Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ryan Dempster and Chicago Cubs Discussing Possible Return

Major League sources have confirmed that the Cubs are having talks about a possible comeback for Ryan Dempster, the team's former ace who was traded to the Texas Rangers last season. Dempster has reportedly turn downed offers during the offseason, keeping the possibility of him donning Cubs pinstripes alive. If he were to be resigned by the team, he would immediately step back into his role at the top of the rotation, solidifying a starting pitching staff which has plenty of questions to be answered.

ESPN Chicago reports that one of the main holdups in the contract would be the inclusion of a no-trade clause. Dempster would be hoping to secure some stability, knowing that he won't be dealt again in the next few seasons. For a pitcher of his age, the clause would all but assure the he would be finishing his career in Chicago.

The clause could prove be a breaking point, however, as it take Dempster out of any potential deal as the Cubs continue their rebuilding process. Last year Dempster made $14 million, but it would be unlikely that he would be worth such money this offseason. If the Cubs do decide to come close to that range, signing Dempster to such a high salary with a no-trade clause could be a problem down the road.
Still, if the two sides are able to reach an agreement, a veteran arm like Dempster would be a valuable asset for the team next season.

Dan Benton

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