Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cam Newton Has Returned To Auburn To Take Classes Towards Earning Degree

We in the media love to report on the bad things, the drama, and all things that go on in sports and help gain ratings.  So it’s only right that we report the small quiet things that are stars do.

Yahoo Sports via Gus Malzahn’s twitter page is reporting that former Auburn Tiger and current Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cameron Newton has returned to Auburn to finish taking classes and stay on course towards earning his degree.

Malzahn was the first to break the news this morning when he sent Cam a shout-out on twitter.

Newton has declined to discuss his return to Auburn, but associate athletic director for Communication Kirk Sampson did.
“He wants to focus on school and be a normal student.”
Kudos to Cam who between his $22 million rookie deal, the huge contract he’ll sign in a few years and his countless endorsements, doesn’t necessarily need a degree to survive.

He does need it for his legacy, so his children can see he was a scholar, for those young African-American males running around Atlanta and Charlotte who think it’s about ball or rapping.

Kudos to Cam for going about it quietly without any fanfare but just being about his business.

Hopefully those same people who slam him and allow his pouting on the sidelines to be news, will give this quiet news the same push.
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