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This was a great game between 2 teams who struggle to get noticed on the national stage.  Western Kentucky recently made a splash with their hiring of Bobby Petrino after his disgraceful exit from Arkansas, but this was their last game without him.

The Hiltoppers are a program on the rise, coming off their second consecutive bowl-eligible season, and this year they got an invite.  What they did not get was a win.  They drove to field goal range late, but chose to go for it on 4th and 2 and lost their chance to send the game to an extra period.
Players of note:
Western Kentucky:
RB Antonio Andrews: The Junior running back came into the bowl game in striking distance of the all time record for yard from scrimage in a season.  he fell short, bu still finished with 2160 total yards from scrimmage.  You know you have a special player with 137 yards from scrimmage is not considered a good game. 

TE Jack Doyle: With the current TE-happy phase that the NFL is in, Doyle is likely the best shot at the NFL that we saw on the field for the Little Caesar's bowl.  The Senior has prototype size with good athleticism that allowed him to lead the Hiltoppers in receptions and yards.  He would have been even more productive in an attack that threw the ball more.

Central Michigan:
QB Ryan Radcliff: Radcliff is not a top prospect by any stretch, but he can do some things.  He stands tall in the pocket and shows good arm strength.  When he is right, he is very good.  However, he tends to have the ball sail high, especially on touch throws, and stares down his receivers.  His size and arm strength might get him a camp invite, but he is going to need work if he wants to get paid to play football.

RB Zurlon Tipton: Much like his counterpart for Western Kentucky, Tipton is the engine that makes his team's offense go.  He finishe the season just she of 1800 yards from scrimmage.  He is a big punishing back who has the ability to hit the big play.  He averaged over 5 yards a carry for the season, including a 5.5 yard average against the staunch Michigan State defense.  He finished the season red hot, with his 88 yard against Western Kentucky being his first time under 100 yards rushing since October 12th.  He has one more year as a Chippewas, but he has a shot to get some notice with his size and speed.

WR Andrew Flory: Flory was a backup until injuries game him a chance in November.  He made the most of his chance ripping off 118 yards and 2 TD's against Eastern Michigan in that game and did the same when injuries game him his chance aginst the Hiltoppers.  He only caught 3 balls, but took 2 of them to the house and finished with 105 yards for the day.  He has a shot to be a star.
Interesting Notes:
When the decision came up regarding the 4th and 2, interim head coach Lance Guidry put it to the Hiltopper players who voted unanimously to go for it.  They said they came here to win the game, and wanted to go for it.  As nice a story as that is, someone should tell coach Guidry, that the head coach makes the decisions and if he ever wants to get a second game as a head coach, he is going to need to absorb that lesson.

2012 Bowl Season Scoreboard
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