Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts on College Football for week 4

- Miami is only going to go as far as Jacory Harris can take them.   You know, that was a scarier sentence  a couple years ago for the people rooting against the Canes.  Those lobbed up chance throws he keeps tossing to the other team are going to keep this Canes team from meeting its potential.

- TCU is susceptible. 

- Michigan is back.  I know it was just Bowling Green, but they didn't skip a beat with Denard Robinson went down.  They are are loaded with RichRod's kind of players now.  Is going to be interesting to see what he can do long term with the recruiting power that being Michigan brings.

- If the NFL draft was today, Ryan Mallet would, by all rights, be the #1 overall.  Oh, and Arkansas is for real.

- Ok, so who is UCLA?  Are they this team?  or are they this team?  They have looked physical and solid the last 2 weeks, after being physically beaten by Kansas State and Stanford the first 2 weeks.  Did they grow, or are they playing above their level?

- Speaking of Jekyl and Hyde.  What the hell is going on with OU? 2 points against Cincinnati?  I was personally figuring them to flirt with a 3 touchdown spread.  This team is good, but they are over-confident and have only put 4 quarters together once this year.  The Big 12 conference schedule is coming, and they will not get away with partial games when the teams that know their systems are coming to town.

- Cam Newton.  Seriously, if you haven't seen this kid, you need to make time.  He is a little methodical in the passing game, but is accurate, gutsy, and a ridiculous talent.  Seriously, think Jamarcus Russell with Accuracy and athleticism.

- I admit that I am rooting for Boise State to get a shot, but I am not going to start on that until we have more information.  I do have to give them one thing though, their defense is underrated.  They did a great job containing the Rogers brothers.  Their combined numbers (21 rushes/62 yards 4 catches/`6 yards 1 offensive touchdown) is the kind of performance that some very good PAC 10 defenses have been unable to reproduce.

- This just in.  Georgia Tech is not good.  OK, so that's not really a news flash, but it is fun to type after all the hype they got last year.

- Florida State's defense looks like it took that Oklahoma game personally.  Which is absolutely should have.  Wake Forest is not a great team this year, but they were still a team averaging 40+ a game and they got shut out.  Miami and FSU might make that game interesting again.

- Oh, and to end, one more non-newsflash.  Bill Snyder is one heck of a coach.  This K-State team is growing, and if Carson Coffman can grow off his great 4th quarter performance, this team has a chance to take a big step forward.  If they can't, they are in trouble, because UCF just showed the whole world how to beat them. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts on college football after week 3

- Bama scares me a little bit.  Just saying.  I am pretty sure they could win the AFC West.  I mean hell, the Chiefs are leading it right now, and I know they could beat the Chiefs.

- I think Boise took that stuff about them needing "style points" seriously.  Wyoming played Texas tough for awhile, but they were never in the game against the Broncos.

- Oregon's offense is riridiculous right now.  That's 189 points in 3 games.

- OU has all the talent you could want, but there is still a looming question.  Are they the team that beat Florida State by 30, or are they the team that beat Air Force and Utah State by a combined 10 points?  The Horns are coming....

- Nebraska is fast.  That is a weird sentence to write, but it's still true.....Oh, and Washington was overrated as unranked.

- Speaking of Overrated, looks like it is a good thing that the Huskers are joining the Big Ten, for the Big Ten's sake.

- Denard Robinson is just what the Wolverines needed, but not for the reasons that everyone says.  Yes, he is a dynamic talent, but more importantly, he is proud.  He really, really hates to lose, and that fire is the kind of difference which can get a team over the hump.

- I would like to thank the NCAA and it's private eyes for ruining what was going to be a strong and dynamic North Carolina football team.

- I would like to put this out there right now.  KANSAS STATE IS GOING TO PLAY IN A BOWL GAME.  They have 2 wins that count towards the 6 they need and have UCF, KU, Baylor, Colorado, and North Texas as likely wins.  Toss in coin flips against Oklahoma State and Missouri and you could easy have an 8 win season.  Bill Snyder can flat out coach.

- Ole Miss has gone down the rabbit hole.  They really stink right now.

- This is weird to say, but with all the hate they are getting I am starting to root for USC.  They aren't the Juggernaut that they used to be, but they keep finding ways to win.  They might even be underdogs soon.......NAH.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

VACATION?!?! I don't need no stinking Vacation.


What were you thinking?  For that matter, what is everyone else thinking? 

The only thing that the Heisman trophy has to do with the NCAA is that the NCAA has the best college football and so the award is granted to the players who are playing for NCAA member schools.

Why should the Heisman committee, or the average fan for that matter, care that Reggie Bush got illicit funds from a sports agent.  I could see if USC wanted their scholarship money back, or if the NCAA wants to invalidate any titles that USC garnered while Reggie was playing, but he won the Heisman on talent and performance. 

I am pretty sure that him receiving some cash from an agent did not make him a better player, or a more motivated player in the off-season. 

These players are forced to commit to sports in such a way that it takes up more time than most adults full-time jobs, while going to school, which is all a lot of students can handle without sports or a job.  At some schools, the off-season requirements are so high, that they are not even allowed, or able, to have a job in the off-season.

Yes, he broke a rule that was clearly stated, and he did it intentionally.  Shaaaaaame on Reggie, you are a bad boy.  Yes, USC should have been monitoring it closer and if they did know, they should have reported it or put a stop to it.

If that had happened, he would have jumped to the NFL and made way more than he was given.  So, short answer.....WAH.

It's his award, he should keep it.  If OJ can keep his after so thoroughly destroying his reputation with much worse actions, Reggie Bush should definitely be allowed to keep his for taking some money to help his family out.

Hell, I don't care if the money was to buy a few thousand XBox's.  Make him pay some restitution if you want, donate the amount given x5 to build homeless shelters in south central or something.  There is no way that he should be vacating the Heisman.

I hate this "holier than thou" crap that circulates in the mainstream media.  They act like the history of major athletics has been nice and pristine.  That nothing has ever happened that was not reported in the news, so these players today doing these "bad" things are just ruining the glorious and shameless history of college athletics.

Christian Peter : member of the Cornhusker Hall of Fame
Penn State's Team: 1, 2, 3, etc.
Even Duke

OOOOOh, and let's not forget the smaller schools.

We have real problems to worry about in athletics.  This supposed "protection of the purity of amateur athletics" is a fraudulent system of indentured servitude and attacking a person's credibility so rancidly over a little money is ridiculous.  Want to guess how many arrests Reggie Bush has?  Well correct me if I'm wrong, but I am finding that number to be zero.

Monday, September 13, 2010

No-one wants Pat White?

I came across this link and I just had to comment.  How is this possible?  We are talking about a guy with enough speed to play any skill position at the NFL level.  He has proven over and over that he has enough arm and accuracy to make the throws required of a quarterback at the highest level. 

He has proven that he can be a team player, practicing at wide receiver and gladly playing as a "wildcat" quarterback.

The only remaining question is whether he has the bulk to survive as a starter at Quarterback.  Well, I have to admit that is a reasonable question, and I can see why Chad Henne is such an intriguing prospect for the Dolphins. 

So, with Henne, and Ronnie Brown to play QB and wildcat, I can see why the Fins would not keep his contract around.  That's fine.  So, let's move on to the best fits for Pat White.  He is such a dynamic talent, that I just can't believe that no one around the league would have a use for him.

I am going to keep this list short, but let me know what you think.

1. Rams

The Rams need talent, period.  You have to like the little bit that we have seen out of Sam Bradford so far.  He is a leader and has real talent, but right now he is really short on talent to distribute the ball to.  Pat White is one thing, above all else.  He is explosive.  I think it is pretty safe to compare his talent to DeSean Jackson's.  That said, he is trained as a quarterback, and it would cause a nice wrinkle to put him in the slot and add reverse motion to the Ram's offense.  With his speed, he would also be a very real home-run threat every time he touched the ball.

2. Raiders

The Raiders are in a slightly better place in regards to Receivers, but they could stand to take a risk with the kind of upside that White puts forward.  They offense is rather easy to defend at this point, scheme wise, but they just don't have the type of unique talents that allow for the wrinkles that will keep defenses honest.  This is also a team that has been built to run the ball, and those kinds of teams are always welcome fits for the "Wildcat" which White is best suited for.

3. Cardinals

The Cardinals could offer him a chance to fight for the #2 quarterback spot and run the kind of wide open scheme that could allow him to shine.  With Anquan Boldin leaving, there may be some reps at Wide Receiver available as well.

4. Lions

It looks like Stafford will be out for awhile, and Shaun Hill has yet to show that he can be the answer at this level.  You may ask, "Why should the Lions be interested in a running-style quarterback?".  Just think about the effect of a play-action off of a belly-option look with Pat White and Jahvid Best.  Both of those guys can hit home runs with top-end speed, and if you can keep the safeties honest enough to get Calvin Johnson single coverage, this offense might have a chance.

5. Bears

The Bears need wide receivers, and Mike Martz is one of the most creative offensive minds that this league has seen in years.  Pat White is the kind of athlete that he has made into stars, even if he is working primarily at the wrong position at this point.

As you can see, I do not agree with the idea that only Pro-Style quarterbacks can succeed in the NFL.  Everyone is allowed their opinion, but I just don't see how the entire NFL can bypass a talent like Pat White.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts on college football week 2

9/11/10 2:14 pm

-It would appear that the demise of the Florida Gators may have been prematurely reported.

-The Kansas Jayhawks bounced back in a big way.  They are in a dog fight, but to play #17 tough the week after losing at home to I-AA team is a great sign for the mental toughess of this team.

- Speaking of those small northern schools shocking the big conference schools, those boys at those little Dakota schools can play.

- That Lattimore kid is going to be the newcomer of the year in the SEC.

- I love the East Carolina offense.   I loved it when I was watching it at Texas Tech, and I love it now.  Run it
up boys, run it up.

2:35 pm

- I agree that they are good, but am I the only one that the Husker at #6 is too damn high?  They weren't that high with Suh, how are they going to be that high without him.  Oh, and I am glad to see that they are enjoying their cupcakes.  Their schedulers worked hard baking those up.

3:13 pm

- Ok, see if you can follow me here.

North Dakota State beats KU which beats #17 Georgia Tech

Boise State pulls out a thriller against Virginia Tech which then loses in the same fasion to James Madison

South Dakota wins at Minnesota.

There is such parity and it has been proven over and over again that the top teams in I-AA are better than a lot of the teams in I-A.  At worst, they can play with nearly every team in the higer division.  Why is it that we don't have some sort of a promotion system?

6:24 pm

- As a Florida State fan, I have a note for Jimbo Fisher.  Just in case you are not aware sir, Oklahoma is not Samford.  Way to have them ready to play today.  Great job there buddy.

- Miami is pretty damned fast, but Ohio State is solid all the way down that roster.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts on College Football after week 1.

Well, that hallowed time of year has arrived.  The first week of D-I college football is in the bank, so let's see what we have learned.  We'll keep it simple for this one and go through the games for the top 25 coming into the week.

1. Alabama: Well, the score against San Jose State was not a surprise, well not unless you expected the Tide to break 50.  We didn't really learn much at all from this game.  We knew the Tide was loaded with talent, and frankly, I doubt that any player on San Jose would start for Bama.  I say this for this game, even with Bama missing a Heisman winner and their star DE.  They are loaded for bare.  Actually, we did learn one thing, their AD is smart enough to schedule a D-I team for their tune-up game to pad their schedule.  After all, would you rather play SJSU, or Jacksonville State?  Ole Miss?  Are you listening?

2. Ohio State: Well, Pryor looked really good, and appears to be continuing to improve as a Quarterback, rather than an athlete.  Ohio State was loaded last year and brought near everyone back.  Marshall was a relatively solid play for the first week, compared to some of the other top teams, and Ohio State is undoubtedly a top 15 team.  But, that is not news.  The questions will be answered more this week.  Miami is good, great at times.  If OSU can beat them solid, we might  have something to talk about.  As for questions, I still question if they have a #1 WR, though Sanzenbacher and Posey were both productive against Marshall.

3. Boise State: Man, what an exciting game.  Kellen Moore and Tyrod Taylor are both for real, and should get serous looks from the NFL when their time comes.  But, what did we learn about Boise?  They are not #3 in the country.  Toot your horns all you want.  they are good, they are probably a top 10 team, but you can't be in the title hunt when you don't have a corner to cover the other team's #1 and Boykin for Va. Tech was more than they could handle.  I expect them to be unbeaten, with only 1 real challenge remaining on their schedule unless someone surprises, but this team is going to have to improve to have a legitimate title shot.  IMO

4. Florida: Wow, the Gators looked about as bad as you can when you win by 22.  Their D is very good, and they have a lot of speed, but Brantley better figure it out quick.  Actually, no, Brantley, you just go ahead and stink it up.  Please? For me?  They should drop out of the top 10. Now.

5. Texas: Meh.  The Horns are ranked at 5 for where people think they will be.  Rice is a possible bowl team out of C-USA, but the Horns should have beat them worse.  That said, Rice never threatened.  I have the feeling that the Horns jumped ahead and hit snooze.

6. TCU: The Horned Frogs are good, and they proved it against a very good Beaver team.  However, a message to Mr. Dalton.  You team wears purple jerseys......purple....please throw it to the guys wearing purple.  Thank you, that is all.

7. Oklahoma: A 7 point win against Utah State?  Really?  At home?  Yeah, might want to step it up a little better than that with the Noles coming to town. Just saying, the FSU boys are going to make Utah State look like they were running in mud.

8. Nebraska: Well, at least the Huskers played a D-I team.  I think this is the first year that we really get to see what a Bo Pelini team is going to look like.  Well, his team is better than Western Kentucky, and I am pretty sure they will be better than Idaho, and Washington, and South Dakota we won't know if they are any good until October 7th.  Wait, did Pelini used to coach in Manhattan?  Cupcakes anyone?

9. Iowa: Well, for once Stanzi led them to a win comfortably.  Hey, and the backup QB Vandenberg was perfect...that's cool right?  Yeah, Eastern Illinois?  Come on guys

10. Virginia Tech: Well, the #10 ranking looks about right.  Tyrod Taylor is the man, Boykin is an NFL type of receiver, and the defense looks like it is going to be alright.  What is going to be fun for this team, is that East Carolina game in 2 weeks.  In case you didn't know, East Carolina is running the old Texas Tech offense now.  We will find out how good that young defense really is.

11. Oregon: my....DAMN.  Did you see what the ducks did to New Mexico?  A note for the PAC-10 and anyone else who has to deal with this team.  I would seriously consider punting it out of bounds if Cliff Harris (2 returns, for 125 yards and 2 TD's) is back there.  Just a thought.  Oh, and that 72 points, that was without LaMichael James.

12. Wisconsin: Let's put it this way.  They won by 20 and it was not as close as that sounds.  Wisconsin is their normal meat grinder on offense and was stout on defense as well.  Mind, you UNLV is not USC, but they are an occasional bowl team.

13. Miami: 12/15, 210 yards, 3 TD and done at halftime.  That was Jacory Harris' line against Florida A&M.  They will throw the ball, I don't know if anyone in the country can cover Hankerson, their D-Line is one of the best in the country,and they have an unproven left tackle.  That is what we know.  Ohio State will help us clarify shortly........yup, can't wait for that one.  I am going to feel so dirty rooting for the Canes.

14. USC: Matt Barkley was recruited to run this offense and Kiffin in place and calling the plays, you could see why.  It's true enough that the Warrior defense is not the best in the country, but Barkley did what he should do to their defense.  The Trojans need to get used to hitting people on defense in a hurry though, or that #14 ranking won't last.  Hawaii exposed their secondary in a big way, and their front seven is going to have to give them some help.

15. Pittsburgh: If anyone had taken the time to ask, I would have told you that #15 was too high.  I also would have told you that ranking Utah outside the top 25 was a joke.  But then again, I am always right when I can tell you who will win after they do.  Pitt will be fine as Sunser gets a few more starts, and Utah will win a lot of games....again.

16. Georgia Tech:  Well, they won.  Big.  Over nobody.  So, what did we learn about the Ramblin Wreck?  Not. A. Damn. Thing.  Their leading passer at 8 yards, and they put up 41 points.  *Yawn*

17. Arkansas: See above in reverse.  301 for Mallett, 67 for their leading rusher, won by 44.  Seriously, I didn't even know there was a school called Tennessee Tech.  This is a big time offense, but you can't play in shootouts every week and make a real run at an SEC division title, can you?

18. North Carolina: This team has serious depth and Butch Davis can still coach.  That won't matter if they don't get some of their players back though.  Just an amazing performance considering what was missing from their roster. 

19. Penn State: Soooooooo, Bolden can play a little bit huh.

20. Florida State: The Noles did what a Noles team used to do to their warm-ups.  This was ugly.  Ponder was 12/14 with 4 TD's and never saw the field in the second half.  E.J. Manuel was 10/13 for 129 yards in the second half.  They aren't what they were, but they already looked faster than they have in years.  Course, that might have been relative with Samford on the field against them.  We'll know after next week.

21. LSU: Really?  Did they really only beat a depleted UNC team by 6?  Yeah, I know, it took a late comeback by the Heels to make it close, but they better find their killer instinct by the time conference play gets here.  Oh, and giving up 412 yards passing to T.J. Yates....yeah, that's not a good sign.

22. Auburn: Cam Newton is something to see boys.....seriously.  You need to make time.  9/14 passing for 186 and 3.  15 rushes for 171 and 2.  Yeah, you read that right.  I know it was Arkansas State, but this guy is big, fast, and has a strong accurate arm.  A little raw, and he is learning, but he is getting there is leaps and bounds.  6'6", 247 and he busted off a 72 yards touchdown run....yes R.U.N.  72 yards.   marinade on that.

23. Georgia: Well, they beat a D-I by 48.  But this is Georgia, they better beat Lala like that.

24. Oregon State:  The Beavers are tough, but they have laid themselves out a heck of a non-conference.  They need to get more out of their QB's.  9/25 is not enough to keep the heat off of the Rogers brothers.

25. West Virginia: Coastal Carolina is D-I right?  Well, they are in basketball.  Hmm, I think I would have rather seen these 2 teams play in basketball.  I think they both made the tournament.  Hmm, oh yeah, we should have a tournament for football.  Wait, sorry.  Yeah, Noel Devine is wicked.  And the D pitched a shutout, but *Yawn*, sorry, where was I?

Ok, that was kind of long.  I'll shorten up for the rest of the season.

See you next week!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Come on now UFL, does this sound like a good idea?

Let's start in the right place here.

I am a huge fan of the idea of a real minor league for the NFL.  There are too many kids out there who are tough lucked out of their shot, or who didn't get a shot at big time College football, so they never had a shot.

There are several medium size, football-crazy, cities out there, that don't have a big time college or pro team.

The UFL wants to fill that gap, and good for them.  It should work.  They can pick up the second tier, sprinkle in some names that mean something, and really work this thing.  They got a couple games on TV last year, and they picked up some veterans who are on the way out, and they put together a decent brand of football.  Decent enough that they are adding 2 expansion teams after their inaugural season.

They have done a great job of picking up players who have household names and/or can really play.  A quick run down of players that mean something, IMO, by team.


Brooks Bollinger: Bollinger started 4 years at Wisonsin, winning 3 bowl games as a starter.  He is a very mobile Quarterback who also started for the Jets in 2005.
Matt Grothe: Grothe was a 4 year starter at South Florida and was a serious Heisman candidate before going down to a career ending knee injury.  It is expected that he would have been a first day draft pick if it were not for the injury.  If he shows that he can be an efficient passer and has retained his athletic ability, he won't be in the UFL long.
Maurice Hicks: Hicks played for the 49ers and Vikings during his NFL career.  He was never a first tier back in the NFL, but he was a name and a weapon.
Dominic Rhodes: Rhodes rushed for 3114 yards and 26 TD's while averaging 4.0 per carry while he was in the NFL. 
John Standeford: For the college football fan, this is a known name.  He left Purdue as the Big 10's all time leader in receptions and receiving yards.  He is a big receiver with great hands, who never quite took hold in the NFL.
Odell Thurman: Ohhh, if Odell could have just stayed out of his own way.  He was All-SEC in college, and started 15 games a rookie. He is an NFL talent, and there is talk every year about someone picking him up.  In the meantime, he is one of the biggest hitters in the UFL.


Andre Dixon: He was very productive in college at UConn until he was injured and lost his starting job to Donald Brown.  He is a workhorse kind of back with good size and speed.
Marlon Lucky: He started 29 games at running back for Nebraska.  If you are a fan of football, that should be enough.
Josh McCown: An NFL veteran QB who brings a steady hand, and a lot of experience to a young Hartford team. 
Vince Oghobaase: It was really surprising that Vince was not picked up by one of the 3-4 teams in the league.  He is a big D-Lineman who is rangy and projected very well as a 3-4 end.  Look for him to dominate at this level.
Ryan Perrilloux: Perriloux was the next big thing, but his ego got in the way.  He has all the talent in the world.  If he is smart enough to learn from McCown, his stay in the UFL will be a short one.


Samie Parker: Played for 5 NFL teams, playing the majority of his career in Kansas City. 
Marcel Shipp: Played in 88 NFL games, rushing for 2197 yards and gaining 937 yards receiving.
Tim Rattay: Rattay started 18 games in the NFL and is regarded as a strong passer.  Broke the 49er record for completions in a game in 2004.


Daunte Culpepper: 3-time Pro Bowler whose career numbers include 24,153 yards adn 149 touchdowns. 
Dontarrious Thomas: A big-time athlete at linebacker.  Thomas was a star on a very good Auburn team and was drafted in the second round by the Vikings in 2004.


Dusty Dvoracek: Dusty can play, or he could before injuries ruined his potential NFL career.  He is big and mean and fast, and if he can stay healthy, this is going to be a very good defense.
Jeff Garcia: There is no reason that Jeff Garcia needs to play for the Nighthawks except that he is not ready to quit playing football yet.  A great leader who has been to multiple Pro Bowls and is now playing in his 3rd Professional league.
Ahman Green: The all-time leading rusher in Green Bay Packer history.  Marinade on that one for a minute.  All time, for the packers.  His career is on the way down, and he is coming back home to Omaha to finish up.
Mike Hass: Hass is not well known outside of Pac-10 country, but he is considered one of the best to ever play receiver for the Beavers, winning the Biletnikoff award in 2005.  He is not big, and not particularly fast, but a great receiver and football player.
Jeb Putzier: A solid all-around tight end with 69 NFL games.  Was a starter in 2004 for the Broncos.
D.J. Shockley: D.J. was supposed to be the second coming of Ga. football.  He showed that talent too when he became the starting QB after a few years in Athens, as shown by his 2588 yards passing and 24 TD's to 5 INT's that year.  Injuries have hampered his professional career, but if he is healthy, he could earn himself another chance.
Hollis Thomas: Played in 178 NFL games.  He is an anchor for the inside of the Omaha defense.
Craphonso Thorpe: The league leader in receptions last year.  He was a standout at Florida State including an All-ACC junior year during which he set the FSU receiving TD record for a season.
Maurice Clarett: The national title game and Ohio State hero, or the convicted felon and petulant child.  Which are you going to get?  I can understand why Maurice would want to be here, but the question is, why would you invite him? 

If this goes bad, what is it going to do for the profile of this young league?  If it goes right, and he gets signed, I can understand the upside.  If it goes sort of right, and he sells a lot of tickets for them, I can understand that too.  But, if it goes wrong, they are going to be a laughingstock.  The last thing that you want to do is to give a reason for players to prefer playing for the CFL or AFL rather the UFL.  Omaha is rolling the dice, and not only for their team, but for the whole league.

Good luck boys, it should be an interesting season.

A left handed strasburg?

Ok, the reds front office deserves some raises.

They have a triple crown leader, a division lead and then this guy is brought up?

I mean really, a left-hander who can hit 104 and drops in a change at nearly 20 mph slower than that.  Toss in a pitch that looks an awful lot like a cutter or mild slider and you have something unique.

His first 2 appearances: 2 IP, 19 pitches, 16 strikes, 0 H, 0 BB, 3 K.

Seriously, can you tell me of a left-hander that has thrown that hard?  Ever?

Next question, I wonder what the Reds are going to do with their old closer?