Thursday, October 18, 2012

Syracuse Jim Boeheim Says Louisville Rick Pitino is “Full Of Sh*t”

The Big East Media day proved nothing short of interesting and the competitiveness we’ll witness this season.

According to, Boeheim was asked how he felt hearing the Pitino comment that the Big East adding Memphis and Temple will make up for the departure of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, Boeheim smiled and replied:
“Rick’s full of sh*t, if thats what he said”
“The only thing I’ll say about what Rick said all summer is that if Louisville could have left they would have left,” Boeheim said. “Everybody knows it and I’m really tired of him saying what Syracuse should be or should have done because they would have left in a heartbeat. Everybody knows it.”
“I don’t mind him denying that fact, but when they start talking about Syracuse, I’m going to start talking about them.”
Pitino was then asked about Boeheim’s comment, he also smiled and replied:
“I think he’s full of sh*t, and so we’re both full of it”
“Anybody who looks at where Memphis has been in the last 10-12 years, anybody who looks at the tradition of Temple and knows Franny Dunphy, would know I’m not full of s***,” Pitino said. 
“If Temple played Syracuse 10 times right now, one’s gonna win six and the other’s gonna win four. Syracuse and Pitt are two great teams.”

 Robert Littal

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