Friday, December 14, 2012

Bobby Petrino: Choice to take Western Kentucky Job was a Family Decision

Apparently the Western Kentucky job was not Bobby Petrino’s only second (or fourth if you ask fans from Louisville and Atlanta)  chance opportunity.  WKU’s new head man recently checked in with The Dan Patrick Show (via and responded with this when asked about whether or not he was approached by any other schools besides Western Kentucky:
“There was a number of calls that came in. Some of them were about head jobs; some of them were about offensive coordinators. The thing that enticed me so much about this was Todd Stewart’s passion and aggressiveness. We made it happen in a very quick time.”
When asked why he chose to  “make it happen” with Western Kentucky, Petrino added:
“It really was a family decision. This is a place we’re very familiar with. My kids call Kentucky home. I have a daughter that plays golf at the University of Louisville, and sat down with Becky, my wife, and all our children. This is the reason we came to WKU. … It’s a great opportunity to get back started in something I love to do, which is coach football.”
We all knew that Petrino was going to get another shot.  As much as we like to poke fun at him, the man has proven that he can win at the college level.  Honestly, I can’t even really blame Western Kentucky for taking a shot on Petrino because you can bet that those of us in the media wouldn’t be spending this much time on the Hilltoppers if they hadn’t hired the ex-Arkansas coach to replace Willie Taggart.
However, Petrino is what he is.  Look for him to continue to build upon the success that Willie Taggart had at Western Kentucky before he moves on to a more attractive position at the first chance that he gets.

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