Wednesday, November 23, 2011

College Football Week 12

Ah yes, my favorite time of year.

The brisk morning air brings your sense to their utmost clarity as you take in the myriad of colors and the scent of baked holiday goodness.  Fall and the holiday season are officially here, which means 2 things are right around the corner for all of us College Football fans.

1. BCS madness
2. Bowl Season, which really is my favorite season of the year.

Which reminds me, I need to share what I am thankful for. 

I am thankful for the glory that is digital television and the DVR.  Thanks to these 2 wonderful inventions, I can watch every. single. bowl. game.  And with any luck, my marriage will survive it once again.

But we have to get through this muddy mess that this season has turned into, so what happened in week 12? Well.....

1. #2 went down.  This is another example of how hard it is to survive in the top conferences.  These teams know you, inside and out, and they are going to sell out. 

That said, this game brought something to light for me.  3 games ago, Coach Paul Rhodes took the redshirt off of his freshman QB Jarett Barnett.  Since the young man from Garland Texas took over, the Cyclones are 3-0 having outscored their opponents 91-48.  This young man is a real, dual-threat, talent and Iowa State is going to have a whole different outlook going into next year.

2. Brady Hoke is really starting to get something going in Michigan and the revitalization of their defense is no small part of it.  Michigan is 9-2 going into their game with Ohio State which they should be a prohibitive favorite in, coming off a dismantling of a good Nebraska Cornhusker team.  Taking 3 fumbles away from the Huskers is no small feat and the balance that they have with Fitzgerald Toussaint at running back has changed the entire dynamic of their offense.  They are not elite, but they are very good and will elite soon.  Kids want to play at Michigan, and they are going to want to play on that defense.  Look out Big 10.

3. Florida State missed another kick to lose a game.  I feel bad for Dustin Hopkins.  He has been clutch throughout his career and 42 yards is no chip shot, but you have to make that kick if you are going to play for the Noles.  Kicker is one position where there is no room left for forgiveness.  That said, this one is on Jimbo Fisher.  His offense was more talented up and down than the Virginia defense.  He needs to turn his horses loose and attack.  Playing this conservative style of ball just plays into the hands of teams who aren't quite as athletic.  Nothing against the Cavs, this is their best team in years, and they are trending up with a very good young coach.  But they just can't run with the Noles stride for stride, so why wouldn't the Noles turn it into a horse race?

4. So did Oregon.  Lane Kiffin can coach, like it or not.

5. Georgia has saved their season, as they just keep finding ways to win.  That said, they are toast in the SEC Championship.  I don't even care who comes out of the west.  That said, I am going to be rooting for them.  I mean hell, if we are going to blow things up, let's blow them all the way up.

6. Clemson took a nap.  There is no way they should have lost to NC State, let alone got blown out.  there is no shame in giving up some points to NC State, but the Wolfpack hadn't stopped anyone all year, this was just a poor performance by the Tigers.

7. I am not sure which of these should be the question:
          1. What happened to the OU defense? 
          2. Are the offenses in the Big 12 this damned good?
    Oddly, I think we will see the answer to this in the SEC.  Arkansas is a similar offense to the ones that    are trotted out in the Big 12.  If they can go down to the Bayou and put some points up on LSU, we ill    have some idea as to whether a pass-heavy attack like these can stand up to the onslaught of the Honey Badger and his mates.  One thing is for sure, the Big 12 has some parity this year too.

8. Texas still can't beat Kansas State.  They couldn't beat them when they were bad, and they can't beat them when they are good.  Course, this year it made more sense than with the Horns were making a habit of losing to Ron Prince.  That said, Texas has to feel good about where their defense was in this game. 

9. I know Stanford won this one, but in my mind, they just proved that they are not worthy of a BCS birth regardless of what happens.  Cal is not a good team.  I know, this is a "rivalry" game, and there is passion here, and it's a win.  But, if you want to be in the title conversation, you have to put teams like Cal down. HARD.  Stanford squeaked by.

10. UCLA blew out Colorado.  YAWN....I know, who cares right?  Well, that win put them in the PAC-12 championship game.  Seriously, take a look.  They are second in the south behind the Trojans, who aren't eligible for the title game, and noone else can catch them.  UCLA, who has been outscored on the season 198-255 is going to play for a shot in a BCS bowl game.  Really?  Really?  yeah, that's kind of ridiculous huh.

So, on to this weeks rankings.

1. LSU Tigers (11-0) SEC
2. Houston Cougars (12-0) C-USA
3. Arkansas Razorbacks (10-1) SEC
4. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1) Big-12
5. Alabama Crimson Tide(10-1) SEC
6. Virginia Tech Hokies (10-1) ACC
7. USC Trojans (9-2) Pac-12
8. Stanford Cardinal (10-1) Pac-12
9. Boise State Broncos (9-1) MWC
10. Oregon Ducks (9-2) Pac-12
11. Georgia Bulldogs (9-2) SEC
12. South Carolina Gamecocks (9-2) SEC
13. Clemson Tigers (9-2) ACC
14. Kansas State Wildcats (9-2) Big-12
15. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-2) Big 10
16. Michigan State Spartans (9-2) Big 10
17. Oklahoma Sooners (8-2) Big-12
18. Wisconsin Badgers (9-2) Big 10
19. Michigan Wolverines (9-2) Big 10
20. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (9-2) C-USA
21. TCU Horned Frogs (10-2) MWC
22. Virginia Cavaliers (9-2) ACC
23. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-3) Independent
24. Rutgers Scarlett Knights (8-3) Big East
25. Cincinnati  Bearcats (7-3) Big East
26. Arkansas State Red Wolves (9-2) Sun Belt
27. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-3) Big 10
28. Tulsa Golden Hurrican (8-3) C-USA
29. Auburn Tigers (7-4) SEC
30. Baylor Bears (7-3) Big-12

Conference Count
SEC: 6
C-USA: 3
Big-12: 4
ACC: 3
Pac-12: 2
MWC: 2
Big 10: 5
Independent: 1
Big East: 2
Sun Belt: 1

Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 11 of College Football

Yeah, I am running late this week.

I have been stuck trying to decide whether to write up my regular tongue-in-cheek comments about last week's college football games.  With all that is going on in sports and around sports right now, it almost seems trivial to talk about the games and the scores of these contests which matter so little in the grand scheme.  Lucky for us all, I remembered that this it not CNN.

So, put all the pedophiles in general population with a bright pink red jumpsuit to get the bulls attention and turn them loose.

I am going to talk about some college football real quick.

This really was a great week of football.  Multiple unbeatens went down, muddying the BCS picture to a terrible extent and leaving us stuck with this thought.

1. Should we be hoping that Oklahoma State and LSU win out or not?  IF they win out, we have a solid BCS national title game, that noone can really argue with.  Both contenders will have perfect records with multiple wins over top 15 BCS teams.  BUT...................if one of them loses, what do we have?  If LSU loses, do they drop below Alabama or Oregon, both of whom they beat?  If OU beats OSU, do we have to sit through a rematch for LSU and if so, which one?  Even better, what if OSU loses, and Arkansas beats LSU.  We could conceivably have Arkansas jump over Bama too and play Oregon.  What. A. Holy. Mess.

2. Houston is seriously giving some Run-N-Shoot flashbacks these days.  73 points?  Really?  Case Keenum had better be in New York when they start handing out statues, seriously.  A 6th year of eligibility because of a shredded knee and he's putting up Madden numbers.

3. About Cincinnati being the leader of the Big East....well....nevermind.  Hey Mountaineers, see you in the Big 12.  Wait till you meet a real defense, wait, that's the SEC.  Well, see you in the Big 12 anyway, we gonna have us some fun.

4. Have you ever see a score like 17 to 5 in a football game?  Yeah, the 17 is pretty normal, though rarely is enough to win a game in the Big 12, but 5?  Texas, did you really get a safety and lose? 

5. Good for your NebraskaPenn State can take their moral victory and "good effort by those kids in a tough situation" and shove it up their !@#$.  I hope they lose every damned game until every bit of Paterno's legend is trashed.  He sold his soul to preserve his reputation and now it's time to pay the bill.

6. Baylor really needs to recruit some defensive players too.  They can score as well as any offense in the country, but there is no way that the Kansas Jayhawks should put 30 points on any bowl eligible team.  Let alone should you have to rally to beat them.  Bears, you should be ashamed.

7. I am a bit pissed at ESPN and the rest of these networks that show games.  There is NO WAY that Michigan/Illinois should be on national television in front of FSU/Miami.  Say what you want about them being down, that is a top 5 rivalry.  Judge the history of the audiences for the game if you don't believe me.  2 of the top 3 viewed regular season games of ALL TIME were between these 2.  People love them, or people hate them, and some people hate them both, but people care.  Damn you for making us watch the Illini remind us all that they suck.

Oh, and that's 2 in a row and 5 our of the last 7 for the Noles. :)

It was ugly, but it came down to this. You do not win in this rivalry by controlling the clock.  The team with the playmakers wins, offense, defense, or special teams. It does not matter.  FSU had the playmakers at QB and they made the big plays.  Miami has a heck of a running attack, but didn't make plays.  If Al Golden can hold on, he and Jimbo will have this one on the national stage again in a heartbeat.  That said, this game was not as close as it appeared at the end.  Miami's last TD was a gift.  For once, Nigel Bradham put a clean hit, if overly vicious, and it should have ended Miami's attempted comeback right there. 

8. Uhm, boys, the DAWGS are back. I know they are in trouble in the SEC title game, but 45 on Auburn, well that's what LSU did.  Just saying.

9. Damn K-State is fun to watch.  Collin Klein for President.  Seriously though, this guy is like the Tim Tebow of College Football, except well, he can throw it where he wants to some times. :)

10. Did Oregon really just beat Stanford by 23?  I don't want to read to much into this, but this is a game where a Heisman level QB should have stepped up and kept his offense on the field.  Luck was pretty damned average looking in this game.  I know he doesn't have a top flight wide receiver, but if he was as good as they have been saying he was, this would have at least been tight.  There is NO WAY I take him as the number one overall.  That said, Stanford is S.L.O.W.  Their style can work, but they have to possess the ball and grind people like Nebraska used to.  40 rushes and a mound of blood pulp that used to be a defense.  That's the only way it is going to work for them.

Now onto this weeks. rankings.

1. LSU Tigers (10-0) SEC
2. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-0) Big-12
3. Houston Cougars (11-0) C-USA
4. Oregon Ducks (9-1) Pac-12
5. Clemson Tigers (9-1) ACC
6. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1) SEC
7. Arkansas Razorbacks (9-1) SEC
8. Stanford Cardinal (9-1) Pac-12
9. Oklahoma Sooners (8-1) Big-12
10. Boise State Broncos (8-1) MWC
11. Virginia Tech Hokies (9-1) ACC
12. Southern Mississippi  Golden Eagles (9-1) C-USA
13. USC Trojans (8-2) Pac-12
14. South Carolina Gamecocks (8-2) SEC
15. Georgia Bulldogs (8-2) SEC
16. Kansas State Wildcats (8-2) Big-12
17. Cincinnati Bearcats (7-2) Big East
18. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-2) Big-10
19. Michigan State Spartans (8-2) Big-10
20. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-2) Big-10
21. Wisconsin Badgers (8-2) Big-10
22. TCU Horned Frogs (9-2) MWC
23. Michigan Wolverines (8-2) Big-10
24. Arkansas State Red Wolves (8-2) Sun Belt
25. Virginia Cavaliers (8-3) ACC
26. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-3) Independent
27. Rutgers Scarlett Knights (7-3) Big East
28. Louisiana Lafayette Ragin Cajuns (8-3) Sun Belt
29. Florida State Seminoles (7-3) ACC
30. Auburn Tigers (6-4) SEC

Conference Counts:
SEC: 6
Big-12: 3
C-USA: 2
Pac-12: 3
ACC: 4
MWC: 2
Big East: 2
Big-10: 5
Sun Belt: 2
Independent: 1

The SEC is still king, though I think these rankings are some inflated by the quality of last year's teams and the schedule credit it gets them.  The Big-10 is still full of solid, but not spectacular, teams and the ACC has clawed into third overall.  I would put them at the #2 overall football conference right now actually, because having 2 in the top 11 gives them legitimate top teams to vie for their BCS spot. 

Anyway, on to the next week and the next scandal.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 10 of college football

This week was a perfect example of why I hate the over hyped games.  People wanted LSU and Bama to be that good, they wanted it to be a good game, and exciting game.  Hell, I did too. 

The thing is, you can't declare a game the "Game of the Century", or even the "Game of the Year" until after the game. It's not a classic till you know if it was classic.  This game was loaded with NFL-Caliber talent, but these are not balanced teams. 

LSU and Bama do not have dynamic offenses.  They both take care of the ball because their defenses are good enough to win games, and you know what, that's great.  What it is not, is exciting.  When you factor in the abysmal special teams play by the Crimson Tide, you get a game won by the lesser team. you?  After all, special teams are the final leg of any great team.  Bama has a great running game, a solid corp of receivers, and an improving young QB.  LSU has a bruising running game, big talented outside receivers, and a couple of solid QB's.  Neither of those are groups that I am going to spend money or much time watching.  The defenses however.....are ridiculous.  Bama has a great corp of Linebackers and safeties.  They are big, and they are faster than people realize.  LSU has the fastest defense I have seen this year, with a great secondary, and they are bigger than people expect.  All that said, the OK State/KSU game was much more fun.  For what it's worth, I would love to watch Mathieu chase Blackmon around the field.  Just Saying.

So on to the 10 points for the week.

1. West Virginia is in trouble when they hit the Big 12 if they don't improve a bunch from year 1 to year 2 of the Dana Holgerson era.  Louisville is trending up, but to give up 38 points to the Cardinal behind their freshman QB Teddy Bridgewater is not a good sign.

2. Again, the Parity of the Big 10 jumped up.  Iowa gets MichiganNorthwestern gets Nebraska.  And...finally, Michian State narrowly avoids an upset to the Golden Gophers.  This continues to illustrate that the Big 10 does not have a top tier team in it.  If that were only the biggest shame in the Big 10 this week.

3. Sandbag alert.  For all those who have not been paying attention, Cincinnati has not faded into the sunset.  They are on the national scene again at 7-1.  They have a senior leader in QB Zach Collaros and they are looking like they want to be the flagship for the Big East.  Which is great, because no one else has earned it.

4. Thanks fully, someone gave South Carolina their second loss.  They had been scraping by on the talent of their defense for so long, but they finally ran into a dynamic offense and now we can stop talking about them till their December bowl game. 

5. Uhm....I really don't get Arizona State.  How does a team that knocked off USC earlier in the year, who is loaded with talent, lose to lowly UCLA?  I know it was on the road, and conference games on the road are tough...but UCLA?  Really? 

6. Kansas State has gotten a lot of notoriety, especially in the midwest, about having a blue collar attitude.  A team without starsts, who just does the work....blah blah blah.  Folks, that is crap, you do not put 45 on Oklahoma State in their house without some big time talent.  Arthur Brown is a stud, Colin Klein is one of the best running QB's in recent history, John Hubert (He of the all time Waco City rushing record formerly held by Ladanian Tomlinson) is the leader of a deep corp of running backs, Chris Harper is a very solid, big target on the outside and Tyler Lockett is an emerging star.  You combine that with one of the better secondaries outside the SEC West, especially when it comes to causing turnovers, and you have something.

but, Oklahoma State is better.  I can't help but wonder how much it irks Bill Snyder to see a Kansas kid like Joseph Randle playing in Stillwater.  Ron Prince ignored him, KU discarded his brother, and now he gets to take his revenge on his home state twice a year.

7. I think Boise State might be getting bored.  They were asleep through 3 quarters, before exploding for 20 in the 4th to put UNLV away.  That is not what they need if they want to get attention on the national scale.  They need to put games away early and big.  That said, congrats to Kellen Moore who is now the all time winning est starting QB in D-1 history.

8. It may not be the best quality of football right now, but the MAC sure is fun to watch.

9. Texas Tech had the their biggest win in a few years 3 weeks ago.....So they are on top of the world now right?  Eh...maybe not.  Can you say implosion?  I knew you could.

10. OU is looking like themselves again.  It really is too bad that they laid that egg against Tech, because now they have the chance to knock the Big 12 out of the title game all by themselves.  But enough about the team, I wanted to say how bad I feel for Ryan Broyles.  The hometown boy well on his way to rewriting the NCAA receiving record books, his senior year is gone to a knee injury in a game that he would have likely been out of to rest soon.  Good luck on your rehab, see you in the league.

Now, for this week's ranking update.

1. LSU Tigers (9-0) SEC
2. Oklahoma State Cowboys (9-0) Big 12
3. Stanford Cardinal (9-0) Pac-12
4. Boise State Broncos (8-0) MWC
5. Houston Cougars (10-0) C-USA
6. Clemson Tigers (8-1) ACC
7. Oklahoma Sooners (8-1) Big 12
8. Oregon Ducks (8-1) Pac-12
9. Cincinnati Bearcats (7-1) Big East
10. Alabama Crimson Tide (8-1) SEC
11. Arkansas Razorbacks (8-1) SEC
12. Penn State Nittan Lions (8-1) Big 10
13. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-1) ACC
14. USC Trojans (7-2) Pac-12
15. South Carolina Gamecocks (7-2) SEC
16. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles(8-1) C-USA
17. Kansas State Wildcats(7-2) Big-12
18. Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-2) Big-10
19. Georgia Bulldogs (7-2) SEC
20. Michigan State Spartans (7-2) Big-10
21. Wisconsin Badgers (7-2) Big-10
22. Louisana Lafayette (8-2) Sun Belt
23. Georgia Tech YellowJackets (7-2) ACC
24. Auburn Tigers (6-3) SEC
25. Michigan Wolverines (7-2) Big-10
26. Washington Huskies (6-3) Pac-12
27. Ohio State Buckeyes (6-3) Big-10
28. Arkansas State Red Wolves (7-2) Sun Belt
29. TCU Horned Frogs (8-2) MWC
30. Virginia Cavaliers (7-3) ACC

Conference Count
SEC: 5
Big 12: 3
Pac-12: 4
MWC: 2
C-USA: 2
ACC: 4
Big East: 2
Big 10: 6
Sun Belt: 2

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Behind the Curtain

Too many times we have been reminded that our perceptions are wrong, having been formed without important pieces of the information.

We have been raised to trust what is presented. . After all, the press is legally protected so that they can bring us the truth.  Coaches and teachers are put in their positions to protect, encourage, and enrich their charges.  Held in an even higher position of public opinion are those who profess to be philanthropists.  There are people in this world who cannot care for themselves.  They may be challenged physically or mentally.  They may be young or old.  They may have been the victim of unscruplous men, or abandoned by those who should care for them.  They are weak, running at the back of the pack, and the strong have a moral imperative to protect the from the scavengers and predators of this world.

Joe Paterno has been universally regarded as a great leader of young men.  A man who consistently provided opportunities and guidance for those young men, often from downtrodden and/or blue collar backgrounds.  Outside of a very small number of instances where his players acted as young, athletic, aggressive men are prone to, his program has been considered one of the cleaner ones in college athletics.

Now we know why.

It is not because it is clean.

It is not because "JoePa", a nickname christened on Coach Paterno that is obvious in its inference of his paternal stance over the Penn State football program, is an overtly moral person whose values have directly informed his success and the success of those around him.

It is because they put the perception of the progam, with the attention and money that is brings to the university and it's various pockets, above the truth and the values that they espouse.

Jerry Sandusky, the longtime Defensive Coordinator for Penn State and founder of the Second Mile charity, has been arrested with accusations of child abuse.  Seven counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. That’s what Sandusky was charged with Saturday morning when he was arrested. Also, eight counts of corruption of minors, eight counts of endangering the welfare of a child, seven counts of indecent assault and 10 other counts.

He assaulted multiple young boys inside the Nittany Lion athletic complex.  It was witnessed. It was reported to Paterno.  What did the legendary coach, known for his ethical approach to life, who has sold himself to 5 decades worth of parents as a potential father figure for their teenage boys, do with this information?  He filed a report with his boss and washed his hands of it.  He didn't fire Sandusky.  He didn't report it to the police.  Further, the AD didn't fire Sandusky either. 

What happened to Sandusky?  He was told that he was not longer welcome to bring the boys from his charity onto campus.  They didn't even go as far as to tell him "Don't molest those boys", but only "Don't molest those boys where we can be held accountable.

If this situation proves true, which is looking likely with multiple young men and witnesses coming forward to speak out against Sandusky as a predator, the Penn State athletic department should be not just ashamed, but punished.  If I were a player, I would transfer.  If I were an alumnus, I would cut ties.  If I were a coach under Joe Paterno, I would resign.

If I were Joe Paterno, I would retire and crawl into a dark corner of my home paid for by my position as coach and guardian to all those young men over the year, and cry in shame.  Shame for failing to take such a simple step to protect those boys.  A single phone call would have nipped this in the bud.  Instead, it contined for 15 years.

JoePa, football is not worth this.  Winning is not worth this.  Your career and legacy....are not worth leaving those young boys at risk in the care of a predator. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 9 of College Football

Well, I didn't quite make it under the wire, so we'll just pretend that BC and FSU didn't play last night.  Ok, I know, it wasn't much of a game, but that's beside the point.

Looking back at last week, this is what I see.

1. Case Keenum is one of the best stories of the year.  Not just that he is re-writing the record books and carrying his Houston Cougars to a surprising, unbeaten season.  But that he is doing it after recovering from a horrific knee injury.  Good for him!!!

2. Florida State has proven themselves to be good, not great, but I feel that I need to back off some of my negative statements about Little Stoops scheme.  It is looking to be quite effective, perhaps it was just complicated enough that it takes awhile to master.  A shutout against a NC State team was impressive.

3. The Big Ten has a ridiculous amount of Parity.  This is a huge win for the Huskers, and suddenly the conference is up for grabs again.  I am not sure what it means as for the quality of the teams, but watching them, they look pretty solid.  That said, I don't see a great team in the bunch anymore.  Wisconsin had a shot, but 2 losses proves that wrong.

4. So, about Missouri being the weak sister trying to join the SEC.  Yeah, about that.......L.O.L.

5. Arkansas is living a blessed life.  But their continued struggles beg the question.  If they are the third team that makes the SEC west so daunting, and better than any other division in football......well they really don't seem so scary.  Yes, their offense is dynamic, but they give up too many points.

6. Va. Tech, were ya sleeping?  A top 20 team, does NOT go to Duke and win by 4.  That should be a game that you go into with your starters in the game and leave with your freshman in the game.

7. This was a huge statement win for OklahomaKansas State is a good team and they are surprisingly athletic when you watch them, but they are not balanced enough on offense to be a top team.  They have to play the perfect game to beat the top teams, and didn't. 

8. Penn State is leading the "Leaders" division and only beat Illinois by 3?  This is not a parallel to the Va. Tech/Duke game IMO.  This is an example of how the parity in the Big 10 does not mean that the teams are good in the Big 10.

9.  Being led onto the field by their paralyzed teammate was a great moment for the Rutgers program and one of their fallen heroes.  It was not enough to push them over the top against West Virginia.

10. Uhm, can you say Trap Game.....I can.  Say it with me now.  Sorry, had a Mr. Rogers moment.  I'm good now.

Now, for this weeks  TRS standings.  I had to make an update when I saw that under my prior formula, Clemson was going to stay at #2 after taking a bad loss.  The system to this point had been weight entirely on Overall Wins and Quality Wins, but had not accounted for bad losses.  I had adjusted to remove credit for one good win for every bad loss.  This is what I got. 

I know some of you are going to scream that Clemson should have dropped further, but they have proven themselves capable of beating quality opponents.  They overlooked Ga. Tech, and lost their chance at the title for it, most likely, so #4 is low enough IMO.  Or more importantly, In My Formula.

1. LSU Tigers (8-0) SEC
2. Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0) SEC
3. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-0) Big 12
4. Clemson Tigers (8-1) ACC
5. Stanford Cardinal (8-0) Pac-12
6. Boise State Cowboys (7-0) MWC
7. Houston Cougars (9-0) C-USA
8. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1) Big 10
9. South Carolina Gamecocks (7-1) SEC
10. Virginia Tech (8-1) ACC
11. Oklahoma Sooners (7-1) Big 12
12. Oregon Ducks (7-1) Pac-12
13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-1) Big 10
14. Kansas State Wildcats (7-1) Big-12
15. Cincinnati Bearcats (6-1) MAC
16. Arkansas Razorbacks (7-1) SEC
17. USC Trojans (6-2) Pac-12
18. Michigan Wolverines (7-1) Big-10
19. Washington Huskies (6-2) Pac-12
20. Georgia Bulldogs (6-2) SEC
21. Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (7-1) C-USA
22. Georgia Tech YellowJackets (7-2) ACC
23. Arizona State Sun Devils (6-2) Pac-12
24. Auburn Tigers (6-3) SEC
25. Michigan State Spartans (6-2) Big 10
26. Wisconsin Badgers (6-2) Big-10
27. Lousiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns (7-2) Sun Belt
28. Ohio State Buckeyes (5-3) Big 10
29. Virginia Cavaliers (6-3) ACC
30. Arkansas State Red Wolves (6-2) Sun Belt

Conference Counts
SEC: 6
Big 12: 3
ACC: 4
PAC-12: 5
MWC: 1
C-USA: 2
BIG-10: 6
MAC: 1
Sun Belt: 2