Friday, December 14, 2012

Brees Blasts Goodell; Says He Has No Credibility With Players

Tuesday, Paul Tagliabue formally put an end to Bounty Gate with his ruling, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that’s the last we’ve heard about it.
Wednesday, Saints quarterback Drew Brees had a few words for Roger Goodell and the league office.
“What I would like to see is a level of accountability on the part of the NFL and Commissioner Goodell in regards to mishandling of this entire situation,” Brees said after practice Wednesday. “We as players hold ourselves and are held to a very strict code of conduct both on and off the field. We have to be accountable to that, as it should be, and I feel like they should be held to the same standards.”
“If someone would just come out in the league office and admit, ‘You know what? We could have handled this situation better,’ it would go such a long way with both players and fans. People would really come around to realize what this thing was all about because right now the league office and Commissioner Goodell have very little to no credibility with us as players.”
When told about Brees’ comments Goodell said he would not apologize.
“To have a bounty program where you’re targeting players for injury is completely unacceptable in the NFL, and it is clear that occurred for three years despite all of the denials,” Goodell said.
I’m team Brees on this one.  Roger Goodell should be held to the same standards that he holds his players to.  Instead of admitting that he could’ve handled Bounty Gate better (which he could’ve), he continues to stubbornly admit no fault, like a little kid in school who’s been found wrong but stands there with arms crossed and pouting, shaking his head in defiant disagreement.

The NFL is a league of men, and they are all watching how poorly Goodell has handled this situation.

Once credibility is lost it’s nearly impossible to get back.

Robert Littal

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