Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bears LT J’Marcus Webb takes to Facebook to state his case.

24 hours ago who knew that the locker room of the Chicago Bears could be in complete disarray but as this day drags on it appears that issues may be on the rise.

After being cursed at on national television by quarterback Jay Cutler, left tackle J’Marcus Webb has become for the next day or so the most discussed offensive lineman in football.

So how does he respond not only to Cutler but to the galvanized group of Bears fans that are pointing fingers at him for playing a key role in the offense’s disastrous outing against the Packers?
He does what anyone else would do when they need to get something off their chest. He takes it to Facebook.

“There is nothing like having a bad game, but when you have it, you have to deal with it correctly. It’s not how one deals with a win. How does one deal with a loss or bad game? I’m no different than you. Time to prepare. Go Bears! “

The thinly veiled shot at both Cutler and the critics is of the those who in live in glass houses should not throw stones mold.

Meanwhile Pro Football Talk is reporting that there are insider reports that are stating that the front office is concerned that Cutler could be well on his way to having huge issues with a large percentage of the team.

Coach Lovie Smith can hope that this all blows over as they have over a week to prepare for the next game.
Or he can sit some people down and get them to explain their positions to each other and work this thing out.

But one thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter who he is, no quarterback worth his weight in salt is going to take the licking that Cutler has taken since the day he came to Chicago and not say what he has to say.

Even Tim Tebow would force to at least say…get your head in the dang game.

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Adrian Glover
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