Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dez Bryant Says The Cowboys Understand Him, No One Else Matters

The Dallas Cowboys blew another game yesterday against the Baltimore Ravens, and The Cowboys enigmatic wide receiver was the perfect example of the Boys as an organization.
Bryant had an explosive game yesterday catching 13 passes for 95 yards and two touchdowns.
Yet in typical Cowboy fashion, Bryant drop the game tying two point conversion, then blamed the referee for the mishap.
Bryant himself feels the Cowboys are a good team, and did not shy away from the moment as so many suggested they did according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
“I love moments like that,” Bryant said. “I don’t think we’re nervous when we get in moments like that. I just feel like we just fell short.”
Bryant has found his way back into the good graces of Jerry Jones apparently.
While Bryant was being interviewed by various media outlets, Jones walked by and screamed, “Alright, Dez,” then nodded his head and winked.
“I think we can win with that day that we had and win with him as the key receiver,” Jones said. “It was that kind of day. I was hoping he’d get loose there on that punt return, but still, we can win games and have a solid to really good passing attack with Dez playing games like he played. He needs to make that catch. Everybody drops them, but he needs to make that catch, but he did some other things for us to keep some drives going that really helped us. He did it with his skills.”
Bryant took some criticism yesterday for the way he handled the drop, even being told to man up by the Ravens Cary Williams. 
Bryant for his part said none of that criticism matters to him.
“I don’t care what anybody thinks,” Bryant said. “I only care about what my coaches and what my teammates think. That’s the only thing that matters. Don’t nobody else understands what’s going on. Only this organization.”
Robert Littal

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