Sunday, December 4, 2011

College Football Week 14

Lord, I want to apologize.

Yeah, I missed a week.  I am a failure.

My bad, so back to this thing we call college football and the joyful end of the season.

So, class.....what have we learned?

For a relatively light week of football, with go with a lucky seven rather than our normal top 10.

1. The Big East is a frigging mess.  There is not a single team with 10 wins overall or 6 wins in league. Let alone that the league is falling apart.  If we are stuck with this BCS mess, there should really be a requirement that a team playing in a BCS bowl have either double-digit wins or a top 15 ranking. 

2. I learned 3 things from the C-USA team. 

First:    Houston is not a national championship caliber team.  There was always a pretty large question about whether they were, regardless of what their record was or the numbers they were putting up.  They were such a great story, we wanted to root for them, but you can't lose to Southern Miss.

Second:     Ok, this was not really learning something so much as having it re-affirmed, but still.  THIS is why you have games to decide who the bet team is.  Houston lit things up, but Southern Miss is an athletic, well-coached team.  They are a regular bowl team with an explosive offense of their own.  They were more than Houston was prepared to deal with, and their rushing attack proved overwhelming.

Third:    The best team in Mississippi does not play in the SEC.  Yeah, I said it, I beleive it, print it.

3. Baylor is the best team in Texas.  Yeah, for those of you who have been following college football for awhile, that is a shocking statement.  But look at their schedule.  They beat TCU, Texas, Tech, and Rice. RG III is the best offensive player in the country, and since the Honey Badger is an underclassmen, he should win the Heisman.

4. You can say what you want about what LSU did to the Dawgs in the SEC championship game, I saw some things from Georgia in the first quarter.  They have the best Quarterback in the SEC, and I don't know that it's close.  If his receivers had been able to catch the ball, they Dawgs would have been up 21-0 5 minutes into the game.  Look for them to make a strong run at coming back to Atlanta next year.

5. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are the best team west of the Mississippi river.  They took the bully on their block and beat him till his mom came out to stop the fight and then beat her too.  There is no way that they should be left out of the championship game, if for no other reason but for all of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS WHO DO NOT LIVE IN THE SOUTH.  Bama is a great team, but if you don't win your DIVISION, let alone your conference, and your bet win is Penn State, you should not be in the title game.

6. Thank God Clemson remembered who they are.  They are such an exciting team, but their youth bit them in the butt the last third of the season.  We'll see if they can hold onto their newfound maturity, but they are a very talented team. 

7. Again, thank god that the better team woke up.  Except in the Big 10, it was Wisconsin.  They have the pieces to really run with the big boys if.when they line up against one.  Russell Wilson is a big advantage for them.  That said, Michigan State is a very good, smart football team. 

Now, for the rankings for week 14:

1. LSU Tigers (13-0) SEC*
2. Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-1) Big 12*
3. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1) SEC
4. Houston Cougars (13-1) C-USA
5. USC Trojans (10-2) Pac-12
6. Stanford Cardinal (11-1) Pac-12
7. Boise State Broncos (11-1) MWC
8. Oregon Ducks (11-2) Pac-12*
9. Cincinnati Bearcats (9-3) Big East
10. Clemson Tigers (10-3) ACC*
11. Arkansas Razorbacks (10-2) SEC
12. South Carolina Gamecocks (10-2) SEC
13. Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2) ACC
14. Southern Miss Golden Eagles (11-2) C-USA*
15. Wisconsin Badgers (11-2) Big-10*
16. Georgia Bulldogs (10-3) SEC
17. Kansas State Wildcats (10-2) Big-12
18. Michigan State Spartans (10-3) Big-10
19. Michigan Wolverines (10-2) Big-10
20. TCU Horned Frogs (11-2) MWC*
21. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-3) Big-10
22. Oklahoma Sooners (9-3) Big-12
23. Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-3) Big-10
24. Baylor Bears (9-3) Big-12
25. West Virginia Moutaineers (9-4) Big East*
26. Northern Illinois Huskies (10-3) MAC
27. Arkansas State Red Wolves (10-2) Sun Belt*
28. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-4) Independent
29. Rutgers Scarlett Knights (8-4) Big East
30. Louisville Cardinals (8-5) Big East

* Conference Champions
SEC: 5
Big 12: 4
C-USA: 2
Pac-12: 3
MWC: 2
Big East: 4
ACC: 2
Big-10: 5
MAC: 1
Sun Belt: 1
Independent: 1