Thursday, January 17, 2013

By the Numbers: Monte Kiffin vs. Rob Ryan

It has been four days since the Dallas Cowboys officially hired Monte Kiffin to take over as defensive coordinator.

If you respect Larry Lacewell’s opinion—and a certain owner obviously does—you have reason for optimism. The former scouting director has told several reporters that Kiffin will have no trouble making his mark in Dallas.

Meanwhile, Rob Ryan will reportedly become defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. One of several reasons cited for the change in Dallas was that the defense under Ryan simply lacked discipline.

There will be plenty of time to debate the pros and cons of this move, but here are a few numbers to consider.

  Age at the Beginning of the 2013 Season
Kiffin: 73
Ryan: 50

Experience as NFL Defensive Coordinator
Kiffin: 15 years
Ryan: 9 years

Defensive Philosophy
Kiffin: 4-3 in a relatively simple system known as the Tampa-2
Ryan: 3-4 with a relatively complex system of blitzes and coverages

Number of Teams Coached (Before Dallas)
Kiffin: 3
Ryan: 3

Number of Playoff Seasons While Defensive Coordinator
Kiffin: 8
Ryan: 0

Number of Seasons with Winning Records While Defensive Coordinator
Kiffin: 7
Ryan: 0

Number of Times Defenses Finished in the Top 5 in Yards Allowed
Kiffin: 8
Ryan: 1

Number of Times Defenses Finished in the Top 5 in Points Allowed
Kiffin: 6
Ryan: 0

No, these numbers don’t mean everything, but there is a good chance fans won’t have to put up with so much hype that surrounded Ryan.

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