Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cubs scouts talk about drafting San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has something in common with a few iconic NFL quarterbacks.

The versatile gunslinger was pursued by Chicago before he landed in the Bay Area. 

When I say Chicago I don’t mean the Bears.

I speak of the Cubs that drafted Kaepernick to play  in the big leagues just like guys such as John Elway.

The only problem was he wanted no part of it.

Tim Wilken and Sam Hughes run the Cubs scouting department and told the story to the Sun Times about what it was like to track Kaepernick to the University of Nevada after his stellar high school career.

By the time he reached college, Kaepernick was only playing football.

That did not stop the pair from trying to at least get him to set up a private session with them.

‘‘When you get someone that has that kind of arm or that kind of frame, you can dream a little bit,’’ said scouting director, Wilken.

The dreamt in color as the wasted a 43rd-round pick on the talent that failed to show interest.

‘‘I sure would have loved to have seen what [baseball] would have looked like,’’ Wilken said. ‘‘We kind of chirp on each ot

‘‘It wasn’t a fly-by-night like the Rockies did when they took Michael Vick and he’d never play,’’ Wilken said. ‘

‘This was legitimate. We were kind of hoping we could coax him into trying the Cubs out and see what it would be like over a summer and maybe he would fall in love with the sport.’’her in the scouting industry, and guys’ll say, ‘That’s a good [story], but you never got him into the boat.’?’’

‘‘We didn’t really know, didn’t really have enough time to know if we really had a shot,’’ Wilken said.

Why didn’t the kid that was projected to be a CFL player and not a NFL player not give the Cubs’ a chance?

‘‘Because I love football,’’ Kaepernick said.

So why did he play baseball at all in high school?

‘‘It kept my arm strong,’’ he said.

Strong is an understatement.

His fastball was clocked at 92-MPH.

But as Wilken said he had a certain goal in mind and that was that.

‘‘He’s pretty headstrong,’’ Wilken said. ‘‘He did what he wanted to do. Give the kid credit for believing in what he could really do. It’s probably one of his better traits as a player.’’

‘‘We weren’t able to do it,’’ Wilken said, ‘‘but I think we were really right on the makeup.’’

Hey guys you can’t win them all.

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