Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New York Giants CB Jayron Hosley Targeted Early and Often by Falcons' Matt Ryan

New York Giants rookie cornerback Jayron Hosley made his first NFL start in yesterday's giant debacle, and might as well have had a bulls eye on his back. It became pretty clear early on that it was part of the Falcons' gameplan to look for whichever receiver Hosley was covering, and that's exactly what they did. Hosley was plain outmatched by the Falcons' large framed receivers all game.
Hosley admits he made several mistakes during the game, such as using a certain technique when he should've used another. For example, on one play Julio Jones ran a go route, getting behind Hosley, resulting in a forty yard touchdown reception.
"He just got behind me," Hosley said. "I could have played outside leverage more. He's a fast receiver who builds up his speed. I should have kept outside leverage, and he just made a big play."
The rookie admitted to another mistake on a screen and go route which appeared to be the same play the Falcons ran earlier. His mistake allowed for a 37 yard gain for Harry Douglas.
"They had run a screen before that, and they ran it again and I played a little too aggressive on it," Hosley said. "The guy that had blocked me before [Douglas] got behind me."
ey accounted for half the defense's pass deflections, of course that's not saying much when you're the player Matt Ryan is targeting most. The team had only two total pass breakups out of 28 Ryan passes. Matt Ryan finished 23 of 28 with 270 yards.
The Falcons' receivers attempted to get in the rookie's head with some trash talk during the game.
"On the touchdown, [Jones] said a couple things but it's a part of the game," the rookie said.
Hosley suffered a sprained ankle but came back on the next possession.
"There was some pain, but I decided to play through it," he said. "It wasn't an excuse. You got to suck it up."
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