Monday, October 25, 2010

Thoughts on College Football after week 8

- This occurred to me as I was watching Texas flail away sadly as they tried to come back against Iowa State.  The oft-maligned Big 12 north is better than the Big 12 south.  I realize, that Texas just got caught in a trap game, but they just got caught by the worst team in the North, give or take a Buffalo.  KSU almost got Baylor at home, but Missouri did Beat OU, and Nebraska beat OSU.  Both of those are at home, but that is pretty much 1-1 and 2-2 for both halves of the conference.  For those of us in Big 12 country, we know how odd it is to see the North prevailing in those kinds of games.

- The 49ers should hire Butch Davis.  He only has half a team, but they are playing hard.  They lost this week, but they had a nice little streak going and are likely to be bowl eligible.  He is going to make some other team very happy.  And if he went Pro again, he wouldn't have to worry about players hanging out with agents.  See, win-win.

- Andy Dalton is not a good enough QB at this point for his team to get real title consideration.

- Mississippi State is not there yet.  Great coach, and they will progress, but you can't overlook teams in the middle of the season.  Course that is a lesson that a lot of teams still have to learn. 

- Ok, about that rumor that Taylor Martinez couldn't pass the ball.  Well, I don't think he was a fan of the criticism.  Nebraska is good folks, not title good, but they are good.  And with him around for a couple more years, title good might be a perfect description for them here shortly.  Damnit.

- One more time, for those who have not been listening.  Cam Newton.  Just be glad that he left Florida.

- Don't look now, but the Syracuse Orangemen don't suck.  They are one more good saturday away from a Bowl game.  They have some holes, but they are playing hard and can play some defense.

- I don't care what the scoreboard said, this was not a win for Michigan State.  Teams fighting for national consideration, don't have to come back against cellar dwellers in their coach's first game back on the sidelines.  I mean come on guys, you almost lost to the smart kids.

1. Oregon: These guys play at a scary pace.  Think OU with execution.
2. Boise State: They are this good.
3. Auburn: CAM NEWTON
4. Alabama: Forget about their lapse against South Carolina.  They are still the champs till someone else gets the trophy.
5. TCU: They keep winning big and they are really balanced, but I can't help but wonder who they will fare against a strong run defense.
6. Nebraska: A huge win at home against Oklahoma State. 
7. South Carolina: I would have liked a little better showing against Vandy, but this is a solid team.
8. Missouri: Their biggeset win in recent history launches them to the front of the Big 12 race and a top 10 finish.
9. Arkansas: When they can get their D to show up, they can play with anyone. 
10. Utah: Sneaking up on the the PAC-10.  Have I mentioned that I can't wait to see them play Oregon?
11. OU: Tough loss, but don't write them off quite yet.  They are still the favorite in the Big 12 south.
12. Michigan State: They control their own destiny, but hey, it's on the Big 10.
13. Florida State: The Bye week helped them.  Seems kind of wrong, huh
14. Wisconsin: Big win on the road against the hawkeyes.  Beilema is a prick, but this is a good team.
15. Ohio State: Just so damned talented.
16. Iowa: Tough conference loss at home.  Still good, but just not outstanding.
17. LSU: Will their bubble burst?  Better question, Why is Jefferson on the field?
18. Stanford: A really poor showing against Wazzu. 
19. Arizona: How long is Foles out?  Does it matter?
20. Oklahoma State: Boy can they score, but where is the D? = SoS in Stillwater.  Blackmon might be the best receiver in the country though.
21. Virginia Tech: They are a good team now, but they always take half a season to get going.
22. USC: Their demise would appear to have been prematurely reported.
23. Miami: Frigging giving me a sore neck watching them go up and down the polls.
24. Oregon State: I am curious to see how they respond after their bye week with James Rodgers.
25. Baylor: Bowl eligible for the first time lifetime?  surely not.  Well, good for you Bears and welcome to the rankings.  This is another of those scary offense, no defense clubs.
26. Michigan: slip sliding down the rankings. 
27. Syracuse: Well, welcome home my friends.  It's been awhile.  Now, can they keep going and get themselves a nice bowl?
28. West Virginia: Somebody got caught slipping.
29. Kentucky: Damn, the SEC is tough
30. Kansas State: A tough road loss that illustrated that the D is not quite there.  That said, the showings that they are getting from Carson Coffman are hopeful that they have some real offensive balance.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NFL illegal hit controversy

This has been all over the sporting world news the last few days following a rash of concussions and injuries over the past weeks.  Some people are offended that rules are being placed that they feel will limit the defense.  They think that the game is being watered down and some even that more injuries will occur from players being hesitant than are occurring from players hitting with the intent to injur...sorry, to hurt people. a file of crap.

These players are purposefully trying to remove players from the game who are they are concerned about being able to beat.  Notice the list of players who were hit in this last weeks games and knocked out.  Start at the top, DeSean Jackson (possibly the most dynamic receiver in the league and a player who was on pace for a career game), Joshua Cribbs (Pro-Bowler and easily the most dangerous weapon on the Cleveland team), Todd Heap (multiple Pro-Bowl tight end who causes matchup nightmares).  I don't beleive that it is a coincidence that the players being taken out are players who are significant cogs in their respective teams' offensive arsenals.  They are being attacked by headhunters who know that every snap these guys are out of the game, improves the chance of the defenders' teams winning their games.

This is dirty.  Football is always spoken about as a test of wills.  Man against man, let the best man win.  That is great, and that is why people love this game, but a real man stands up and faces the test.  He doesn't play dirty to remove the test, or make the test easier. 

Here is my message for James Harrison: If you can't beat these players by manning up and playing a clean game, then maybe you shouldn't have made it into the NFL.  I think the UFL has some spots open, maybe they will be happy to have your dirty play.  After all, any publicity if good publicity right ;)

Like they coached us up when I was growing up.  You see what you hit, put your facemask in their chest, and put them on their ass.  It ain't that hard.  And you (speaking to the players and people siding with them) all know it because you got the same coaching.  Just act like you have some pride and play with some honor and respect for  your competitors.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts on College Football after week 7

- KU has a long way to go.  This was a beating.  K-State came back from what could have been a momentum killing game against the Cornhuskers and imposed their will against their in-state rival.  They did everything that they wanted to do to the point that their, very average, quarterback looked like a star.

- Missouri is kind of sneaking up on people.  We all knew that they were going to score points with Gabbert at the helm, but their defense is a surprise.  This is their best statistical defense since 1967.  Think about that for a second.  That is a long time, and they have had some solid teams over the last decade.

- Ok, so if you were told that you were going to out gain your opponent by 137 yards and that their star QB would only throw for 106 yards, wouldn't you feel good about your chances?  Yeah, tell that to Maryland.  It is time for Ralph Friedgren to be retired.  He started out well, but hasn't done much since his first few years.

- I still love East Carolina's offense.  They are only a slightly better than average team, but that is one fun offense to watch.

-  So, I know that Auburn won the game and I love Cam Newton's game and guts, but the real question for me is.  Is Ryan Mallett as good as they say, is it the offensive scheme, or is Arkansas' offense that loaded with talent?  Seriously, the backup comes in against a top 10 team and throws for 332.  DAMN

- Channeling my inner Simpson's bully, HAAAAHAAAA.  I would like to give a shout out to my buddy Brian who has been telling me for 3 weeks that his Horns were going to beat the Huskers because the Huskers hadn't played anyone yet.  I am not sure I want to be quite that cruel to the Huskies and Wildcats who are both solid teams, but I will say one thing.  It sure was interesting to see what happened when they played a seriously fast defense.

- Speaking of fun offenses. The Cowboys can always score, but this is something else, even for them.

- You just keep on trying Va. Tech, but you aren't going to regain what you lost.

- And South Carolina proves that Steve Spurrier still can't coach.  He is a heck of a coordinator, but he can't coach.  Problem there is, he is not the Offensive Coordinator.

- I almost feel bad for enjoying this so much, but damn it feels good to watch the Gators lose, and lose.......and lose. Sorry, is my Garnett and Gold showing?

Now, for this week's top 30 according to Trapp, lol.

1. Oregon: This team is the most consistently explosive in the country to this point.  Their defense gives up more than you would like, but when no one can hold them under 40 it doesn't really matter now does it?

2. Boise State: This is not a team with small school talent.  They are loaded, and they are well coached.  Oh, and they are pissed off, and doing their damnedest to prove a point.  I tend to agree with them, but they need to get out of that piss poor conference.

3. Auburn: The Cam Newton show may be predictable, but no one can do a damn thing about it.  They control their own destiny in the SEC, but it's still the SEC.  I will be surprised if they can come through it unscathed, but they are looking scary good on offense right now.

4. Oklahoma: When Landry Jones is good, he is scary.  The Sooners have done their imitation of the Cardiac kids, and some are saying that they are lucky they played FSU early in the year (some=me).  That said, they have won them all, and they have as much talent as anyone in the country and a big time coach.  Are they peaking, or are they streaky?  We'll know soon.

5. Alabama: Just 2 short weeks ago, this Bama team was in the middle of a dynasty, and now everyone wants to forget about them.  They are still loaded, and if they win out they will be in the SEC championship game.  No one wants to see these guys, let alone in a game that matters.

6. Ohio State: A tough and disappointing loss at Camp Randall hurts, but it was a road game against a ranked team.  Some will drop them further than this, but I expect the Buckeyes to come back firing.

7. TCU: The Horned Frogs just keep rolling, but they are going to need help to move up this list.  That BYU win would look better most years.

8. South Carolina: And, I repeat.  Spurrier cannot coach.  The Cocks should have been riding an emotional high, but instead, they had a letdown.

9. Nebraska: So, the question is this, were the Huskers just exposed by a fast defense? Or were they caught by a tough team that they were overlooking?  Here is my opinion:  Don't doubt the talent on that team, especially the Blackshirts, but if they don't find some balance on offense, they will be an also-ran.

10. Michigan State: How good are the Spartans?  I am rooting for them to be the dark horse in the Big Ten, but they have some tough tests coming up.

11. LSU: All you Bayou Bengal fans should thank the good lord above that Les Miles can recruit, because he can't coach.  Even with his gambling, foolish choices that he makes over and over, his roster is loaded from top to bottom making it very difficult to deal with.

12. Stanford: A solid team with one of the top 2 pro-style QB's in the country.  They can beat anyone if thing go right for them.

13. Iowa: Reloaded?  Hmmm

14. Wisconsin: HUGE win for the Badgers.  I am really looking to this weeks game with Iowa, it is going to answer questions about both of these teams.

15. Arkansas: This team can really score.  You probably noticed that I have them higher than the AP does, after a loss, but they are lighting up defenses that are full of NFL talent on a weekly basis.  If only they can find a way to get something out of their defense.

16. Florida State: The Noles narrowly avoided a letdown against an inferior BC team because their steady hand at QB had a bad half.  The rest of the team stepped up and pulled his butt out of the fire, but they just not quite there yet.

17. Utah: Still quietly scary out west.  They are going to be so much fun in the PAC-10

18. Missouri: Here comes Game Day.  Is this team for real yet?  They have been close/up-and-coming for the last few years.  Crazy thought, if he had stayed, Jeremy Maclin would still be eligible.  Wonder what he would do for their ranking?

19. Arizona: Nick Foles has this team rolling again, but I don't see them getting much higher than this.

20. Texas: A signature win was just what this young team needed.  They are athletic, and if they play smart, they can play with anyone.  Don't look now, but Garrett Gilbert was the best QB in that game.

21. Oklahoma State: Young and explosive.  This was supposed to be a rebuilding year in Stillwater.  So, is it?  We'll know after the next month.  Better than .500 out of the next 4 will have them posed for a big bowl.

22. Virginia Tech: They just keep clawing back up.  One of these years, they are going to manage to keep from choking at the start of the season.

23. West Virginia: This team could play in the SEC.  They played LSU tough in Death Valley, and that's their only loss.  That is impressive.

24. USC: They just won't go away.  Barkley was recruited to run Lane Kiffin's offense, and you can see why.  He is perfect for it, and he is lighting people up.  They are short-handed though, and can be worn

25. Miami: They are so fast, and when they play a team who can overwhelm them upfront, they are going to blow them out.  This is the fastest team I have seen this year.  Those are very hard words for a Seminole fan to type, but they are true.  If their lines were a bit better, they would be something.

26. Oregon State: How much is the loss of James Rodgers going to hurt?

27. Florida: They are still here because of their talent level and their defense.  They are going to have a new offensive coordinator next year, or they should anyway.

28. Kansas State: Bill Snyder is a great coach, but I didn't think that the turn-around would be this fast.  He is still short a couple of athletes, but this is a solid team.  They don't have the QB to come from behind, but they don't beat themselves and they can run the ball.  That game against Kansas was a revelation.

29. Michigan: On their way back in a hurry.  The Big 10 better kick them while they are down. 

30. Kentucky: A tough team, that is playing above expectations.  Huge win against South Carolina.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts on College Football after week 6

- To all my KSU friends, Sorry for the loss, but these are not condolences.  You are on your way back, just need a season or two more or Snyder recruiting to catch up to the big boys.

- I don't know if Ohio State smelled blood in the water down in South Carolina, or if they are really figuring it out, but they absolutely strangled a dynamic offensive Indiana team.

- Ok, now about those Nittany Lions.  Everyone repeat it with me OVERRATED.

- Oregon has a very real argument for the #1 spot in the country at this point.  You wonder about Daron Thomas' injury, but Nate Costa can get it done.

- Utah is a little bit scary.  I really wish that they were in the PAC-10 now, them against Oregon would be a lot of fun.  Don't forget, this is not your daddy's  Iowa State that they just whooped. That is a Big 12 team with some fire power.

- Is it just me, or does it seem like Oregon State need a lesson on setting a slightly easier schedule?  They are game, and they can really play.  I do like this murderer's row they set up for one thing.  We are getting a nice measuring stick for Boise State and TCU against a BCS conference.

- I am still not sure how good LSU is, but they are solid and the Gators just keep losing.  That should not make me so happy, but it does.  I think this is another example of "Kick them while they're down" because this is a young, loaded team and they will be back shortly.

- Cam Newton is rediculous.  Potential #1 overall, and I am talking about next spring.  He's that good

- Andrew Luck is pretty good too.  This was a big time conference battle, and Stanford is showing how tough they can be.

- Boise is doing what they need to do, but I don't know if they can do enough.

- WOOHOO.  I am, admittedly, biased for the Noles.  That said, they owned Miami, which is so unbeleivably satisfying for me.  Beyond my personal joy at this stomping, the Noles look to have their new defensive scheme figured out.  It was obviously not working against OU in week 2, but they are playing fast now and it is working.

- Yeah, so Tennessee is not good.  I say this because I know Georgia is not good either, and that was a whoopin.  Oh, and AJ Green is going to make some NFL team very, very happy.

- This is crap.  Brett Beilema should be vilified for this kind of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Oh, and here is my top 25, just for kicks.  I am putting this together according to my evaluations of the teams, not their records.

1. Ohio State
2. Oregon
3. Nebraska
4. Boise State
5. Auburn
6. South Carolina
7. Alabama
8. Oklahoma
9. TCU
10. Arkansas
11. Stanford
12. LSU
13. Michigan State
14. Iowa
15. Florida State
16. Oregon State
17. Utah
18. Wisonsin
19. Florida
20. Missouri
21. Arizona
22. Nevada
23. Air Force
24. West Virginia
25. Oklahoma State

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughts on College Football after week 5

- Auburn should be ashamed for scheduling this game this late in the season.  If you want a bye, take a bye.  Slackers.  That said, this team is getting better and better.  Cam Newton can flat out get it done.

- I just really don't know what to make of the Big 12 South overall, but I can tell you a few things.

1. You better kick Texas, Texas Tech, and OU while you can, because there are a lot of young kids       getting time right now for the big boys and Tuberville will have the Red Raiders winning soon enough.

2. OSU will be right there with those big boys the way their offense is growing.

3. The only team in this league that is ready for prime time is the Huskers, but there are a handful that could beat anybody in the country on the right day.

4. KU sucks again

- When in the hell did Indiana become the team that throws for a zillion yards a game?  I like it, but how did I miss that?

- Uhm, yeah about LSU.  everyone together now.  OVERRATED.....OVERRATED....(You know you hear the music in the background).  They should be about #20 in the country. 

- Did anyone else see what Iowa State did?  The same Iowa State team that was really never in the game against an "over-achieving" K-State team?  I I know that the score in that game in KC was not that big a spread, but there was an INT return for a TD and a garbage time TD to get that close.  Curiouser and Curiouser this season is.

- Seriously, USC should join the WAC just so they won't have to play against Steve Sarkisian anymore.  You think he doesn't have their number?  Yeah, maybe just a little bit.  Course, if SC had a kicker.......

- My apologies to Boise, but the Ducks should totally leapfrog them to #3.  I would personally, put them in front of Ohio State at this point.  This offense is scary.  They are averaging over 56 points per game, including wins over Stanford, Arizona State, and Tennessee. 

- Either Penn State should fall out of the top 25, or they should bench their QB.  Maybe both.