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This was expected to be a game between two high flying offenses who would light up the scoreboard.  It turned out to be an example of what June Jones could do if someone handed him a defense and convinced him that offense exists outside the run and shoot. 

The SMU defensive line, led by freak-of-nature defensive end Magus Hunt, dominated the O-Line of the Fresno State Bulldogs and put this game away early. 

On the offensive side for the Mustangs, much maligned and well traveled Garrett Gilbert was against inconsistent throwing the ball, but he made great decisions in the use of his legs.  Those legs proved themselves surprisingly capable as he ran for 98 yards on 18 carries and a TD. 

Derek Carr did his best to bring the Bulldogs back, throwing for 362 yards, but he just didn't have enough help and spent too much of the game running for his life.

Players of note:
DE Margus Hunt: Hunt is 6'8" 274 lbs, and runs a 40 that most linebackers would be envious of.  The Senior from Estonia was once a world record holder in track and field, and is just now really learning how to play football.  This game has launced his draft stock and a good workout at the combine could send it through the stratosphere.

RB Zach Line: The senior running back for the Mustangs finished up a distinguished career with another season over 1200 rushing yards.  He averaged over 5 yards a carry FOR HIS CAREER, and capped with with a solid 19 carries for 71 yards against Fresno State.  He is being looked at as a possible fullback in theNFL, but I expect him to be a late draft steal for some team. 

QB Garrett Gilbert: Gilbert looks like he is starting to find his confidenc again.  If that proves to be the case, he has a chance to set himself up to move up draft boards next year.  He has the physical tools to play at the highest level, standing 6'4 210 lbs and possessing better than expected athletic ability.  He can make throws that other QB's can't, he just need to be decisive.

Fresno State:
QB Derek Carr: Carr has all the tools, but he needs more help.  The Junior threw for 4100 yards with 37 TD and 7 Ints.  When you take into account that 2 of those picks game in the bowl game as he was running for his life from Margus Hunt, you really see how good he was this season.  He has the chance for a special senior year, if they can keep him upright.  Kind of sounds like what we were always saying about his brother.

RB Robbie Rouse: Rouse is a smaller back who has been a perfect fit for the pass-happy Bulldogs offense.  He was just shy of 2000 total yard from scrimmage in his senior season, and will get a hard look from the NFL as a change of pace and 3rd down back.

WR Davante Adams: This fresman started the season with 118 yards in his first game ans was even better the last 3 weeks of Fresno's year.  He is big, and fast, and consistently productive.  Bulldog fans should look for big things.

Interesting Notes:
His win as SMU coach was June Jones's biggest win at the Hawai'i bowl after several games as the coach at Hawai'i.

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