Friday, November 16, 2012

J.R. Smith stops partying to help Knicks sink Spurs

SAN ANTONIO – On Wednesday we discussed the New York Knicks’ ongoing hot-streak.
At the end of that piece it was laid out there that if Carmelo Anthony’s unit could take aim at and take out the San Antonio Spurs, they have a legit claim to being one the Eastern Conference’s elite teams.

Having done so, they stand at 6-0 thumping their chests as an undefeated semi-juggernaut that faced adversity from one of the Western Conference’s most talented groups and came out on top.

It was a 3-point shot by J.R. Smith that put New York in front for good with 1:48 to play on Thursday.
Smith’s new lease on life has enabled him to make clutch contributions to the Knicks.

“I’m not going to lie. The New York City nightlife pretty much got to me. I was going out pretty much every other night and not focused on the task at hand,” Smith told ESPN on Thursday.

With the Spurs holding on to a 10-point lead with 7 minutes remaining, the Knicks went on a fourth quarter shooting spree that ended with a crushing blow from Tyson Chandler (video below).

It’s only six games and things could get all-the-way thrown off when Amare Stoudemire returns to the lineup.

Stoudemire has a way of getting hurt and returning to spoil a good thing.

That’s not a shot at him or his talent it’s just something of a fact that New York will have to get around if they are to remain elite throughout the duration of a long season.

For now, they will most likely top Monday’s power rankings barring something crazy happening.

Let’s see if their status is a boom or a bust.
Adrian Glover

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