Friday, January 18, 2013

Aaron Rodgers says the read option will fade away

Aaron Rodgers is not convinced that the NFL’s turn to the read option offense scheme will last for an extended period of time.

The read option gives athletic quarterbacks the opportunity to take advantage of their mental and physical skills. 

You see it primarily in high school and college programs.

The Pistol formation and the Wing-T provide these offenses with an advantage as the defenses that they compete against are not of the same caliber as the players within the NFL.

Slower and  not as mentally instinctive players often get sucked into and defeated by these packages and thus their popularity at the amateur levels.

There is also the fact that not only is the talent in the NFL world-class but so is the defensive coordinators.

The brightest minds can view tape and find ways to win these chess matches.

The NFL is also a copycat league.

Offensive gurus saw Tim Tebow find success with it in 2012 as did Cam Newton.

The Redskins based RG3?s game around it early on and as a result the Seahawks started ripping off 50-point beat-downs on their opponents with Russell Wilson at the helm during the latter part of the year.

As stated Aaron Rodgers told ESPN that it’s not here to stay.

“Things have come back around that were being used 20, 30 years ago. But this too, I think, will pass. Some of the pistol, read option stuff will eventually pass … now it might not be for 10 more years,” Rodgers said.
To be clear the Packers signal caller is only giving pause to the scheme and not the evolution of the quarterback position.

“The athletic quarterback, I don’t think, is going to pass at all. You have seen the trend with more and more guys who can make plays when the pocket breaks down, who can extend plays, who are also good passers. You will continue to see that,” Rodgers said.

“We have seen that the last few years especially — the year Robert Griffin had this year, his mobility. Russell Wilson is an athletic guy. Andrew Luck, as well, is an underrated athlete. You are going to see more and more of the top picks being big-time athletes as well, like Kaepernick is.”
“But I think as we saw five years ago with the Wildcat stuff, it had its success and less and less people are doing it. Now it’s more of the zone read stuff, reading the end and keeping it or pulling it with a quarterback who has some athleticism. At some point, on some level, they are going to figure out a way to consistently stop that.”

“Then that will make its way up to the NFL or enough of these guys who are going to be franchise guys, if they are not already, may take some unnecessary shots or decide that they would rather stay in the pocket and throw rather than rush the ball 15 times a game.”

Rodgers has been known to make  some plays with his feet himself.  This is not a case of a bitter guy hating on a new breed of young men at his position.

Will defenses eventually catch up with the read option packages?

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