Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bart Scott Is Really Bad With Words And When To Stop Saying Them

Let Bart Scott tell you in detail how he isn’t talking to you anymore

The New York Jets shocked everybody on Sunday by coming out and looking like a pretty impressive football team. Mark Sanchez threw for 266 yards, three touchdowns, and just one interception, Shonn Greene run for 94 yards and a touchdown, and the Jets’ defense forced four turnovers in a 48-28 blowout of Buffalo. Does this mean we have to stop making fun of the Jets and seriously consider them as a legitimate threat in the AFC East this season? Haha, no, we’ll never have to stop making fun of them. They do interviews!

Bart Scott to USA Today:
“I’ve got a media mutiny,” Scott said when approached by USA TODAY Sports at his MetLife Stadium locker.
You mean a media boycott?
“Yeah, a boycott.”
Well, that’s embarrassing. Not knowing the difference between a mutiny and a boycott? Come on Bart. But kudos to the reporter who had the gall to correct him on the spot. Really took his life in his hands at that point.

But why the scary big words, Bart Scott?
“You guys treat us like we’re a (bleeping) joke,” Scott said. “You all want us to feed your papers, but then you all talk (bleep) about us. So why would I want to give you all quotes to sell papers with if you all treat us like (bleep)? That doesn’t make sense.
“You all talk stuff about us, and then when we win you flip the story. You all win either way.”
Oh Bart. There are so many things wrong with that whole rant, let’s list them.
  1. Never confuse something that pirates do with something that Rosa Parks did. They rarely engaged in any of the same activities.
  2. When you boycott something, that means you stop participating. Telling the media you are boycotting them and then going on a ten minute rant to the media is not a boycott.
  3. You are mad because the media turns the narrative into something negative even after a win so YOU GAVE THE MEDIA SOMETHING TO TURN THE NARRATIVE NEGATIVE EVEN AFTER A WIN.
  4. If you are convinced that the media is going to “flip the story,” don’t do it for them while you announce how you aren’t talking to them.
This isn’t the first time that the Jets’ roster has lashed out at the media for portraying them in an
accurateunflattering light. During Santonio Holmes’
lifesummer of being kind of a jerk, he told media that if they wanted to be a part of the team, they needed to be more supportive. Because apparently the Jets don’t employ enough cheerleaders on the sidelines.

But what both Bart and Santonio fail to realize is that the media is not on the Jets’ payroll. They aren’t supposed to be there just to make them feel better about themselves. They’re there to write stories as they see them. So when a guy is a locker-room cancer, it gets written about. If a team is a circus, it gets written about. And if a guy doesn’t know the meaning of the words he’s trying to use to tell off the media? That is definitely getting written about.

The 2012 New York Jets: hilariously dysfunctional even in victory.

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