Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Andy Reid to the Chicago Bears?

It was somewhat a surprise when after a 10 win season the Chicago Bears decided to part ways with Lovie Smith.  Smith became one of several “Black Monday” victims joining multiple other NFL coaches who were fired.  The question now for the Bears becomes who?  Who will be the next head coach in

Chicago?  What about Andy Reid?

 After 14 seasons Reid has been fired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and several sources over the weekend stated that Reid was already attempting to assemble a coaching staff for a potential new team in 2013 in anticipation of his firing from Philadelphia.  Andy Reid to the Chicago Bears?

Andy Reid may be a perfect fit for the Chicago Bears offensive talent.  Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte resemble the playing styles of Donovan McNabb, LeSean McCoy, Terrell Owens and DeSean Jackson; all were past or current players for the Eagles that Reid coached with high levels of success in Philadelphia.  Reid is an offensive mind who is a master at developing quarterbacks and would be able to do something that Lovie Smith never could; give the Bears an offensive identity with Jay Cutler and make offensive in-game adjustments to counterattack opposing defensive game plans.… Read more

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