Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Newspaper Editor Insults Gus Malzahn’s Wife, Warns Him To Stay Out Of Arkansas

An Arkansas newspaper editor allowed his emotions to get the best of him this morning, and seeing that he doesn’t have voice protection like Brent Musburger, he may pay for hitting the send button on his tweet.

Will Gilbert is supposed to be the Sports Editor for the Sun Times in Heber Springs, Arkansas.   He like most rabid college football fans may have felt some type of way when new Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn left
Arkansas State after one season to return to Auburn.

Today Malzahn tweeted out that he was proud of the fact that Tiger legend and Heisman Trophy winner Cameron Newton was back on campus taking steps to earn his degree.

Gilbert in what may be the move of the decade, felt the need to tweet out insults to Malzahn.  Which might not have been that bad, except that Gilbert took time to viciously insult Malzahn’s wife in tweets that were captured by the Big Lead.

Five minutes ago Gilbert had taken the tweets down, and at this very moment the page has now been deleted.  Genius work Will, throw away your career over a coaching spurning your state, and it’s not even the Razorback’s.

Smarten up Nas.
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