Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ray Lewis could return before playoffs

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is a warrior and we all know that. So its not surprising that what would have been a season-ending injury for most players might just be a setback for Lewis.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Ray Lewis could return by Week 15 to face the Denver Broncos.

The report states that Lewis has been “aggressively treating” his triceps injury with a plasma therapy and that he could return to practice this week.

The Ravens are desperate for a championship this year so that this group of players can enjoy one together.

Ravens’ defensive pupil linebacker Terrell Suggs represents that comeback mentality to the fullest as he himself returned from what was thought to be a season-ending Achilles injury.

“I don’t think anybody believed me outside of this organization,” Suggs said. “But I’ve been fighting for these guys for 10 years. Ray [Lewis] believed me. Right away, he said, ‘These are the doctors to see.’

He told me about the stem cells. He was on it. He might as well have been my rehab specialist.”
Suggs spoke on Lewis’ chance for a comeback.

“He keeps saying, ‘Just hold it down till I get back,’ and we believe him,” said Suggs. “He’s gonna do whatever he possibly can to get back. No, [it's] not crazy. If anybody can do it, it’s him.”

“We’ll see in another couple of weeks,” Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said Sunday. “Stay tuned.”

Said Ravens coach John Harbaugh: “I would say it’s possible. We can’t put Ray out there until he’s ready to win those battles. But if it can be done, yes, we want to do it.”

And it looks like the stage could be set.

Adrian Glover

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