Friday, September 14, 2012

Roy Williams Out Shines Competing Schools

How do you win a High School kid over in coming to play for your school? Show them the 1992 Championship UNC legend Michael Jordan won with the Chicago Bulls.

Justin Randle a power forward Senior at Prestonwood Christian Academy, has top schools coming after him in the attempts to persuade him to join their roster. This week, Randle is hosting teams N.C. State, Duke, UNC, Kentucky and Kansas at his home as the schools do all they can to get him to commit.

Kentucky Coach John Calipari showed up with his championship ring showcase on his visit to the class of 2013 number 1 recruit, Julius Randale. When Calipari visited Randale, he was wearing his championship ring he won this past April with the Wildcats, and naturally Randale and his mom, Carolyn Kyles, were impressed.
“He was rocking that championship ring,” Randle said. “It was nice! Real nice.”
“You couldn’t help but notice all those diamonds,” Kyles said. “It was just blinding. That thing was impressive. And it’s something that they just won so it was nice and shiny.”
But the real kicker to this story? When it was Roy Williams turn to visit the top recruit he brought out the big guns.

Williams upstaged Calipari with something every basketball player hopes to achieve, a NBA national championship and Roy Williams didn’t fail in that department.
“Come on now. It’s Jordan. No comparison,” Randle responded.
“[Williams] said Jordan gave it to him to show his players what they could achieve with hard work and determination. I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe I was holding Jordan’s ring.”
Roy Williams knew what he was doing. Smart man and good move.

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