Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chiefs Will Draft Best Available Player, Not Reach For QB

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new head coach in Andy Reid, and a new General Manager in John Dorsey. All the team needs now is a top-notch quarterback.

What do you know, the Chiefs hold the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, but as Dorsey explained to the Kansas City Star, just because the Chiefs need a quarterback doesn’t mean they’ll reach and take one not worthy of the pick.
“I want to turn it into a positive. We all know there is some pressure involved in that. You make the right pick by choosing the best player available.
“I know of no other philosophy.”
“You spent all those months as a group staying true to your board,” Dorsey said, “and all of a sudden you have to jump a player because of positional needs? I don’t think you do that. We have proven you don’t do that.
“We took Jordy (Nelson) … Randall Cobb, ” he said of second-round picks at wide receiver, “players we were deep at in specific positions and let them evolve into their careers and let their abilities play out because ultimately what we’re trying to do is get good football players on this roster.”
It simply means that even though West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith might be the best quarterback on the board, If Smith doesn’t prove during workouts and the process that he’s the best overall player, he won’t go in that spot.
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