Monday, September 10, 2012

College Football Week 2: Notes, Observations, and Jokes

Week 2 was a perfect example of why putting out a poll before the season is a joke

What did we see? 

Well, we saw a "Top-10" team fall to an hyphenated home.  My take is that Arkansas was over-rated.  John L. Smith is not a bum as a coach.  Arkansas lost a ton of talent and leadership, and were counting on Tyler Wilson and Kniles Davis to make up for their shortcomings.  They are not a top 20 team, especially with Wilson out.

We saw a game that was 48-0 at the half after a running clock was put in place after the first rain delay....seriously.  No, this is not little league football.
We saw Wisconsin run the ball so poorly, that they fired their O-Line coach....after week 2.

We saw the Fighting Irish get yanked back to earth...and we found out that Michigan really was over-rated.  I know they won, but you have to beat Air Force by more than a TD at home guys.

We saw that KU still sucks at football, Charlie Weis and his legions of transfers are not enough to stem the tide of Jayhawk losing...yet. 

Yes kids, that's the backup Quarterback being mauled.
Oh, and K-State does not suck

Miami on the other hand......that defense is in big trouble.  But look out for these guys down the road.  They have a lot of talented young kids who are taking their lumps right now, but they are very talented kids.

Oh and Iowa, well the Hawkeyes are not full of young kids taking their lumps, they are just taking their lumps.

This is the best UCLA team I have seen in years and possibly the worst Nebraska defense.  I feel for those boys a bit this week because you know Bo Pelini is climbing up and down them between sprints.

Note to self, recruit all members of Jarvis Jones' family.
Missouri is pretty much in the same spot in the SEC that they were in the Big 12.  They are a high powered offense that is always just a play or two, or a player or two, short of running with the big boys

Houston can't stop anybody.

Oklahoma State just realized that they lost 2 first round draft picks.  Arizona just realized that their coach is an offensive rockstar.

Ditto for Arizona State.  I am really looking forward to the Territorial Cup.

Speaking of Todd Graham, I am totally understanding why he felt not great need to stay in Pittsburgh.  Outside of Ray Graham, the cupboard is looking disturbingly bare in Pittsburgh.

Uhm, Duke is still Duke.  Stanford is going to have trouble against teams with top level speed, but they are still physical and can play when they can run the ball.  Oh, and Duke is still Duke (it was so bad it was worth saying twice).

That is all for now, see you next week.


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