Thursday, October 18, 2012

Report: Yankees will try to Dump A-Rod on Marlins in the Off-season

Arod’s post season has taken on many different twists and turns as the days go by and the slump he’s mired in deepens. From unceremonious benchings, to the flirt seen around the world everything has led to now. With trade rumors running rampant with the Yankees reportedly seriously considering dealing Arod to the Miami Marlins, the Yankees may finally have had enough of the lack of production from their $275 million man.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has come forth denying the trade rumors saying quote “I’ve had no discussions whatsoever with the Florida Marlins,” but now conflicting reports are making their way around the league, with the news of an early April spring training exchange between Yankees President Randy Levine and Marlins owner Jeffery Loria  jokingly discussing the ‘idea’ of Arod being traded to the Marlins.

Keith Olbermann reported on his MLB network blog the possible specifics about just how much of Arod’s gigantic contract the Yankees would absorb–which according to him is the entire thing. But there’s different sources refuting Olbermann’s report and saying that the Yankees would not be interested in paying off the majority of his contract.

Arod has five years and $114 million dollars left on his contract, and while serious trade talks between the
Yankees and Marlins have not yet taken place the deal and its plausibility still remains. The only question that’s left to settled would be how much do the Yankees want to eat of the contract, and who they’d get in return. Arod has the power to veto any trade, but has a preference that if possible trade talks should arise the only team he’d be interested in are the Marlins.

The postseason from Hell just continues to play out for the fallen-from-grace 3rd baseman who’s clearly on his last leg.

Robert Littal

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