damian
Curran, Rennie
Verner, Vern
Johnson, Robert
Smith, Rusty
Rolle, Myron
Mariani, Marc
Howard, David

A very good draft for the Titans. They got the top rated DE, a potential starter at DE, OLB, CB and it is likely that eithe Johnson or Rolle will start at SS. If Rolle plays football, he is likely as the starter. High character, High talent, Winners…..looks like they may have learned their "Pacman" lesson.



Cook, Chris
Gerhart, Toby
Griffen, Everson
Degeare, Chris
Triplett, Nathan
Webb, Joe
Shuler, Mickey
D'Imperio, Ryan

Chris Cook was a need pick, but he was a reach. Gerhart was a beautiful pick to replace Chester Taylor. He is much more agile than people give him credit for and will be the hammer to AP's well.....................everything. Getting Griffen in the 3rd was rediculous. The last thing the rest of the league needed was for them to get another edge player with his kind of ability. Look out QB's.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NFL Draft Thoughts

Well, I have guessed, and mocked and predicted.  Now it's time to see how wrong I was.

Updates will post after each pick.

Pick 1.
St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford QB

Comments:  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWN.  They should have made a move for a legitimate veteran QB rather than emptying the cupboards and showing their hand.  They would have been better off to continue making moves on their defense, but the fans have spoken and they were left with no choice.  Good Luck Sammy boy.

Pick 2.
Detroit Lions: Suh

Comments:  This is a great pickup for the Lions.  Putting him up front with Sammie Hill and Corey Williams in a DT rotation makes a weakness into a strength.  The Lions did something smart, I think that is the 3rd seal.

Pick 3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy

Comments:  A great start to their rebuilding of their young defense.  McCoy can really bring the heat from the DT position.  He plays in the backfield, and that kind of pressure makes the rest of your defense better.

Annnnnnnnnd, now it gets interesting kids.

Pick 4
Washington Redskins:  Trent Williams

The Skins got the man at QB, now they have him a chance to keep him alive.  Oh, and to block for those talented, but aging backs that they collected this off-season.  They felt better about Trent Williams in the zone blocking scheme than they did Russell Okung.  Tough to argue with the results watching Williams throughout his career.  He played up and down that Sooner line, and starred consistently.

Pick 5
Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry

Berry is going to start from day 1 and they need a safety, but I don't think this is the right pick for the Chiefs.  Their moves on the OL are stop gaps with aging vets.  They will love Berry, but they will hate themselves if they don't address their OL later in the draft.  But....Berry does finish up a fine young secondary.

Pick 6
Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung

Okung was the highest rated tackles on a lot of boards...last year.  He came back and is the top rated across the board this year.  Walter Jones is on the way out and they need a cornerstone tackle.  Okung is it.  They are very lucky to have him make it to them at #6, and they were right to snap him up.  A nice pick to start the Pete Carroll era.

Pick 7
Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden

Haden is a great young corner, with Sheldon Brown and Eric Wright already on hand.  Perhaps one of them may spend some time at free safety.  With Haden running slower than expected, that may be the thought.  This is a best player on the board pick, and Haden will play from day one.

And now, the men in black.  What is crazy uncle Al going to do???????????

Pick 8
Oakland Raiders: Rolando McClain

This caught me really off guard.  The Raiders have been collecting linebackers over the last month.  I am thinking that this combined with the Richard Seymour and Kamerion Wimbley pickups.....the 3-4 is coming to black hole.

Pick 9
Buffalo Bills: CJ Spiller

Perhaps the Bills didn't read my earlier post.  You need 2 starting tackles in your lineup, they currently have 0.  Annnnnd, after their first pick, they have 0.  I love Spiller, but unless they are going make a move with the backs they have in place, this just doesn't make sense.

Pick 10
Jacksonville Jaguars: Tyson Alualu

What the????? yeah.....why did you just take a 3rd round DE in the first round?  Huh? really?   anybody...nothin?


Pick 11
San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis

The Niners now have bookend tackles.  This is a GREAT pick.  Putting Davis at Right Tackle is just unfair.

Pick 12
San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews

I love the pick, and they needed a second back with some size.  I don't think they needed to move up to get him though.  Good pick, and they don't have that much room for rookies. 

And now the third trade in a row...the Eagles move up to take.......

Pick 13
Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham????? why did you move up to????? really?  crap

Pick 14
Seattle Seahawks: Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas is the best cover guy in this draft.  He can play corner or safety right now for the Seahawks.  As an Eagles fan I was really hoping he was why they traded up.  Congrats to the Seahawks.  Look for them to look for a gamebreaker later in the draft.

Pick 15
New York Giants: Jason Paul-Pierre

Once again, as an Eagles fan.....DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN.  A great pick for what the Giants do.

Pick 16
Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan

The Titans need to restock their D-Line and Morgan was the highest rated end for most boards.  Mine included.  He has the size to play End in the 3-4 and he has some experience playing with his hand off the ground too.  A great start to rebuilding that defensive line.

Pick 17
San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati

The best pure guard in the draft.  The Niners offensive line is now a strength.  Singletary is gearing up to run the ball down people's throat.  This is Singletary's kind of player.  Mean Mean Mean

Pick 18
Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey

The Steelers O-Line has been wearing down and aging the past few years.  This guy can play all 3 interior line spots and possibly move to Right Tackle in a pinch.  He was the QB of the Florida O-Line.  Look for him to start at Guard right away for the Steelers.

Pick 19
Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon

This is the kind of high-character guy that the Falcons love and he can really, really play.  He is one of the fastest Outside Linebackers in this draft and was extremely productive at Mizzou.  The Falcons always go for their kind of guy and it has been working so far.

Pick 20
Houston Texans: Kareem Jackson

Kareem is the big corner from the stellar pair coming out of Bama.  He is a bump and run corner with the wheels to play other schemes.  Saban coached him up and he can really do it.  Great pick for the Texans with Dunta Robinson taking off.

Pick 21
Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham

This. Guy. Is. a. Stud.  Now, can he stay on the field.  He has a bit of an injury history, but when he is on the field, he can do it all.

Pick 22
Denver Broncos: Demaryius Thomas

What in the Hell?  Yeah, does he even know how to run a pass pattern coming out of the triple option?

#5 on my receiver board.  Mid-late second round grade.

Pick 23
Green Bay Packers: Bryan Bulaga

The Packers payed for lack of tackle depth last year.  Bulaga can play up and down the line and he is a fighter.  Great pick for them, good value and fills a need.  This guy shut down Derrick Morgan in the bowl game.

Pick 24
Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant

The Cowboys jumped up to make this pick.  Dez is a Texas boy and gives them the outside receiver that they have been looking for.  Bryant is the #2 overall gamebreaking threat in this year's draft.  DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN

Pick 25
Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow

A bit of a shocker here, but remember, the Broncos are the Patriots west.  This is his kind of guy, and he is player.  He can sit for a bit, probably show up for spot situations.  hmmmm, curiouser and curiouser

Pick 26
Arizona Cardinals: Dan Williams

A nose tackle is always a good pick for 3-4 defense.  He is a physical upgrade for the Cardinals.  He is tough at the point of attack and he can penetrate on the interior and really chase.
Surprising, but a nice pick

Pick 27
New England: Devin McCourty

A tough corner from the Northeast.  Very good athlete, and a bit hitter.  Not great ball skills, but he didn't get thrown at much.  Good size, a bit of a project, but can play nickel for them right now.

Pick 28
Miami Dolphins: Jared Odrick

Odrick is a big, mean defensive tackle from a 3-4.  Parcells kind of guy.  Now, if he can just stay off the police blotter.

Pick 29
New York Yets: Kyle Wilson

Huh?  Kyle Wilson is a heck of a player, but they had the best pair in the league.  On the first blush, this just doesn't make sense.  But when you think about how key corners are for the Jets in their pressure defense, you can't have enough.  Surprising, but wow.

Pick 30
Detroit Lions: Jahvid Best

Jahvid Best might be more electric that Spiller or Dez, when he stays on the field.  Putting him on turf is well.....evil.  This is a great pick for a Lions team that is trying to build something.  Spot use and a returner, sub 4.4 speed and he can catch the ball.  A GREAT first round for the Lions.

Pick 31
Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Hughes

He is a perfect fit for what they do.  With Freeney aging, adding one of the best pass rushers in the country.  This is too perfect.  Oh, and it was predicted.  Maybe, I'm not so bad at this after all.

Pick 32
New Orleans Saints: Patrick Robinson

The Saints are building a defense.  With him and Malcolm Jenkins, they have the chance to have a premier pair in the very near future.  The Saints force teams to pass, so defending the pass is key.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Final 2010 NFL Mock Draft

QB Sam Bradford

I am still not sure that this is the right choice.  However, their choice is pretty clear with them letting Bulger hit the blacktop.  Bradford has the chance to be a very good QB in this league, but they better make some moves to protect him.  The trade of Carriker does muddy the water a bit, but right now they have noone to play.

DT Ndamukong Suh

Suh is a rare talent at DT.  The Lions have made some nice moves the last 18 months, and Suh should be a difference maker up front for their defense.

DT Gerald McCoy

They loved Warren Sapp in Tampa and McCoy does a fair impersonation.  They need to upgrade all over and he is a big time talent.

OT Russell Okung

Point Blank, if McNabb doesn't survive the season, the Skins wasted a lot of time and money.

OT Trent Williams

KC made 2 moves to upgrade their Offensive Line (Wiegmann and Lilja) to give depth on the interior.  Lilja will likely start.  Those are very good, and put them one quality Lineman from having a very good line.  Williams was a star up and down the line for the Sooners and they could pick a spot and plug him in.  He could play Right Tackle day one and fix their biggest problem.  He could possibly play left, if they wanted to move Branden Albert.

OT Bryan Bulaga

This is a need pick.  The Seahawks have ignored the holes in their offensive line for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  Bulaga may be a reach at Left Tackle, but they need new players all over that line, and he can start day one at either guard and Right Tackle.

S Eric Berry

The Browns need stars.  Berry is the best player on the board and would instantly make their defense better.  Adding him and Sheldon Brown in the same season gives them some real potential for a geast passing defense.

CB Joe Haden

This would make the Raiders defense in the running for best in the league.  If he is half as good as he is expected to be, the other team will be throwing to the slot receiver an awful lot.

OT Anthony Davis

An offense has 2 starting tackles.  The Bills currently have 0.  Davis has question marks, but none of them are talent.

ILB Rolando McClain

The Jags need to restock at linebacker and McClain was the leader of the vaunted Bama D.  He will start from day 1.

WR Dez Bryant

They wanted Bryant before they traded Marshall.  With him gone, WR has to be the pick and Bryant is the best of the bunch.

NT Dan Williams

The 3-4 requires a Nose Tackle and Williams is a very good one.  He is big and active, exactly what Parcells wants for his Defense.

13. 49ERS
DE Carlos Dunlap

Dunlap is a premier talent and is big enough to play DE in the 3-4.  Singletary is a defense guy and they have been patching together that line since he got there.  It's time to stock the shelves.

RB CJ Spiller

The Seahawks need explosive players.  They have some nice receivers and a solid QB, but no home run threats.  Spiller is the best game breaker this year.  He can score so many ways.  Add a tackle and the instant screen-game credibility that Spiller brings, and you will really slow down the opponents pass rush.

DE Derrick Morgan

Morgan is the top rated DE on most boards, but he will fall to second because he is a bit smaller than Dunlap.  A good talent for the 4-3 defense, and the Giants need to restock, especially with the rumbles about potential moves regarding their existing pass rushers.

NT Terrence Cody

They really missed Haynesworth last year.  Cody is a monster talent, and if they can keep him in shape, he will make them forget all about fat Al.

17. 49ERS
S/CB Earl Thomas

The Niners need to upgrade their secondary.  Thomas can play all 4 positions, and do it nearly as well as anybody in this draft.  He is just a hair below Berry in my mind.

CB Kyle Wilson

The Steelers corners got torched last year.  Wilson is a lock down talent with real speed.  He is used to working on an island, and fits what the Steelers want to do on defense perfectly.

FS Taylor Mays

People have been looking for problems with Taylor Mays all year.  Well folks, he is huge, fast, and played in a pro style scheme.  There are some questions regarding his level of coverage, so he may be a SS rather than a FS.  That is not a concern for the Falcons because they need both.  Adding him and Dunta Robinson in the same offseason is bigtime.

RB Ryan Matthews

Surely the Texans are tired of looking for a starting running back.  Ryan Matthews was a little below the radar last year, playing in a smaller conference.  Here is a little info. As a junior in 2009, Mathews led college football in rushing with an average of 150.67 yards per game in 12 games. He totaled 1,808 yards on 276 carries and 19 touchdowns.  1800 yards is a good sign....I think?

G/C Maurkice Pouncey

Pouncey can play 4 positions and is the best in the draft at 3 of them.  The Bengals made some nice moves the last few years and it came together for them last year.  They can really go for talent this draft as they don't have glaring needs.  Yes, yes, I know....I really just typed that about the Bungles.

OLB Sergio Kindle

Please lord, please do not let Kindle play for the Patriots

OT Charles Brown

The Packers were screwed when they lost Chad Clifton last year.  They had no backup.  Charles Brown is a big time Tackle talent, and the chance to coach him up for a year or two and plug him in is just too perfect.

DE Jason Paul-Pierre

The Eagles defense is predicated on pressure and man coverage.  Paul-Pierre brings the heat like few others in recent years.  He is too perfect for what the Eagles to do for them to let him go past this point.

CB Patrick Robinson

The Ravens needs cornerbacks, and due to injuries they are going to need one day one.  Robinson is fast and is used to working in a defense predicated on blitzes and heavy pass rush.  Look for the Ravens to continue their history of draft Noles and Canes.

OLB Sean Weatherspoon

Sean Weatherspoon is a great Outside Linebacker.  He has the head, the measureables, and the statistics.  How in the hell he ended up at Missouri, I am not sure, but this guy can really play.

S Chad Jones

The Boys need a safety,, they need 2.  Well, Chad Jones can play both and he is a big time athlete.  He is a huge hitter, and is only going to get better.

RB Toby Gerhart

Darren Sproles is a scary little running back.  He hides behind his linemen and then explodes into the stratosphere.  The problem is, he is tiny, and there is no credible backup.  Toby Gerhart is a big-back with all around talent.  He is a great change of pace for Sproles.

29. JETS
ILB Brandon Spikes

The leader of the Gator defense got ripped a bit for...well...for not being Ray Lewis.  He is a great football player, with a mean streak that Rex Ryan has to love. 

CB/KR Javier Arenas

The Vikings are getting old at corner in a hurry.  Arenas was the lead corner in a Nick Saban defense and is an explosive kick returner.  Here is a though, let's put Arenas and Harvin back on kick returns at the same time.

G Mike Iupati

Losing Lilja hurts a bit.  Iupati is a good enough guard that some teams are looking at him for tackle.  He gets to the second level consistently and should upgrade the rushing attack of the Colts

DE/OLB Jerry Hughes

The Saints need speed on the edge.  Hughes is a hybrid and with the Saints running a 4-3, they can choose between End and OLB for him.  They will be happy with him at either.

WR Golden Tate
RB Jahvid Best
WR Arrelious Benn
TE Jermaine Gresham
CB Devin McCourty
QB Jimmy Claussen
QB Tim Tebow
DT/DE Brian Price
QB Colt McCoy
TE Aaron Hernandez
FS Reshad Jones
DT/DE Marvin Austin
TE Rob Gronkowski
DE/OLB Brandon Graham
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Dezmon Briscoe
17. 49ERS
DT/DE Jared Odrick
DE Greg Hardy
CB Donovan Warren
TE Dorin Dickerson
RB/WR Dexter McCluster
SS Myron Rolle
G Jon Asamoah
RB Ben Tate
DE/OLB Everson Griffen
DT/DE Lamarr Houston
OL Vladimir Ducasse
WR Damian Williams
29. JETS
FS Major Wright
QB Jarrett Brown
S Morgan Burnett
S Kam Chancellor

CB Perrish Cox
LB Daryl Washington
ILB Micah Johnson
WR Brandon LaFell
G John Jerry
WR/KR Jordan Shipley
OLB Navorro Bowman
DT/DE Art Jones
DE/OLB George Selvie
RB Joe McKnight
WR Mardy Gilyard
TE Anthony McCoy
DE/OLB Ricky Sapp
QB Dan LeFevour
15. 49ERS
OT Ciron Black
CB Kareem Jackson
FS Nate Allen
DT/DE Vince Oghobaase
CB Brandon Ghee
DT Geno Atkins
WR/KR Brandon James
CB Myron Lewis
RB Montario Hardesty
OLB Eric Norwood
TE Andrew Quarless
OT Bruce Campbell
CB Stephan Virgil
OLB Rennie Curran
NT Cam Thomas
TE/WR Kerry Meier
OLB Dekoda Watson
TE Ed Dickson
DE Clifton Geathers
OT Roger Saffold