Monday, January 7, 2013

Buffalo Bills hire Syracuse coach

The Buffalo Bills stayed out of the limelight during their hiring process for a new coach.

Now they found their man and he is not one of the box office names on the market.

The Bills came to terms with Syracuse coach Doug Marrone on Sunday.

Marrone comes with NFL experience having been an assistant coach with both the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets.

The hire could be a good one.

Coming from an offensive background, the new lead man will be charged with making sense of Buffalo’s quarterback situation.

It’s no secret that Bills GM Buddy Nix wants to see a different face under center.

Buffalo is secure with their skill players as both Steve Johnson and running back C.J. Spiller have the potential to be superstars in this league.

Marrone must have blown the Bills away as Buffalo pulled the trigger before taking the opportunity to interview Denver Broncos’ offensive cordinator Mike McCoy on Sunday.

McCoy was expected be heavily courted by Buffalo.

The same was said for former-Bears coach Lovie Smith.

What this round of coaching hires is proving is that we should all expect the unexpected.

For ever rumor and hyped report comes a eventual truth that did not seem expected.

For Bills fans, they have to hope that Nix found the right guy to restore playoff  hopes.

The Bills have not been to the tournament in almost a decade.

It has been longer than that since they were a serious contender for the ultimate prize.

Buffalo invested a great deal of money in DE/OLB Mario Williams last off-season only to seem him come up short.

Is Marrone the guy that will find and develop a quarterback and inspire their huge defensive investment into stepping up and taking charge?

Those answers will start to fall during the NFL Draft.

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