Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jay Ratliff DUI details emerge; Dallas Cowboys issue statement

After the Josh Brent tragedy that enveloped the Dallas Cowboys, one of the team’s marquee defensive players Jay Ratliff some how, some way allowed himself to get arrested for DUI last week.

On Monday,the team issued a statement by former Cowboys player Calvin Hill, who works as an consultant in the Cowboys’ player development program.

“Having recently experienced the most tragic of circumstances regarding this issue, we, as an organization, understand the ultimate consequences of driving while impaired.

We know that one incident is too many.

The critical goal is to effect the decision making process in the hours before the wrong decision is made.

Our player assistance programs in the areas of preventing incidents such as these are at the highest level in professional sports, but we are always looking to do better and for ways to improve.  We will continue to draw upon the best expertise and resources available, both internally and from outside the organization, to work toward being the best in the areas of education, prevention, and effecting the right decisions.

We have been in communication with Jay Ratliff regarding this incident, and we will monitor the legal process and work within the NFL guidelines for player behavior moving forward.”

Ratliff reportedly met with owner Jerry Jones after the Senior Bowl.

It’s no secret that the pair have had a very incendiary relationship.

Don’t be surprised if Ratliff’s name is now a part of those changes that Jones has promised to bring to the team this off-season.

Ratliff is still owed the bulk of the $48.625 million deal that he signed in 2011 that featured $18 million in guaranteed money.

Looking at the allegations against him, it will be hard for Jones to justify keeping him around.

The details on ESPN read like a dramatic scene from a public service announcement.

Ratliff was allegedly not the guy that gets pulled over and went quietly into the night.

At one point he was reportedly verbally abusive with the arresting officers after he sideswiped an 18-wheeler and slammed his truck into a median.

He was also not a little drunk.

Ratliff was reportedly twice the legal limit.

This from a 31-year-old man that had a front row seat to the worst case scenario from this type of behavior.

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