Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Blake Bortles and Latavius Murray led a dominating performance by the Knights of Central Florida against an overmatched Ball State squad.

Murray capped off 2 early drives with touchdowns and Bortles made play after play showing why George O'Leary is so excited about the future of his program.

Ball State and Keith Wenning couldn't get traction against the Knights defense who looks forward to their move to the Big East, regardless of who left waiting when they get there.

Players of note:
Central Florida:
QB Blake Bortles: Blake Bortles put out one of the best performances by a quarterback that I saw all season.  Admittedly, Ball State's defense did that for a lot of quarterbacks this season, but Bortles has the tools.  He is 6'4 221.  He has the arm that you expect with that size and the speed of a man much smaller.  It's going to fun watching him develop.

RB Latavius Murray: Murray is a horse of a running back.  He is a punishing back who loves to go between the tackles and who has shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.  He is not a guy who is going to hit a lot of home runs, but could get a shot as a power back option in the NFL.  Course, he is only a junior, so he gets to beat on the Big East for a year first.

Ball State:
QB Keith Wenning: Wenning is a solid QB with a strong, accurate, arm.  He didn't have the weapons to do much against the Knights, but he did show the ability to fit the ball into some small windows.  He is a big strong pocket passer, that looks to have decent athleticism.

RB Jahwan Edwards: Edwards is a thickly built back, who gave us a taste of what he can do against UCF with 87 yards on 14 carries.  He is only a sophomore, and has a 1410 yard season to build off of. 

Interesting Notes:
Jeffrey Godfrey caught 3 balls in this game.  He was the starting QB in Central Florida's last bowl game.  That is how much faith the coaching staff has in their sophomore quarterback.

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