Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alex Smith enjoys last bittersweet experience with 49ers

San Francisco backup quarterback Alex Smith used the term ” bittersweet” on Tuesday to describe his first Super Bowl experience. 

As accurate as that probably is, Smith was definitely underselling the depth of his emotions.

The former No.1 pick has been kicked around during his entire seven-year tenure with the team.

Those with selective memories forget the other quarterback controversies that Smith endured before he finally settled into what he thought was his job to keep.

49ers coach Jim Haurbaugh did the tough thing and made the correct call by placing the future of the team in the hands of Colin Kaepernick.

That doesn’t mean Smith has to or should like it.

On Tuesday he was as respectable and as honest as a he fielded uncomfortable questions.

“I’m not going to lie about any of that,” Smith told a press group that included the league’s website. “(It has been) tough at times for sure, tough to accept, tough to watch, but we’re in the Super Bowl, and this has been an amazing experience. It’s a great team, I love being a part of it. I have said it before, it’s bittersweet a little bit, but still, it’s been a great thing to be a part of.”

Smith stated that he saw the writing on the wall when he briefly went down with a concussion.

“I knew there was an opportunity there, no question,” Smith said. “You’re letting the next guy step in and get an opportunity. I fully knew what Colin was potentially capable of. He came in and made the most of it.

It’s the nature of sports.”

Another NFLreport is stating that after the Super Bowl, the 49ers will briefly try to find a trade partner to deal Smith to.

If they can’t get a win-win deal done, they will cut Smith out of respect so that he can find a new place to start over.

If that new home ends up being division rivals the Arizona Cardinals, Smith will be afforded the opportunity to have the last laugh at least twice a year.

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