Monday, August 20, 2012

The Toughest Young Man in College Football

When I read this article, the first thing I thought was "What would you do?"

What would you do if you had worked your whole life to be one of the best at your sport.  If you have had earned a spot on one of the premier teams in the country and worked for years towards a spot at the table.  And you were getting so close.  You had found a niche and you had an outside shot at first string, and you found out you had cancer.

Most people would cave.  They would need someone to pull them out of their depression, if they made it out at all.  At best, you would expect a person to focus solely on healing and their life going forward.  Sports would be an after-thought.

What did Austin Woods do?  He asked how soon he could be back on the field with his brothers again.

I know, some are going to look at that and think it is the hubris of youth and/or foolhardy.  Perhaps that is is true, but perhaps his outlook is one that all stricken people should take.  It never crossed his mind that he would not beat this thing.  It never crossed his mind that he would let a disease keep him from chasing his dream.  For God's sake, he is doing chemo during two-a-days.  Two-a-days are tough enough on their own, they do not need chemo to make them challenging.

This young man may be foolhardy, but he is several other things.

The world could use more people who have his outlook on the world, and I, for one, wish him well.

Though I will still be rooting against him on Saturdays.
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