Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jason Pierre-Paul Tells Robert Griffin III Don’t Run To My Side

The New York Giants will get their first chance to see the guy they called Bob Griffin up close and personal when they face the Washington Redskins this Sunday.

ESPN New York is reporting that one Giants defender in particular is letting RG3 know not to venture to his side of the field.

Giants defensive end Pierre-Paul wants to let Griffin III know that all his extra curricular won’t happen.
 ”We like to set the edges,” Pierre-Paul said of containing the corners. “Yes, it’ll be a very good matchup. Not on my side, though. Not on my side. Or the other side.”
“Not on my side. Don’t bring it on my side. Don’t bring it. Go the other way.”
“Don’t come on my side, I told you that,” he added. “Don’t come to my side. Not my side.”
Pierre-Paul finally had a breakout game this season, recording two sacks against the 49ers.
The Giants and their “Nascar”, want Griffin III to know that even though he’s fast, they are fast as well.
“Trust me, we chase quarterbacks all the time,” Pierre-Paul said. “We turn and run to the guy no matter what. He may get past us and zoom right past us, but trust me we’re right behind him.”
“You’ve got to respect [his speed and the Washington offense],” Pierre-Paul added. “It’s not all about the speed. We’ve got 11 guys who can run to the ball. You’d be surprised. Very surprised.”
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