Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dick Vermeil to Eagles: Hire Jon Gruden

If Jon Gruden is going to land his next NFL coaching gig, he’ll have his peers to thank.
Appearing on Philadelphia sports radio Tuesday, Dick Vermeil weighed in on the Eagles’ search for a head coach, recommending the Monday Night Football commentator.

“My choice would be Jon Gruden,” Vermeil said, via “… I just think he’s a helluva of football coach, and I don’t want him to make the mistake I made, to wait too long to go back. I just think he’s a helluva football coach and a great personality.”

Vermeil, the former Eagles, Rams and Chiefs head man, even suggested the Eagles should skip the pleasantries and show the 49-year-old Gruden the money.

“I’d do more than ask,” Vermeil said. “You know what I’d do? I’d get in a bus and take the bank with me.”

The Eagles have yet to contact Gruden despite two recommendations from highly-respected figures in Philadelphia lore. Earlier this week, ex-quarterback Ron Jaworski went to bat for “Chucky,” his co-worker at ESPN.

While Gruden has contended he’s happy in his current occupation, it’s been reported that he’s willing to listen to overtures. His return to the sidelines doesn’t appear to be imminent, but gathering this type of support couldn’t hurt his already popular stock.

Zach Kelberman

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