Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Steelers Larry Foote Reportedly Tells Replacement Refs You should Kill Yourselfs

Man I’m not sure who has it rougher right now?

Jay Cuter, Mitt Romney, or the replacement referees.

I’m not a ref but I have played enough organized basketball and tons of football games to know refs have it rough.

You enter that kitchen though and you must deal with the heat.

These replacement refs are catching hell whether deserved or not.

Deadspin is reporting that Steelers linebacker Larry Foote was furious over a non call on a chop block against defensive end Ziggy Hood.

Foote started jawing with the refs at that point.

Coincidentally in the Raiders home stadium the visiting locker rooms and referee locker rooms are right across from each other.

Once the final seconds ran off the lock Foote made a b line to the locker room area.
Reports are that Jory Rand of CBS Pittsburgh heard the confrontation that ensued.

“Larry Foote was the first Steeler to exit the field. I was set up nearby for our postgame show, and heard someone scream, “You should go kill yourselves. Y’all (bleep)ing suck!”
I leaned around the corner and saw Foote enter the Steelers room, while several officials, entering their room, craned their neck to see who it was that had yelled at them.
Foote had already left the room by the time media was allowed in so we were unable to ask him about it.”
As usual per episodes such as this, Mr. Foote meet Mr. Goodell.
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