Monday, February 6, 2012

Super? Bowl

Well, it was a close game, and it came down to the end.  That's about all I can give to this year's Super Bowl.  A few things were made apparent to me though.

Neither team can stop the pass.  Admittedly, these are both very good quarterbacks, but a combined completion rate of over 70% just shows how bad both of these teams are in the secondary.  I know that's not news with both team's struggles on defense in the regular season were well documented, but it just pains me to see such poor play from both sides.

The NFC is better than the AFC.  The Giants were not head and shoulders above the rest of their conference.  They barely made the playoffs, and played very well through the playoffs, but they were a good team in the NFC, not a dominant one.  The Patriots on the other side hadn't lost a game against and AFC team since before Halloween. 

The Patriots depth chart is horribly thin all over.  They just haven't had many successful drafts recently, and it's probably time to cash in those picks they have been hoarding to stock up.  That said, they were in the superbowl, so we should all be a bit worried.  Look for them to bring in receivers and a ton of defensive players.

That is all, please drive through.
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