Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anquan Boldin: What's His Story

By Ken Lindahl

The stage is set with Superbowl 47 as it looks to be a game for the ages. The headlines just keep flying in as there is so much to take out of this game. The two Harbaugh brothers going up against each other is only part of the hype. The other is who deserves a ring more, Ray Lewis or Randy Moss? Both are superstars and first class hall of famers but aren’t we forgetting about somebody ?? I’m here to say yes, yes we are. What about three time pro bowler Anquan Boldin who is in his 10th season of his career? 
                Anquan Kemile Boldin was selected in the second round of the 2003 draft by the Arizona Cardinals. As a rookie Boldin finished the season with 101 catches, 1,377 yards and 8 touchdowns which lead him as the only rookie to make the 2004 Pro Bowl. In 2005 Boldin had another 100 catch season while missing time to match Larry Fitz as they became the third duo to achieve that in NFL history. If this doesn’t convince you that he should be in the Ray and Randy Conversation I got more on number 81.
       Anquan Boldin has been one the best wide receivers in the game time and time again. He helped take Arizona to a SB when Warner was QB. Since Boldin has left Arizona in 2010 the Cardinals are an awful 18-30. On the flipside the Ravens have made the playoffs every year with Boldin since they traded for him in 2010. He is having another sensational season at the age of 32 by catching 65 balls for 921 with 4 touchdowns.
                Are you still not convinced that Anquan should be in the Ray and Randy Conversation? Well I guess I just have to put the cherry on top of this story. Anquan Boldin is easily having his best post season by shredding defenses and using his former basketball skills to abuse his opponents. In the Ravens Wildcard game Boldin had a franchise record of 145 yards with two TDS against the red hot Colts. He also just lit up the Patriots by adding two more touchdowns to his postseason career to help Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens head to Superbowl 47.
                Next time you decide who deserves that ring more Ray Lewis or Randy Moss, remember there is one more guy to put into that discussion. The reliable and competitive Anquan Boldin.
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